Tips For A SEO Friendly Blog

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Writing A Blog

Like any other form of writing, writing for a blog is a skill. You should structure your text in such a way that you keep your readers interested. By providing headings, subheadings, and clear paragraphs, you are letting the reader grasp the key idea of your post.

When readers understand your text, they are more likely to share, like, or tweet your post, which would in turn, increase your web page rankings. So it is important to maximize your blog writing skills. Given below are some tips on how to write a SEO friendly blog.

Think And Write

The message about your blog should be well thought before you start writing. You should analyze as to what you want to tell your readers. Your article should have answers to everything related to the topic it discusses.

The Structure Of The Blog

Your blog should have a clear structure. Every blog should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In all three sections, write down what you want to convey to your readers.

Make Others Read Your Post

Make sure someone has read your post before you publish it. Also ask for his/her opinion about the article, whether he/she has been able to understand the main idea behind the blog, and so.

Develop The Length Of The Article

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SEO Friendly Blog

The article should at least have a minimum of 300 words. Avoid writing long articles, as it might scare your users. But Google likes long articles – so keep it to a balanced length. In addition, you should mention your keyword at least 3 to 6 times in the post.

Link To Previous Content

Don’t forget to link the post to a piece you have already written on the same topic. As you will show some authority on the subject, it will make your post stronger. It is also very important for improving your Google rankings.

Besides all these, you need give Google the idea that your website is alive. So, keep adding fresh, functional, and actual information to it.