5 Tools To Help Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Have you been looking for ways to optimize your social media marketing methods more effective? There are several tools which can be used to save you time. With the right tools, it is easy to stay focused on the results you want to achieve, and drive up amount of work you can get done in a day.

Here are some productivity tools you should be looking at.


This must be the easiest way to save inspiring content for later reference. You get text, audio, and image options as well as the provision to type, dictate or take a picture of the thing you want to be looking at later. This app syncs with all your devices, so you get to access content wherever you are.

Cold Turkey

When you are hard at work, there can be a hundred different distracting sites to veer you from your projected goal. The internet works that way, and that is not going to change soon. You need something to block the websites that don’t pertain to the work you are doing.

Cold turkey lets you do that to a group of websites for a specified period, but it is not the best choice if you need to check many native websites in the course of your work. For others, a couple of hours using this tool can be the most productive part of their workday.

Set Up Canned Email Responses

This isn’t exactly a tool of itself, nor is it new by most measures. Gmail lets you saved template responses to emails to facilitate efficient mail handling. Enable the feature from the Labs tab in Settings, and then open the message editor to type out your canned response. Save it by clicking on the option in the lower-right corner.


Useful Tools

Tools To Boost Traffic

Keep a secure list of your passwords and pins. This saves you the time and effort of recalling them in a time of need. 1Password is a solution for protecting your passwords as well as making them instantly available to you. You can also use the auto fill feature for convenience.


A task automation solution, IFTTT saves you the bother of repeating actions throughout the day. Whether you want to build a Twitter list for a particular hash tag, or get an email notification when someone tags your business, IFTTT can take care of all that.

These are some tools which can make a great difference in the way you manage your time, and by extension, your work situation. Check back for more useful tools that can boost your social media marketing efforts.