3 SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic to Healthcare Websites

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It is a widely known and accepted fact that an efficient digital marketing and SEO strategy is crucial to the success of every business and website. The same is applicable in the case of healthcare websites too. The way patients find a clinic or healthcare provider has entirely changed over the last decade or so. Today, patients prefer to search for healthcare providers and clinics online.

In fact, research and studies conducted by expert digital marketers and SEO experts revealed a shocking conclusion that approximately 86 percent of patients perform an online search before they book an appointment with a clinic or healthcare provider. These stats indicate that the online presence of healthcare clinics matters much to patients.

Apparently, if you have not yet adopted an SEO strategy for your healthcare website, it is high time you invest in one. A well-implemented SEO campaign will surely help to draw in more visitors to your website, which will in turn bring more patients to your clinic. Below are a few effective SEO techniques that help to drive more traffic to a healthcare website.

Combining JavaScript Tags

Several sites such as Twitter, Google+, and Google will ask you to install JavaScript code onto your site to boost certain processes. It is true that most of these functions are useful and it can even drive more traffic to your website. However, you will also need to consider that each one of the codes can pull down the speed of your site. This is why it is best to combine the JavaScript codes by using an accurate tool.

Harnessing the Power of Video Contents

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Combining JavaScript Tags

You might be a little bit surprised to hear the fact that YouTube is currently the second largest search engine. The number of searches YouTube receives in a month is more than 3 billion. Adding a YouTube channel for your healthcare service will help you to harness the power of video contents and help you to share valuable informative content to your audience in an engaging manner.

Optimizing High-Res Images

The high-resolution images that you have used in your website for promotional and marketing campaigns can sometimes hinder your SEO efforts. This is because large-size pictures significantly slow down the loading speed of a website. This can in turn affect the Google ranking of your site since users will not prefer to sit around and wait for your website to load; instead, they will look for other options. So, ensure that the images in your site have the right size, aspect ratio, and a decent resolution.

Several healthcare providers and clinics have a misconception that SEO is only for e-commerce sites or businesses, and hence they prefer not to implement any SEO strategy on their sites. The reality, however, is that if you wish to acquire more customers and stay ahead of your competitors, your healthcare website will surely need SEO.

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