Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques to Enhance Organic Search Rankings

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a very important aspect of digital marketing since it facilitates the need of the customers to take action such as in purchasing a product or opting for a service as enlisted on the website. It refers to the process of increasing the rate of conversion among visitors into customers or […]

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Some Important Tips for Optimizing Images on Web Pages

The way information is presented on the web has undergone a rapid transformation over the years. In the earliest days, there was a preference of text over images but the situation today is the other way around. Now, images constitute a major part of a web page and are used alongside text to convey information […]

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Google Analytics Releases New Functions Offering User Centric Insights

Businesses are working hard to meet the increasing customer demands and to offer them an experience that is personal and relevant. Most of the online marketers say that understanding the way users engage across various devices and channels is very important to success. Google Analytics is a tool used by the best SEO providers across […]

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