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Online fashion is a virtual industry and it depends a lot on images to sell things. In the traditional marketing industry, visual content (images) is the king. However, in SEO point of view, text is more important, as the search engines rank text much higher than images. SEO services company India explains the importance of text in fashion industry. Read on to understand why text is more important than images in fashion industry.

Most of the fashion websites would like to keep their web pages clean and share high quality images to display their products in the best possible way. This is important, but it does not mean much to the search engines. For the page to rank high on search engines results page (SERP), it should tell the search spiders what the webpage is all about.

You can think of the search spiders as literate but blind creatures looking for quality websites. These spiders will not look for the beauty of the editorial images shared on fashion websites; instead, they will try to find the text. Besides, it is also helpful to visitors to have text in the web pages, as it will let them understand what you are offering.

Note that putting text within images is not a useful thing, as the search engine spiders will not be able to read texts written inside images. For instance, many fashion businesses put product descriptions or high-level categories inside headline images. However, the search bots will not be able to read these texts within the images, and so the effort will not bring forth any positive result. In addition, it is vital to ensure that information like your address and about us details appear in text format in the webpage.

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Another thing is using ALT tags, which tell search engines what the images shared on the webpage are about. In fact, ALT tags are very important in an SEO point of view, and can help with ranking your website. However, search engines rank on text much higher than the ALT tags. Ideal ALT tags are descriptive and should not overuse keywords within the tag.

Search engines like Google are much cryptic about the amount of on-page text. In their guidelines, they state that the amount of text shared on the site plays a crucial role in the overall quality score of the site and “the amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page.”

It is true that the quality and amount of content shared on the page is not the only thing that search bots look for while crawling web pages. Many things such as page speed, backlinks, mobile optimization, etc., also play crucial roles. However, the old SEO saying ‘content is king’ still rules the industry.

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