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Digital marketers and bloggers will certainly accept the fact that SEO writing is both an art and science. To gain the attention of a loyal audience, you will need to be a gifted wordsmith who is capable of putting all the thoughts in your mind to a computer day in and day out. However, that’s not it; creating attractive SEO content requires careful attention to detail, a set of guidelines, and a deeper understanding of what your audience is looking for.

SEO content that captivates the attention of web users has the unique power to instantly turn users into leads. That said, it is true that some content writers and SEO professionals still stick with the outdated way of blog writing. They write contents and then poorly insert keywords in hopes of yielding better results.

It is crucial to note that this kind of content writing strategies does not work anymore, which means that it is best to avoid them and invest your time and effort in a proven and modern SEO writing strategy. Below are a few efficient SEO content tactics that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile Friendly Content

Google integrated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project back in 2016. This initiative urges digital marketers to create mobile-optimized content for web users, as it will help the web pages to load more quickly on mobile devices. This, in turn, offers a better internet using experience to the audience. So, make sure to create quality mobile friendly contents with short and attractive headings.

Long Form Content

Studies conducted by expert SEO marketers revealed a shocking conclusion that web users are not just looking for mobile friendly contents. Instead, they also want long form contents (1000+ words) with relevant infographics and more than 10 citations to resources. Long form SEO content performs incredibly well and it easily captivates the attention of users, as it easily fulfills all their desire for answers.

Short Form Content

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Now, you may be planning to shift the length of all your blog posts to over 1000 words. However, before you do so, note that the love for short form content (below 800 words) among web users is not lost either. However, the length and type of your content should be solely based on your audience. Therefore, if short form contents seem to work for you and your clients, it is okay to stick with it. Note that short form contents are more suitable for tablets and smartphones and they are also easier to share on social media platforms.

Even though SEO writing has greatly evolved over the years, the fundamentals of writing SEO contents still remain pretty much intact. Good quality content will always be on top of SEO trends. So, follow the trends and publish quality content as always.

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