Dominating SEO Trends you Need to Watch For

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Utilizing SERP Features

SEO has grown into a complex science today and its ever-changing nature makes it really challenging. As popular search engines try hard to improve the quality of the results, some of the ranking factors lose its value and some of them become more important. In fact, entirely new ranking factors can also appear from nowhere. Still, some of the web page ranking factors still rule the digital marketing arena. Below are a few such dominating trends that would help your SEO strategies gain momentum in the days to come.

Bring SERP Features into Play

Number one organic ranking is no longer the best way to get much traffic to your website. The SERP features like knowledge panels, local packs, featured snippets, etc., are stealing the show, and people click on such results on the organic search results. With the SERP features, it has become important to track the rankings of your website inside these features and monitor them that apply for your keywords.

Learn the Use of Structured Data

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Use Of Structured Data

Structured data is a HTML formatting way that makes use of specific vocabulary. It tells search engines how to interpret the content of your web page and how to display the same in the search engine result pages. Structured data can help you to improve the search listings via rich snippets and knowledge graph panels. In fact, studies show that rich snippets can help in boosting the CTR of your listings by about 30%.

Focus on Content, Always

It is really difficult to convince Google that your website has great content when it does not have. Your site can also be penalized for trying it. Google makes use of many ways to assess the quality of content shared on your web pages. In fact, Google looks at numerous pages and the terms that are used in them to decode the content and decide if the content shared in your web page would be relevant to the end user. Therefore, to ensure that your content is appropriate, comprehensive, and beneficial to the user, you need to research the pages that rank high in your niche and look for the features that they have in common.

Apart from these three things, keep an eye on the page speed of your website. Speed is not only a ranking signal but also a user interaction factor. As per Google, a web page should load in less than three seconds. To find the loading speed of your web page, you can take the page speed test of Google. If you see any problematic factors in the test, you can click on it to expand it and to have advices on fixing it.

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