The Importance of Blog Content Strategies

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Blog Content Strategies

Your website is the place where you showcase your services and products. Hence, it is highly imperative that you maintain the best available content on your website for your potential clients. This will not only prove helpful to those visiting your website but also help you acquire better SEO results. You can educate your customers with compelling content and this will keep them engaged at your website. Below is a discussion on the importance of making good blog content and its relevance in SEO packages India.

SERP Position

You know that the better the Search Engine Optimization strategy, the higher your Search Engine Results Page position will be. Note that 75% of the clicks go to the top-ranked page and more than half the visitors go to only the top three links displayed in the results. Hence, it is important to formulate an SEO strategy that counts all these factors.

For this, you need to have as many relevant keywords in your web pages as possible. Of course, you can make this happen by writing and posting relevant blogs and press releases. In other words, the more the relevant content, the higher your SEO ranking will be.

While you create blogs, note that you have to include the keywords in the Meta Title tags and URLs, which you see on the tab on top of your browser. Presence of high traffic keywords will help the search engines to pull your website to the top of the search results. Simply put, a proper blogging strategy is very important to achieve a better SERP position.

More Traffic

The more blogs you have, the easier it is for people to find your website. When a particular search is popular and going trendy in your niche, you need to follow that and post blogs regarding the same topic. The search engine will find your website among the results, and if the content is good and user-oriented, it will get the most visits for sure.

Besides, your blogs can also invite referral traffic. This comprises of traffic received from sharing the post on social media as well as the internal links that you put in the web page to drive traffic to another page. This might prove helpful to people visiting your blogs if there is some related information already published on other blogs.

Apart from social media sharing, you can also publish your blogs on various open forums of your concerned area. This will drive some more traffic to your website.

Regular Updates

If you keep updating the content of your blogs, you will attract more traffic from customers, as they will directly go to your website without visiting the search engine. This is also called direct traffic. If the customers find your website and its content reliable, chances are they will return to check on the most recently published content.

Having good quality blogs and informative articles posted on the site will influence users to even bookmark your website. That way, they will visit it more often for regular news and insights related to your business segment. This also works if you have help guides and tutorials posted regularly on your website.

Better Leads

You can use the content of your blog to drive your customers through the sales funnel. There should be relevant content for each stage of this process. The awareness stage is where the whole quest of a service or a product begins. At this stage, customers would be looking for some basic information about the product or service they are looking for. At this time, the best thing to do is to add educational blogs, where you can make them understand the basics and provide a solution.

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This is preceded by the consideration stage where the customer will seek more useful information and solutions about the services. This is the best time to add blogs containing positive information. It will be a good idea to add customer reviews to keep the user interest going.

Conversion stage is where the customer is ready to make the decision. This stage requires content that will politely explain to your customers why you provide the best solution to their problems. All the best SEO packages add lead magnets such as white papers, checklists, and studies to their blogging strategy for this very reason.

Long Term Results

Sometimes, when you search for a subject, you may find that the search results feature blogs from several years ago. This is because those websites carefully planned the content they posted and made sure that it remains relevant for years to come. Besides, they also drove the traffic by employing other SEO strategies like having more backlinks to that particular page. Hence, it is important to have a long-sighted vision when you plan your blogs. Make sure that you create content that will prove beneficial to users many years down the road.