A Few Tips on Image Optimization in SEO

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Image Optimization Tips

Image optimization is one of the best SEO tactics that helps to increase the traffic to a particular website as well as the web page rankings. The power of an image to deliver more ideas about the topic to the clients rather than thousands of words contributes to this.

Images are capable of raising the traffic to the website through image search also because of its inclusion in universal search results. Hence, image optimization in SEO helps to make searching things in the web more user-friendly, and as a result, ropes better rankings for the website in search results page. Below are some useful tips on image optimization in SEO.

Find the Appropriate Images

Always try to choose the right image that is relevant to the content on your web page rather than using some random ones. If the image is credible, users may share or embed the images to their blog as well, resulting in more backlinks to your website. Remember, images play a major role in selling your content, so do not mislead your users with wrong images.

Try to Include Keywords in the File Name

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Include Keywords In File Name

Just as you include keywords in the post URLs of the page, it is necessary to choose a filename for your image that includes the keyword as well. However, make sure that the name also reflects the idea, which you want to deliver by means of the image. This will help the search engines to determine the relevancy of the image on your web page. Furthermore, always use common file types like PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF files, which are easy on the browser resources.

Perfect Anchor Text

Anchor text plays a key role in the ranking of your image for keywords, especially if you plan to link to images through text. Try to use any descriptive anchor text that portrays the image that you used; this will also help a user find your page much easily. That is, if you use generic terms like ‘photo’ or ‘image’ in order to link a photo, search engines will not provide much relevant information about that particular image.

Apart from that, use proper alt texts or alt tags to your images. Using alt tags is another way to let the search engine understand the relevancy of the image on your web page. Besides, search engines are not capable of determining the content of an image, and they usually read it through the alt tag and anchor text.