Pay Per Click Advertising – A Brief History

Internet Based Advertising

Pay Per Click Ads

Today is the time of internet advertising. Internet based ads are cheaper and more reachable. Among the various internet based advertising methods, Pay-Per-Click ad is the cheapest form.

Initially, PPC was started as a means to generate revenue. In incentive-based websites, Pay-Per-Click is both useful and cost-effective means of advertising. Along with companies, many internet users also make use of this option to earn some extra income.

A Brief History Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC evolved as an advertisement method over the years. If you look back into the history, you would know that Pay-Per-Click was introduced by Yahoo in the early 1998. Later on, other companies followed up this marketing strategy. Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter are the ones who top the charts now.

Today, you will no longer find the initial type of Pay-Per-Click marketing options. Search based marketing leads all other methods in the PPC advertising market. There are also many other types of search engines that have been incorporated with PPC advertising. Some of them include Ask and Looksmart.

PPC Company

PPC Advertising

Although Pay-Per-Click ad is considered as the cheapest form of advertising, it may not yield the desired result at times. You would find it mainly when the results are not always favorable. Through PPC ads, you can increase the traffic to your website. But there is no guarantee that all users who click the ads will be your prospective customers. In this scenario, it is important to hire a reputed PPC company who can convert the traffic into potential sales.

Search Engines In Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The role of search engines in PPC advertising is great. Usually, search engines make use of bidding as a form of Pay-Per-Click advertising. If you are an advertiser, you can submit your ads at a PPC company with a list of useful keywords. They will associate these links with a website and the website owner will receive revenue, usually in cents, for each click on the ads put. The ads that are clicked most often will then appear at the top of website or of the search results.

Pay-Per-Click ads are a good means of revenue for website owners. You can get ads on your website with the help of a PPC company.