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My name is RD. After 5 years in SEO, I came to a conclusion that I had more than only one goal: to share my insights to the deserving for one. But to be a hero and save others, I had to become someone else. I had to be something else. I am RDtalks…

Well, not many people have the patience to wait for a year or so to see how SEO service providers could work on their sites to generate more traffic or sales, probably because they feel that their hard-earned money is spent on something that shows no signs of positive returns. However, even Google says that […]

If you have a little knowledge on SEO marketing technique, then you will be aware of the fact that Google has a tendency to update their strategies on a regular basis. A recent announcement from Google indicates that they are planning to consider the indexing of mobile versions of a website first over that of […]

Google Panda is an update to the search result ranking algorithm of Google, that was released in February 2011. Google Panda focuses to lower the ranking of “thin” or “low-quality” websites to offer high quality websites at the top end of the Google search results page. Panda is one of the most important spam fighting […]

Every industry has influencers and the internet is no different. Simply put, influencers are people who are capable of influencing a purchase decision. Social influencers are the social media persons, bloggers, or industry experts, who have large followers, which they have made with their insight and knowledge. This makes a good bond between social influencers […]

It all started in the year 2000, when Google launched its first toolbar for IE. The toolbar made searching Google directly quite easy with a dedicated search box pinned on top of the browser. And so, it became widely popular in a matter of days. This Google toolbar had a PageRank meter on the right […]

Google PageRank has long been the lifeblood of SEO, and now when it is gone, many have started wondering how they would improve on the visibility of their websites. However, many SEO experts Cochin say that the Google PageRank feature was on its deathbed since around 2009, and the search giant had already started pulling […]