5 Compelling Statistics That Encourage Dedicated SEO

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Compelling Statistics In SEO

Relatively few businesses these days can even stay afloat without the benefits of an effective SEO strategy. People looking for your business need to be able to find it online. However, it is easy to lose sight of how important this is, so below are a few relevant statistics to reinforce that view, compiled by the best SEO services company India has to offer.

Google Dragged Global Internet Traffic Down by 40 Percent When it Went Offline for Five Minutes

The internet really does orbit around Google. A five-minute outage in 2013 brought web traffic around the world down by 40 percent. This should give you a rough idea of how important the best SEO packages are.

One Out of Six People Uses Google

This should not surprise you, because Google is huge, has a finger in every pie, and is generally excellent at whatever it does. “Googling” has been a word for searching something on the internet for quite some time now, and that really drives this point home.

Google Gets Over 2.3 Million Searches Every Minute

Take a moment to let that sink in. That is more than 3.5 billion searches in a day, with almost every internet user somehow landing on their page to look something up. You are probably reading this post after a Google search. Their search traffic has gone nowhere but up, and the rise has stayed consistent.

Close to a Fifth of Google Searches are Original Questions

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Keyword Research

Google manages to answer questions it has never encountered before. This is done through site crawling, widespread indexing, and countless search precedents. In fact, this is very common, making it important for marketers to seriously consider how their marketing strategy should be shaped. This should be done in order to optimally balance targeting established, frequent keywords, with newer ones that come up over the course of time. Google Trends can be a considerable help in that area.

Google’s Top Five Results Achieve 70 Percent of All Clicks

Few people even go on to the second page these days; it is easier to alter your search and keep doing it till you see what you are looking for. That means the lower results do not get clicked as frequently, or even close. In fact, most people stop reading after the first five or six results. If your business is to have a strong online presence, then landing among the top five is of the utmost importance.

These are some impressive statistics concerning Google. Keep them in mind, and pay attention to your SEO strategy. Stay tuned for more updates and news from the best SEO services company India has to offer.