3 Effective Ways to Complement SEO with Analytics Data

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SEO With Analytics Data

Every business wants to rank high on Google, but not everyone chooses the best methods to get there. The underlying aim is to get as many visitors as possible, while turning the maximum number of these into clients. Search engine optimization can help tremendously with that, provided you know what you are doing. Some of the best SEO service Kerala offers can also be complemented by other forms of marketing, such as the Google Analytics data. Let us see the best ways to use Google Analytics to this end.

Find Landing Pages to Turn into Link Magnets

It is vital to know which pages get you the most organic traffic. The most effective content marketing decisions are based on this, as is the overall campaign strategy. Head to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages, for a look at all the pages ordered by the number of visits. Typing in a search term would filter the pages accordingly.

Seek Out Search Queries to Fit your Content to the Right Audience

Google lets you see what your audiences are searching for, and this can be useful in tuning your content to attract them more easily. Go to Acquisition > Search Console > Queries, and you will see a long list of the most frequently placed search queries. Gather the relevant phrases from these, focusing on the ones that bring more traffic.

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Keyword Research

Go to Advanced filter > include > Average position > greater than, and type in a number, such as 10, for instance. This displays every keyword that has a rank below 10. Make sure the queries you pick are relevant to the business (mainly specific instead of informational). After that, find the related pages with a dedicated tool, and then copy-paste it in Content Assistant to optimize it.

Channel Grouping

You will want to know how your visitors reach you. For that, you have channel grouping, which organizes the data you have on user searches. A channel is a virtual path a visitor takes to get to your website. Very few actually type in the URL; some search for it on Google by name, others by topic. Channel grouping can be done by selecting Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. You could create channels of many types and have them show up on the list. Ensure that all of these are relevant to your business, if not useful.

These are some ways to use Google Analytics data to complement some of the best SEO service Kerala offers. Stay tuned for more news and updates related to SEO and digital marketing.