The Various SEO Service Packages

SEO Website Audit

SEO Models

Each and every business needs to have an SEO strategy, and should decide on the money to be spent for SEO services. This is not an option, but a necessary thing.

All businesses should have robust online marketing strategies to survive in the web world. Every business professional should ponder on the amount of money that is to be spent on SEO. Read ahead to understand the things to be considered while searching for SEO service providers.

Payment Models

SEO firms usually offer four main types payment models.

Monthly Retainer

In this model, the client needs to pay a fixed charge every month for the mutually agreed services. This is the most common type of payment method used, as this method gives the best return on investment. Usually this type of payment method includes analytics report, press releases, link building, on page optimization, and keyword research.

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Project Based

These are custom projects that are exclusively made for a client. Obviously, the charges will vary with the project and customization. For instance, a local business shall ask the SEO company to help them build a local online market. The client may also need the SEO company to help them with their social media marketing campaigns. In such cases, the charge of the service will depend on the specific needs of the client.

Contract Services

Almost all the SEO agencies offer contract services. The services that are offered by the company will be advertised on their website together with the fee for the service. A classic example can be an SEO website audit that helps to find out the SEO issues in the client’s website. The agency will have a fixed charge for SEO website audit and it can be considered a contract service.

Hourly Consulting

In this model, a fee will be charged from the client on an hourly based for the services or information that is offered. Basic SEO services in this package could include keyword research, analytics reports, content management, and link building strategies.