Featured Snippets Significance In Google Search Result Pages

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets Significance

In simple terms, a featured snippet is a summarized reply to the query of a user in the organic search results of Google. Usually, the snippet will be extracted from a result page and will include the title and link of the page and the URL. It can also be lists, tables, or paragraphs with an “About this result” link provided on the bottom right-hand corner of the box.

You may have noticed that the featured snippet is becoming the only search result for many of the Google queries. For instance, when a user visits Google.com and types in the search term, the search engine will provide a featured snippet that is followed by many search results. But when the same query is conducted in Google voice search, the search engine will respond by offering an audible version of the content in the featured snippet.

Google follows the method of including answers to the query in featured snippets provided at the topmost portion of search result pages, as it is a faster method than sending the user to the source, no matter what the page load speed of the source is. Due to this, digital marketers may see a decline in page views and clicks for the featured snippet queries, but the increased impressions for these queries need to be considered as a positive Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Featured Snippets Significance

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Key Performance Indicator

Google featured snippet is much desirable from a marketing point of view. Acquiring top positions in the Google desktop or mobile results can allow links to have increased visibility than the traditional results. As the featured snippets usually appear above the first organic result for the query, digital marketers and SEO professionals refer to snippets as “position zero.”

Moreover, you might be wondering what Google looks for in the featured snippets. Understanding this can help you to have greatly featured snippet for your links. To know more on having a well-featured snippet, you need to find existing snippets and review those pages from which the snippets are pulling content.

Reviewing winning content and featured snippets is the best way to make an idea about what Google is looking for. However, without proper knowledge about Google SERP and SEO, it will be a tedious task for business owners to make good featured snippets. This is where SEO companies across the world come to help. Businesses can look for the best SEO packages offered by SEO services providers to have a greatly featured snippet.

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