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There is a question that many blog writers put forward: How long do blog posts generally need to be? From an SEO perspective, a blog post needs no less than 300 words if it is achieve a good rank among search results. Longer posts are seen to rank higher, although these require strong writing skills to produce. Even then, most writers cannot make them readable. Despite that, lengthy posts should be a part of every motivated SEO strategy, including the best SEO services India has to offer.

Why Longer Posts Often Rank Higher

A really long post on your blog of, say, 1000 words, is more probable to score a higher rank with Google. A decent number of such articles can facilitate substantial organic traffic growth. This owes to a variety of reasons, all of which boil down to a simple fact: with a long post, Google’s bots have more to work with at determining the subject of the content.

As long as the copy is well optimized, the keyword would be in there often, which also takes away the need for awkward stuffing. A long post is bound to have more headings, pictures, and links, many of these including the keyword. These make up a substantial part of many of the best SEO services India has to offer.

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Long Tail Keywords

On top of that, there is the chance to gain in rank from long tail variants. A lengthy post normally addresses more than one topic, sometimes even several. This opens up the post to discovery by people searching for different long tail variants, and all of that contributes to organic traffic growth.

The Issue of Readability

Going over 1000 words does have a downside though – the post gets harder to read. It calls for some serious writing skills to make the reader comfortable with reading the whole post, assuming they do not simply leave the page after glancing at the scrollbar.

If the article is badly written, you may as well abandon any hope of a low bounce rate on that page. Neither would anyone share the post on social media, except maybe to pull a prank on someone. With badly structured content, the length of the post will not matter. This necessitates good structuring and easy-to-read content, which can be helped with an index at the top.

Keep the paragraphs clear and short, and go wild with the subheadings. Ensure the writing style is attractive, the sentences short, and the article generally free of the passive voice. You can be assured of this and more when acquiring the best SEO services India has to offer.