Google PageRank Is Dead; What Next?

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Google PageRank has long been the lifeblood of SEO, and now when it is gone, many have started wondering how they would improve on the visibility of their websites. However, many SEO experts Cochin say that the Google PageRank feature was on its deathbed since around 2009, and the search giant had already started pulling of all its tools showing website ranking one by one. Yet again, dropping it entirely came as a shocker to many, as even third parties cannot display the webpage rank by any means now.

Google PageRank was initially released with the toolbar the company launched for IE in 2000. Before that, it was one of the key factors in the ranking algorithm that Google used to evaluate a website, but did not share with the public. Now, things have gone back to the way they were before one and a half decade ago, and only Google will know the PageRank scores from now on. SEO experts Cochin believe that Google will assess that along with many other factors to move a website to the search results top page.

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Without the Google PageRank visible now, many companies have started to seek alternatives to evaluate the website authority on the virtual world, but most of these ‘standards’ are mere assumptions. Nevertheless, if they stick on to the other known factors that play a key role in determining a website’s PageRank score, people might still stay in the game.

Keeping a check on the overall appearance of the website, fresh and updated content, and generating backlinks, to name a few, are still effective SEO tactics, and would surely help to boost the website’s ranking. For a new website owner or a startup SEO service company though, sticking on to the basics would be the right option now, until any further update on the matter is released by Google.

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