10 Things that Have Nothing to Do with your Google Rankings

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Several businesses and amateur online markers often ask what the age of your website, the H1/H2 preference of your headline, shared hosting, and bounce rate have in common. The answer is much simpler – none one of these directly affects the Google rankings of your website!

Some digital marketers have a misconception that anything and everything that they do on their website will have an impact on Google rankings. Well, it is true that some things do have an indirect impact on the rankings, not all things affect the ranking of your website. Below are 10 such things that have nothing to do with the Google rankings of your site.

The Age of your Site

Google doesn’t care whether you have registered your website in 1999, 2003, or 2017. They only care about these following things:

  • Whether your content is helping web users or not
  • Does your website have authority signals or links

Google Apps and Services

Some online researchers claim that the use of Google services and apps such as Google AdSense and Google Analytics will help their site to get better ranking. The reality is that Google doesn’t care whether you are using their apps and services or not. Moreover, this will not help you to get better rankings either.

Likes, Shares, and Re-Tweets

If you have a Facebook and Twitter page for your business with thousands of active likes and post shares, then it is certainly a good thing for brand promotion. However, Google doesn’t care about it until Facebook or Twitter users visit your website and check out your products and services.

Raw Bounce Rate or Time on Site

Amateur online marketers panic when they identify that the bounce rate of their site is a higher or when the time spent by the audience on their site is less. This doesn’t necessarily affect the Google ranking of your page. This is because higher bounce rate may also mean that you are providing users relevant information a lot more quickly.

Adding Scripts

Some digital marketers are a little bit hesitant to use JavaScript libraries such as React or Node in their website contents. If Google can crawl each of these URLs and see the content, and if the posted content that viewers and Google see is the same, then feel free to use them; however, it will not affect your Google rankings.

Presence of Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel that you can see on the right side of a website generates results from the same website itself. So, the presence of such a knowledge panel has no direct impact on the ranking of your website, although it might benefit the user and result in better engagement, which will indirectly help to boost your web page ranking.

Shared and Inexpensive Hosting

If shared or inexpensive hosting doesn’t affect the uptime or load speed of your website, then you will not have to worry about it destroying the ranking of your website. This is because Google doesn’t care whether you are using solo hosting or shared hosting.

Use of Defaults

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Raw Bounce Rate

Some digital marketers follow the practice of using meta robots tags in their internal links and assume that Google will crawl it. It is true that Google can crawl it and there is nothing wrong with this approach. Yet unfortunately, Google doesn’t count these things as ranking factors, which means that you will not benefit from it.

Using Characters as Separators in Title Element

You will not be able to boost the ranking of your website by incorporating the use of characters as separators in the title element. This is just a matter of personal preference rather than an SEO strategy.

Headlines and H Tags

We often hear amateur SEO analysts claiming that using a headline inside H2 tags is highly effective than using it inside H1. This is certainly not true and Google doesn’t care how you arrange or design the headlines in your posts. Although having H tags do have an indirect effect on delivering important content to the users.

As mentioned, there is nothing wrong with using all these strategies. However, before you put a valuable amount of your time and efforts for these methods, consider whether these strategies are helping you or not.

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