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It is clearly obvious to every website publisher these days that shady link building practices cannot consistently get your site ranked higher on Google anymore. You actually need to pick from one of the multiple genuine ways which let Google and other popular search engines know, that your website is the most relevant one for […]

SEO is actually the foundation on which a website thrives in the digital world and propagates. Apparently, only when you employ the right SEO tactics and strategies, it would make your website rank higher in the organic search results page. Otherwise, your site will be invisible to most of the internet users. So in order […]

Your website is the place where you showcase your services and products. Hence, it is highly imperative that you maintain the best available content on your website for your potential clients. This will not only prove helpful to those visiting your website but also help you acquire better SEO results. You can educate your customers […]

WordPress has become the industry leader when it comes to content management systems. As per the latest studies, about 29% of all the websites are built using the WordPress platform. It is not just the most user-friendly platform, but very SEO friendly as well, making it very popular among web developers and digital marketing experts. […]

When sharing content online, any SEO worth their salt is aware that people would be judging every single associated aspect of said content. This includes what hashtag you use, how good is your bio profile, and even how your link looks. When it comes to links, there are quite a few mistakes that people commonly […]

Digital marketing is all about promoting one’s business in the “digital” world employing all the “digital” strategies. Obviously, the prime goal here is to communicate or deliver business specific information to maximum people and bring out a positive response from potential customers. By employing the right plan, you can easily reach your best customers and […]

Shoddy website structuring is a common detracting factor when it comes to SEO strategies, no matter how inclusive the latter happen to be. Google typically takes better to sites where it does not have to rummage too long to find the most important pages. Luckily, it is possible to make this fact work in your […]

Did you know that for ranking websites, a search engine like Google uses crawlers to get the contents of your site and plenty others into its index? That means the bigger your website gets, the longer it takes to crawl. Any decent website publisher with their eye on the top result rank has the onus […]

It is not uncommon for people to borrow website content from someone else without first asking, and that is often the mildest way of putting what they do. You may have worked hard to whip up a quality article and published it to best effect, when one day you find it put up on some […]

During the first week of August, Google came out with what it called a “broad core algorithm update”. This was publicized on many platforms including Twitter, and has been the cause of significant buzz among website publishers. Also known as the Google Medic Update, because it mainly concentrates on medical and health sites, it has […]