How Switching to HTTPS will Benefit SEO

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HTTPS Switching Benefit

Better security offered by a site will help it to gather more visitors. The security referred to here is HTTPS protocol, which is currently utilized by many websites in the web. HTTPS is an improvement over the plain HTTP protocol and several sites have made the switch citing far more user traffic and trust. Besides, Google has also come up recently proclaiming that switching a website to HTTPS will give it a small increase in the search rankings.

The latest algorithm updates by Google also give much preference to HTTPS sites and this will continue to increase in the future. In light of these findings, it is important to understand about the importance of HTTPS in SEO and its obvious benefits. As the best SEO services India, we care deeply about a secure web and carry out various measures to propagate the importance of switching to HTTPS.

What is HTTPS?

HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a system that facilitates the transmission and reception of information over the internet. It is an application layer protocol, which does not give any preference to the how the contents are transferred from one point to the other. HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is an advanced version of the system and it offers protection to a site connection by means of authentication and encryption.

HTTPS works alongside the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to facilitate data interchange much safer. Usually, an HTTPS website would include the SSL 2048-bit key, that when incorporated into a browser, results in a more secure connection between the server and the browser. In a nutshell, HTTPS will not only offer the best experience to the user but also improved security in the data transfer.

How will HTTPS Benefit SEO?

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Better Security For Pages

A growing majority of users tend to avoid unsecured sites in favor of secure ones using HTTPS. This trend is also spearheaded by Google as it had earlier announced its intentions to make the web fully secure by prompting all sites to use HTTPS. In the SEO point of view, this has several advantages such as:

Improved Rankings – Google’s new decision to offer boos in rakings to HTTPS sites will certainly be helpful in SEO. Even though the rankings are on a minor scale, this is expected to increase in the future as a part of building up a highly secured web. HTTPS sites also load much faster than HTTP sites, thereby increasing the rankings.

Added Security – For SEO, the added security provided by HTTPS will benefit the websites by verifying its link with the server it is connected to. It provides strong encryption to all the communications that will offer protection to all the important user information like credit card numbers and browsing history. Besides, a more secure site will draw more visitors.

Referrer Data – Secure referral information is stored when traffic flows into an HTTPS site. In case of an HTTP site, this does not occur, which is yet another great advantage of HTTPS.

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