Three Component Predictions Of SEO

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User Optimized Web

Engine Optimization is constantly evolving with newer practices. SEO is not gimmicky as it used to be some years before. Nowadays, SEO is termed essential to startups and all businesses alike. In 2016, approximately $65 billion was invested by businesses on third party SEO services and the best SEO practices. Here are a few components that play an important role in the entire ecosystem of web-centric SEO.

The User Optimized Web

Today’s SEO is certainly the web optimized, all thanks to the frequent changes in Google algorithm. Knowing the best SEO practices wins you half the battle in cracking it. Google keeps changing the algorithm to encourage professionals to come up with updated practices, and optimizing a website for the end-user has been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

Accelerated Mobile Page Rankings

Google has two indexing methods, one for the mobile version of the site and the other for the desktop version. Google knows that mobile users want speedy search results. In fact, a Google research shows 53 percent users back out from slow loading pages. This is why Google is focused on its new Accelerated Mobile Page rankings project. Although the plan is yet to be a part of the core algorithm, SEO experts believe it will soon become a crucial website ranking factor.

Organized Web Content

Best SEO Practices

Accelerated Mobile Page Rankings

We now know about RankBrain, which is one of the top three AI algorithms of Google. The Artificial Intelligence is a good thing for search results. Some SEO practices pay too much focus on aggressive keyword strategies, and it would take time for RankBrain to be fully efficient though. Organized web content would be the way forward for all SEO services.

A team of SEO professionals would adopt educated practices to help improve your web page rankings. Even though the Google algorithm updates change the SEO ecosystem always, at least to some extent per year, most of the experienced SEO services providers know how to manage the change and how to adapt to the situation accordingly.

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