3 Ways To Stay Ahead In SEO

Google Analytics

Best SEO Practices

Search engines these days are very serious about refining and revamping their algorithms to bump irrelevant search results. But these also work to make sure you can’t really manipulate search results; at least not without significant effort. In a nutshell, they are not going to market lousy web pages.

Effective SEO entails that you know the important ranking factors to grasp and cling to success. But just as important is the ability to anticipate what a search engine is going to do next. Veterans in the field would no doubt know, that a single algorithm can change the game radically. Yet, where is it better to focus your efforts when navigating SEO changes this year? Some experts in the industry say you should be doing the following things.

Give People What They Want

Get the users the best experience – through an undeniably useful product or engagingly creative content, including the latest news – and it is a good bet these things will sooner or later boost your rank. It has a given that Google will make the algorithms more complex, and harder to mess with. But this shouldn’t bother sites which focus on user experience.

Offer Speed and Security

Google has long stood by speed as a slight ranking factor, as well as with HTTPS. The message they are sending is clear: Google wants the web to be faster and more secure, and will aid efforts in that direction.

HTTP/2 was formally greenlit in 2015, and Google has come up with its own version, called SPDY. This allows browsers to place multiple requests to the server in a single connection. The technology looks like it will become standard be the end of the year. Google may incentivize its use by raising the cap on allowable SEO referrer information in Google Analytics.

Build Brand Exposure

Effective SEO

Optimizing Your Site

Generally speaking in the SEO sense, there is going to be a lot of work done in the direction of branding. What we have seen of RankBrain shows us that Google is setting to send more signals that are user-driven. That means more factors, which SEO experts cannot manipulate easily. The algorithm can already make out the contextual meaning behind words, so it is decidedly hard to fool.

Over the past decade and even from earlier on, many businesses have taken little care in choosing an agency to manage SEO – a vital aspect of marketing. Many have had their websites take a big hit because of that. This stresses the need to understand key concepts in areas such as content marketing, SEO and conversion.