Everything you Need to Know about Keyword Search Volume

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Keyword Search Volume

The concept of SEO has grown phenomenally in the commercial field in order to enhance their sales and revenue. Typically, SEO helps to improve the ranking of a website on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines by means of many technical as well as traditional approaches. Apparently, adapting proper SEO strategy for your business is sure to boost up your customer base.

Note that there are many metrics used in SEO in order to achieve the desired results in terms of visibility and productivity for a website. One of the most frequently used metric here is the “search volume”. In fact, expert SEO services Cochin say that some websites are flourishing only on the basis of certain search queries in a search engine. So, if you are planning to choose an SEO services Cochin, you must be very crucial about their expertise in the area of search volume even if they offer some irresistible and best SEO packages to you. Obviously, you must have enough knowledge regarding the same at first to do so.

Search Volume: A Key Aspect of Keyword Research

Different types of keyword research tools are available in the market these days, and evidently, users are able to see that the search volume for similar keywords is shown differently in different keyword search tools. In fact, most of these search volumes reported by the keyword research tools are that of the Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner is an advanced version of Google Keyword Tool and its main objective is to make it easier to ad campaigns and ad groups for an advertiser. This will contribute to boosts up their PPC accounts, which is why many of the professional SEO services Cochin also regard Google Keyword Planner as the only reliable source of a keyword volume.

The Source of Search Volume

It is quite common for the advertisers to have many doubts regarding the search volume, especially about the source from which a keyword research tool gets its search volume. As said, most of the keyword research tools in the market get their search volume date from Google Keyword Planner. So why is there a variation in the search volumes for similar keywords in different tools, and why it contradicts with the reports shown in Google Keyword Planner?

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To put it simply, the search volume that is reported in Google Keyword Planner is only a rounded annual average. That is, Google Keyword Planner tends to update their search volume every month. When it comes to the other third-party keyword tools that consider Google Keyword Planner as their source, they will have to recalculate their search volume every month in order to offer the most accurate data to their users. This will be nearly impossible if the number of keywords in the database is huge and up to millions or billions, because Google does not employ an Application Programming Interface (API) in order to pull out this search volume. As a result, the results in the third-party keyword tools will not match with those of Google Keyword Planner.

The Search Volume in AdWords

Another doubt that most people may have will be regarding the accuracy of search volume in AdWords. Google AdWords is an online service that offers an opportunity for the advertisers to pay and display their service offerings, brief advertisements, video content, and product listings within the Google ad network. Most users will be more than happy if their preferred keyword tool displays the same search volume numbers as that of Google AdWords.

Most professional SEO services Cochin, however, question the data that they get from Google Keyword Planner. The search volume in Google Keyword Planner is officially defined as, “The average number of searches for [this] keyword and its close variants based on the targeting settings and date range you have selected. You can use this information to see how popular your keywords are during a certain time of the year”. This further calls for clarifications.

You cannot expect to have the trend of a flat search volume all year long. As a result, the annual average for a keyword in a month will not be the same as that of the previous month. For instance, consider a keyword that got a search volume of around 550,000 according to Google Keyword Planner. However, if you halt the annual trend of the search query for that keyword, you can see that it has hardly 100,000 for each month for most of the year. No wonder most of the expert SEO services Cochin consider annual average for their keywords.

Moreover, when you search for keywords that are close variants, Google will not show if there is any difference between their search popularity. For instance, consider keywords like SEO, search engine optimization, and search engine optimisation. Here, the search results for these queries tend to differ a lot and hence, this will make a huge impact in case you prefer to rank your website organically. However, this will not be a problem for AdWords users, since their advertisements will always be at the top. Hence, the variations in organic search results will not matter in Google AdWords.