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Well, not many people have the patience to wait for a year or so to see how SEO service providers could work on their sites to generate more traffic or sales, probably because they feel that their hard-earned money is spent on something that shows no signs of positive returns. However, even Google says that SEO needs “time” to bring forth fruitful results.

In a recent video posted on the official YouTube channel of Google Webmasters, Maile Ohye (Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google) talks about the importance of hiring the best SEO provider, touching on the key aspects to look upon while choosing a service provider. Ohye clearly mentions in the video, titled “How to hire an SEO”, that you should give at least 4-12 months to your SEO company to see how their “magic” works.

Although some would argue that the best SEO packages could show positive results in 2-3 months, it hugely depends on how well established is the site when the SEO works started. Besides that, the keyword difficulty, market competition, monthly search volume, and even brand familiarity plays a crucial role in boosting their rankings. These aspects might not be applicable to startups or small-scale businesses when they hire an SEO, and so, expecting quick results from them is not an optimistic approach.

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As Ohye says in the video, you need to consider a lot of things while choosing an SEO service provider, rather than simply investing in an SEO project that you came across at some place. Randomly picking your SEO provider could negatively affect your company’s repute and trust in the virtual world, which would in turn lead to a decline in the traffic and conversions.

Three most important things while hiring an SEO, as Ohye lists in the post, include:

  • Conducting an interview and making sure that the SEO company is interested in your business;
  • Checking their past clients and references; and
  • Asking for a technical and search audit.

Check out the video at, and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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