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White Hat SEO

SEO practices can be broadly classified into white hat and black hat practices. White hat SEO refers to the set of practices that are in line with the conditions of popular search engines, where black hat SEO includes practices that are not approved by search engines like Google.

White hat practices can help you improve search performance, while maintaining the integrity of the site. These practices stay within the boundaries that are defined by Google and other renowned search engines.

The Importance Of White Hat SEO

As said earlier, black hat SEO practices are not approved by Google, and so, using these practices to improve the ranking of your website in search engine result pages can result in your website being banned by Google and other search engines. If your website were blacklisted by Google, then it will not be shown in Google result pages.

Consider all the work, time, and money that you invest to make your site come up in the search results, and then think about what it would be like to be banned from the virtual world for following unapproved practices. The worst part is, once you are banned by Google, you can never be sure when they will list you again.

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You should now be clear that implementing white hat SEO practices is the best way to make ethical and sustainable websites. Black hat methods may give you fast results when compared to white hat methods, but the result will not be long lasting and there is always the risk of being banned by Google.

On the other hand, white hat SEO techniques may take more time to improve the search engine ranking of your website, but the results are sustainable and your site will not get blacklisted by Google or any other popular search engines.

Always look for SEO agencies that follow white hat techniques. Most of the SEO companies in India follow only white hat methods, and you can get the best SEO packages in much reasonable rate when outsourcing the work.