Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is all about promoting one’s business in the “digital” world employing all the “digital” strategies. Obviously, the prime goal here is to communicate or deliver business specific information to maximum people and bring out a positive response from potential customers.

By employing the right plan, you can easily reach your best customers and establish your brand in the market. Some of the common digital marketing approaches practiced by SEO services Cochin include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, radio advertising, pay-per-click advertising, etc. Yet just like all other fields, the trends in digital marketing also change often, and modern technology has always found a way in here. So you must be familiar with the latest digital marketing trends in order to excel in the virtual world. Below are some of the best digital marketing trends to watch out for in the next year.

The Integration of AI

Almost everyone will be familiar with the term ‘artificial intelligence’. AI is a great tool to analyze the different patterns and behaviors of customers by means of various data. With the help of AI, you can look for your existing customers or go through the social media conversations to get the real-time intel on how your business is competing against your rivals. You can even project the business growth in the upcoming future with the help of AI, although further research is required to get more accurate results in this case.

The Use of Chatbots

Chatbots is one latest digital marketing trend that is evolving phenomenally. The main application of chatbots is that it can help a lot in customer services by answering the Frequently Asked Questions automatically. Additionally, it can help customers to make purchases, get sales appointment, connect to customer service, etc. In fact, chatbots can interact with a customer just like humans, and this way, they can do many tasks as well, like closing a loan. Bots can now include many emojis in their chat as well, which make their conversation with the client more effective.

The Approach to Smart Speakers and Audio

There will be hardly any household today, which does not use smart speaker facilities in order to make their lifestyle better. In fact, you can do many tasks by using such speakers and audio, such as asking recipes, things to do, and many more. That is why SEO services Cochin are now focusing on how to optimize a website for voice search too. To make the most of it, you must know what your potential customers are looking for and how your business can supply to their demands in the best possible way.

The Influence of Local Influencer

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Influencer marketing is an age-old trend prevailing in the field, but local influencer marketing is relatively a new aspect. In most cases, a digital marketing company will focus on local influences, unless you own an international or an e-commerce business. Usually, you may consider relying on a celebrity figure in order to endorse your products. Even though this is a good strategy to reach millions of customers within a short span of time, it can be conditional. On the other hand, associating local influencers as well in order to endorse your brand with promotions and long-term campaigns can have better and long-lasting results.

The Scope of Live Video

Videos are still the best part when it comes to content marketing. It will be even better it is a live video. In order to make an effective video, think like a customer so that you can easily figure out what exactly are they looking for. Basically, there are mainly two things that help to nail a live video: healthy content and the right platform. When it comes to content strategy, decide on the topics that will be equally helpful, enlightening, and entertaining for your customers, and when it is about the right platform, the best options nowadays include Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, etc.