Techniques to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Site

Improve SEO Ranking

Improve SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very much important for digital marketing strategy. Good and modern SEO takes time, as it involves building a reputation with search engines and users, and this cannot be done overnight. This means that the spammy tricks that were used to offer fast results will not work anymore.

Users are in search of quality results and Google is committed to delivering it. Cleaning up some of the basic technical concerns and updating the general SEO strategy of your business can set your SEO free.

Technical SEO

Modern website optimization is mainly categorized into two, Technical and Engagement. Technical SEO involves the things that we think of while hearing the term SEO. This means that just focusing on technical SEO will not drive meaningful and long-term results to your site; even though there are technical considerations that can hold back your website if not set up right. Fixing these technical issues with your website can result in simple and quick SEO wins thereby increase in SEO ranking.

Use Of Appropriate Keywords

As long as people make use of words to convey messages to search engines, keywords will have an important role in SEO. If you are planning your web content around keywords, then there will not be doubts about the keywords that are appropriate for the content. The only thing that you should ensure is to use the keywords in a natural way, whether they appear in the content, search results or links.

  • In Search Results
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Digital Marketing Strategy

You should understand that the title and meta description of a landing page will sketch out the snippet in search results. This means that you should include keywords naturally in the page title, meta description, and URL.

  • In Content

You should use the keyword in the first paragraph of content and in the sub headings. When you are doing this, make sure everything looks natural. Also, don’t try to stuff keywords on to unrelated content. When it comes to keyword use, there is no perfect ratio. But you should be careful to use the keywords appropriately.

  • Behind The Scenes

Media and images in your web page give you another chance to optimize keywords. Ensure that you use keywords naturally in image file names, captions, alt texts, and title tags.

Without the presence of proper keywords, Google will not be able to improve SEO ranking of your page for search terms. This means that wrong people may reach your site (increasing the bounce rate of your site). Or else you might not get any traffic to your site at all.