SEO is Beyond Keyword Ranking

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Like most of the business owners, you might be checking the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and campaign by checking online the keywords that you believe are the most relevant ones to see if they show up on the top of search engine result pages. In addition, you might focus on the chart that shows the ranking of these keywords when you receive SEO reports about the traffic to your website from your SEO services provider.

It is quite normal to give much priority to keyword rankings when you invest in implementing various SEO strategies. Any business is competitive and winning online means claiming the top positions in search engine results. However, the problem here is that keyword ranking cannot be deemed as the sole metric to measure the online success of your SEO campaign. In fact, there is much more to SEO than just ranking the keywords for a website.

Relevancy is the Key

You need to understand that long tail keywords are the building blocks of any SEO strategy. These keywords can help to optimize Meta data, copywriting, and link building strategies. Moreover, these keywords serve to boost the relevancy of your website, which is important to ensure that the right web pages are shown in search results for the right users.

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Implementing Various SEO Strategies

It no longer matters how your site ranks for an exact search keyword, as the way users search on the web has changed a lot over time. Today, there is much variety in how a web user searches for something online, especially with the advancements in voice search and such technologies. Due to the changes introduced to search algorithms, the result shown by Google to individuals are different and it will be based on the location, search history, type of device used, and many other such things, meaning that there is no universal “first page” anymore.

Google make use of RankBrain, which is an artificial intelligence tool to analyze the search queries to offer improved results to the users. This makes the results less predictable and will not offer websites any control on where and when they appear on the result pages. The first page that you see on Google for a particular query might not be the one that your friend sees from a long distance.

Google Search Console can help to assess the details of the “key” words and phrases that users searched for while your website was displayed among the results. The data from the Search Console tool will let you know that you should never measure the success of your SEO strategy based on the ranking of particular phrases, as most of your website visitors might have used other similar terms to reach to you.

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