Five Common Spams In SEO Off-Page Activities

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SEO Common Mistakes

Every business uses SEO as a marketing strategy to lure in more visitors to their website and to increase their productivity. SEO has become widely popular over the past couple of years and many studies have revealed that an effective use of SEO technique will bring tons of benefits to a business. Yet again, developing an effective SEO strategy can be a bit difficult and you might not even know where to begin. Here are some of the spams in SEO off-page activities that you should definitely avoid.

Low Quality Backlinks

You should make sure that the webpage from where you receive backlinks is neither penalized nor it is of low quality. This is because getting backlinks from a badly reputed site will devalue your website. Make sure that the website you use has a good PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority), and a trust on search engines.

Backlinks From Different Niche

Creating backlinks from a different website/niche that is not related to your website will also have a negative impact on your website. For instance, if you are working on a technology related website, then creating backlinks from an educational website, which is not related to your topic in any way, will not help you rank better.

Making Maximum Anchor On Keywords

It is very significant to note that you should never try to make backlinks just on the targeted keywords. This is because this strategy will instantly signal the Google crawlers and you might even end up paying penalties. So, try to keep some diversity while creating backlinks, as it will ensure that your website will not be penalized.

Backlinks From Adult Websites

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One of the major spams in Google’s eyes is getting backlinks from an adult website. Google has also banned the promotions for adult websites, which means that getting backlinks from these websites will certainly destroy your efforts. So try to not to get even a single backlink from such websites.

Links From Article Submission Directories

Many SEO experts and companies have a tendency to use article submission directories. Google has already advised against the use of such directories, which means that if you are still using them, then you face the risk of being penalized. This is because most of the online submission directories are used only to create backlinks, and they do not offer any other ‘actual’ service that would benefit an end user.

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