Google’s Featured Snippets Improves Traffic to your Site

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Google’s Featured Snippets

Generating a good amount of traffic in search engines like Google requires a combination of the right SEO strategies. This not only includes building up quality links for getting more referral traffic, but also implementing other methods that are proven to bring more visitors to a website.

A new change in Google that you might have noticed is the “featured snippets”. These snippets are actually selected search results displayed on top of the organic results of Google, which mostly appear when a user inputs any kind of question in the search box.

In general, there are three types of featured snippets displayed on search engines.

  • Paragraph – The answer is provided in response to the user query in the form of text. Besides text, these snippets can also include an image.
  • List – List is a type of snippet where the answer is provided in the box in the form of a list.
  • Table –The answer is provided in a table in table snippet.

Of course, getting your website featured in the snippets would be an effective way to get more exposure to your brand in the search results. Even studies in the genre have shown that the rate of clicks is increased when a page is placed in a snippet box in Google.

The chances of getting your website featured in the snippets will be very high if the web pages were properly optimized for the right search queries. Currently, there are several search queries that have high chances of obtaining featured results. This is mostly focused on the areas of Health, Do It Yourself, Financial, Mathematical, Transitional, Status, etc. Additionally, search queries that are not listed out in featured snippets include shopping, images, videos and local.

Best SEO Packages

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If your site is already ranking good, it can be further improved by optimizing the site to become featured in snippets. For getting your site included in the featured snippets, your web pages should precisely answer the questions asked by your target audience, maintain factuality, and use attractive images. You should also have properly organized questions on the web page and include several answers and facts relating to the queries.

The best SEO packages offered by pro SEO companies include creating and posting quality content on the site that can ensure your web page gets listed on the featured snippets. Besides, hiring a reliable SEO service provider always promises you guaranteed and satisfactory results.

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