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SEO is the science of increasing the chances of a company’s web page to be found by search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. And day by day, it is becoming a recognized career in India. It is also a preferred career choice amongst youngsters these days. Listed below are few reasons as to why you should choose a career in SEO.

High Demand

Employment opportunities in the industry are increasing as the demand for SEO services are increasing. An SEO expert is the need of the hour, as more and more sites are doing a great business.

Good Money For Solo Practitioners

A person can make more money by being a solo practitioner. If not confident enough to start your own business, you can rake in some experience as an SEO analyst in a company and then later on start on your own.

Only Web Designing May Not Be Enough

You will also be considered a valuable professional if are good at both designing and SEO. In fact, many clients expect the site to be SEO friendly when they hire someone to develop their site. So to be successful advertisers and marketers, you need to have some SEO knowledge as well.

Lots Of Learning

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SEO may not look technical enough for someone who is from a design, web administration, or development field. They might feel they are downgrading their skills. However, by being an SEO analyst, they are not downgrading their skill but upgrading it. You can learn a lot with proper SEO training.

It Is A Recognized Career

A look at the number of exams and courses for practitioners is enough to tell how this career path is booming. In India, the average salary for a fresher in SEO can be anywhere between 1.8 to 4 lacs. Nevertheless, like any other discipline, it depends on many factors such as the city you live in, company size, qualifications, etc.