How Can Voice Search Affect Your Business Reach

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Voice Search Feature

We all know that the way users search for information online has changed a lot. More and more users are making use of the voice search feature on their tablets, smartphones, or other voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo devices.

Google Voice search is popular on the Android devices whereas Apple users make use of Siri. In Windows phones and PCs, users make use of Microsoft’s Cortana. In fact, as per the result of a recent survey, more than sixty percent of the searches are now performed on smartphones and other mobile devices. This means that more and more users are finding it easier to use their mobile devices to search anything online and the popularity of voice search is increasing day by day.

The latest technology and voice devices have made it much easy for the users to just ask a question to get the required information from the device. Voice search allows for a natural and conversational way of interaction with the device. Users can now ask the device to play music, turn lights on or off, search for local businesses like restaurants and eateries, get information on current affairs, or order products. As a result, SEO professionals have started to think differently about SEO and content marketing based on voice search.

What Voice Search Means For Local Businesses

A recent study proved that only 3.4% of the local searches in Google results in ad clicks. This proves that the users prefer the organic search results to the paid ads. However, if Google changes the organic option in voice search with paid ads for the highest bidder, the perception of users about the search result will change and some may even discontinue using the feature. So, we can safely assume that Google will not replace the organic search results in voice search completely. This is why it is important for the local businesses to focus on optimizing their website to meet the voice search requirements.

Some of the important factors that will affect the local reach of your business in a Google voice search include the following.

Proximity Of The Searcher

Mobile searches can vary much with distance and the results can vary drastically with the changes in location even by a mile. Your business will need to design strategies keeping this point in mind.

How Good Your Business Is

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Digital Presence Of Business

Google is capable of measuring the real word engagement of your business and can make use of this data to understand how good your business is. This data will affect the local ranking of your business.

Digital Presence Of Your Business

Google will also look how well the digital presence of your local business serves the needs of the searcher, and will arrange the search results with respect to that.

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