What Is Technical SEO And What Should You Know About It?

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What Is Technical SEO

People start to get squeamish when they see the word “technical.” However, technical SEO just refers to all the SEO work that is done aside from content.

Typically, it refers to laying a strong foundation to offer the content shared in your site the best chance it can have to be ranked for relevant keywords. In fact, the technical aspect of SEO focuses on how well the search engine can crawl the content of your site and index it.

The technical aspect of SEO has changed a lot to cop up with the changes in search engines. It is true that there are not many things, which you can do to improve the search engine ranking of your website from technical point of view. However, there are some key elements that you can actually do.

You Need A Fast Website To Get Fast Rankings

It is true that if your website is slow to load, many of the visitors will leave your site pretty soon. Actually, a slow loading site can harm you in two ways. For one, the site loading speed is one of the prime ranking factors of Google. We know that the “time-to-first-byte” (TTFB), which is the time required to for a web browser to load the first byte of the web page data, is highly related to search engine rankings.

Secondly, statistics shows that 40% of the visitors will close a site it takes more than three seconds to load. In addition, 47% of the visitors expect a web page to load within 2 seconds. Even if the TTFB of your site is good, victors may leave your site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load the page completely.

The worst part is that many of the visitors may click on the back button to get back to the search results and choose a different website. This is called pogo sticking and it is one of the clear signs that a visitor is not satisfied with your website.

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If pogo sticking happens too often on your website, the ranking of the site will drop for sure. This means that you will need to optimize your website to improve its loading speed. Some of the factors that can contribute slow loading of websites are:

  • Non-optimized images
  • Too many CSS image requests
  • Content without HTTP compression
  • No caching data

If you use WordPress to build your website, some of the basic problems that may affect your site include:

  • Not using CDN for the static files
  • Excessive use of plug-ins
  • Slow web host

These technical issues might prevent your site from having a good search engine ranking. Test you site and confirm that your website do not suffer from the above technical issues.

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