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Website owners are undoubtedly familiar with keyword research and the significant amount of time it usually takes up. It is important in a marketing sense, be it for any SEO services company India, as well as small and medium sized businesses. These days, you need a fully optimized website to be able to hold a decent online presence as a company.

Some time back, a lot of time and effort was necessary for devising a superlative keyword strategy. Today, it is a lot simpler and faster, thanks to the dedicated tools that ease the job, even though many of these could cost an arm and a leg to use. Luckily, for sub-enterprise level brands, there are low-cost and even free alternatives. We have made a list comprising some of the best.


This tool can be used to research both content and keywords. The user only needs to type a keyword or phrase, and select the language and the medium. After that, the platform lays out a related searches list, complete with information such as search volume, percentage rate of competition, and CPC. Any SEO services company India would find that very useful.

When we gave it a shot recently with “content marketing” as the search term, it gave 913 results, with 18,100 overall search volume, $23.25 CPC, and 0.58 competition rate. If you scroll down, you get a breakdown based on variants, like “affiliate ads”.

Google Correlate

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Google Keyword Planner has been famous for some time as the most accurate tool for targeting Google search. Google Correlate is just as useful, if not more so. It takes your searches and correlates them with ongoing online trends, as well as with real-world trends. This way, you get a glimpse at patterns you would never have guessed at otherwise, and are better able to create the best SEO packages for your website.


If you do not want to restrict your optimization to Google, then Keyword.Guru may be the research tool you are looking for. It monitors live searches and gives you suggestions even before you finish typing, allowing you to see right then what users are searching for. This tool does not saddle you with numbers, which is a welcome change for most users. It is perfect if you are not interested in the technical aspects surrounding a keyword and if a short look at the common searches will suffice.

Another free tool that covers Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon is Soovle. For marketers interested in discovering what is happing across multiple channels, Soovle gives a general, continuously updated idea on the search page itself, without confusing them with too many numbers. Note that although these are good tools for being free, some of the reputed SEO services company India might not want to use these that much, and opt for paid alternatives instead.