Progressive Web Apps and its Impact on SEO

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Progressive Web Apps

More users are increasingly resorting to mobile devices for accessing the web. This has facilitated dramatic changes all over the web for developing mobile-friendly sites. Such rapid changes have lead to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative aimed at a faster mobile web experience. It was successful and many sites have already adopted its framework for offering better web experiences to the users. Meanwhile, developers at Google went a step further and created the Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Progressive Web Apps is essentially a mix of both a website and a mobile app. It offers the user experience of an app on a mobile browser. The mobile web pages will feature the appearance and feel of an app along with its functionality. Besides, it will offer all the features of an app such as push notifications, offline usage, and adding as a shortcut to the devices’ home screen. PWA reflects a new change in the user experience of web pages and thus has immense value in SEO.

Speeds up Indexability

Progressive Web Apps, when integrated into an application, virtually increase the speeds in which they are indexed. From the SEO point of view, quick indexing means that the search engine would rank them better in the search results. This increased user experience meant that it will be indexed by Google much faster.

Enhanced User Engagement

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Enhanced User Engagement

Progressive Web Applications have several benefits over conventional web pages. It works much faster and offers an app like experience to the user thus enhancing their engagement. Faster loading speeds means better performance and conversion rates, which will surely reflect in the search engine rankings. PWA has other features as well that allow push notifications to alert the user quickly with a snapshot or summary of the message. This can considerably enhance the user engagement and promote better user experience.

Promotes Easy Navigation

With Progressive Web Applications enabled on an app, it can decrease the various steps that users need to take for interacting with the contents of the app. With PWA, the download times are reduced largely and does not reroute the user to the Play Store. This makes it much easier for the users to interact with a web page without signing in or involving in any other complicated procedures.

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3 SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic to Healthcare Websites

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Drive More Traffic

It is a widely known and accepted fact that an efficient digital marketing and SEO strategy is crucial to the success of every business and website. The same is applicable in the case of healthcare websites too. The way patients find a clinic or healthcare provider has entirely changed over the last decade or so. Today, patients prefer to search for healthcare providers and clinics online.

In fact, research and studies conducted by expert digital marketers and SEO experts revealed a shocking conclusion that approximately 86 percent of patients perform an online search before they book an appointment with a clinic or healthcare provider. These stats indicate that the online presence of healthcare clinics matters much to patients.

Apparently, if you have not yet adopted an SEO strategy for your healthcare website, it is high time you invest in one. A well-implemented SEO campaign will surely help to draw in more visitors to your website, which will in turn bring more patients to your clinic. Below are a few effective SEO techniques that help to drive more traffic to a healthcare website.

Combining JavaScript Tags

Several sites such as Twitter, Google+, and Google will ask you to install JavaScript code onto your site to boost certain processes. It is true that most of these functions are useful and it can even drive more traffic to your website. However, you will also need to consider that each one of the codes can pull down the speed of your site. This is why it is best to combine the JavaScript codes by using an accurate tool.

Harnessing the Power of Video Contents

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Combining JavaScript Tags

You might be a little bit surprised to hear the fact that YouTube is currently the second largest search engine. The number of searches YouTube receives in a month is more than 3 billion. Adding a YouTube channel for your healthcare service will help you to harness the power of video contents and help you to share valuable informative content to your audience in an engaging manner.

Optimizing High-Res Images

The high-resolution images that you have used in your website for promotional and marketing campaigns can sometimes hinder your SEO efforts. This is because large-size pictures significantly slow down the loading speed of a website. This can in turn affect the Google ranking of your site since users will not prefer to sit around and wait for your website to load; instead, they will look for other options. So, ensure that the images in your site have the right size, aspect ratio, and a decent resolution.

Several healthcare providers and clinics have a misconception that SEO is only for e-commerce sites or businesses, and hence they prefer not to implement any SEO strategy on their sites. The reality, however, is that if you wish to acquire more customers and stay ahead of your competitors, your healthcare website will surely need SEO.

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Importance of Text in Fashion SEO

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High-Level Categories

Online fashion is a virtual industry and it depends a lot on images to sell things. In the traditional marketing industry, visual content (images) is the king. However, in SEO point of view, text is more important, as the search engines rank text much higher than images. SEO services company India explains the importance of text in fashion industry. Read on to understand why text is more important than images in fashion industry.

Most of the fashion websites would like to keep their web pages clean and share high quality images to display their products in the best possible way. This is important, but it does not mean much to the search engines. For the page to rank high on search engines results page (SERP), it should tell the search spiders what the webpage is all about.

You can think of the search spiders as literate but blind creatures looking for quality websites. These spiders will not look for the beauty of the editorial images shared on fashion websites; instead, they will try to find the text. Besides, it is also helpful to visitors to have text in the web pages, as it will let them understand what you are offering.

Note that putting text within images is not a useful thing, as the search engine spiders will not be able to read texts written inside images. For instance, many fashion businesses put product descriptions or high-level categories inside headline images. However, the search bots will not be able to read these texts within the images, and so the effort will not bring forth any positive result. In addition, it is vital to ensure that information like your address and about us details appear in text format in the webpage.

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Search Engines Results

Another thing is using ALT tags, which tell search engines what the images shared on the webpage are about. In fact, ALT tags are very important in an SEO point of view, and can help with ranking your website. However, search engines rank on text much higher than the ALT tags. Ideal ALT tags are descriptive and should not overuse keywords within the tag.

Search engines like Google are much cryptic about the amount of on-page text. In their guidelines, they state that the amount of text shared on the site plays a crucial role in the overall quality score of the site and “the amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page.”

It is true that the quality and amount of content shared on the page is not the only thing that search bots look for while crawling web pages. Many things such as page speed, backlinks, mobile optimization, etc., also play crucial roles. However, the old SEO saying ‘content is king’ still rules the industry.

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SEO is Much more Than Numbers; Engagement Should be the Real Goal

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Search Engine Result Pages

Most of the SEO services establish campaigns that use number driven strategies closely linked to the ever-changing rules and vagaries of the Google algorithm. Much of these goals are flawed. It is seen that the main aim of most of the SEO services is to offer the best SEO packages that help to increase ranking of their client websites in search engine result pages (SERP) to drive traffic to these sites. However, these strategies are not serving the cause anymore. This is because most of the SEO practitioners make use of artificial methods to reach their goal. What’s more, their goals and results focus on metrics alone and not on actual user engagement and conversion.

In the current scenario, the focus of SEO strategies should be to engage viewers and offer conversion. The artificial methods and tactics used in the traditional, age-old SEO campaigns cannot help achieve these goals. Some amateur SEO practitioners are even missing the fact that a high-ranking result that does not engage the viewers is of no value to the clients.

What Happens When SEO Does Not Engage

As most of the newcomers in SEO focus on numbers, they will ask, “Will this increase the rank of the website in the SERPs?” before deploying a tactic. They will execute the tactic only if the answer is “Yes”. Although this method worked a few years ago, now the Google ranking is transitory and changes a lot.

Today, the position of the website not only depends on your keyword planning and implementation, but also on user engagement. The traditional SEO tactics fall short of user engagement, and so, even if the ranking in SERP is increased, it will not lead to increase in sales.

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Google Values Genuine Backlinks

Let us consider the common tactic of content marketing. SEO service companies strongly believe in the value of backlinks, which are hyperlinks on different websites that point to the client site, and it is true that Google values genuine backlinks to calculate the position of a website.

SEO practitioners make many small backlink-containing articles and comments and share them on third party websites and blogs that mainly serve SEO purposes. However, the problem with this method is that these comments and articles, and the websites on which they are shared, are solely made for search engines and not users.

Usually, the content will be poorly written, will be thin, and contain basic info that is little to no use for the users who are looking to make purchase decisions. These comments and articles will not result in conversion; instead, it can lead to the opposite in many cases, as the poor quality of the content may spoil the brand reputation.

Such traditional SEO strategies might show a temporary increase in SERP rankings, but will be of no use in actual conversion and sales. Eventually, Google might see the site as a poor one that does not furnish what its visitors seek, and push it down the search engine results page.

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How To Write Captivating Content For SEO

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Write Captivating Content

Digital marketers and bloggers will certainly accept the fact that SEO writing is both an art and science. To gain the attention of a loyal audience, you will need to be a gifted wordsmith who is capable of putting all the thoughts in your mind to a computer day in and day out. However, that’s not it; creating attractive SEO content requires careful attention to detail, a set of guidelines, and a deeper understanding of what your audience is looking for.

SEO content that captivates the attention of web users has the unique power to instantly turn users into leads. That said, it is true that some content writers and SEO professionals still stick with the outdated way of blog writing. They write contents and then poorly insert keywords in hopes of yielding better results.

It is crucial to note that this kind of content writing strategies does not work anymore, which means that it is best to avoid them and invest your time and effort in a proven and modern SEO writing strategy. Below are a few efficient SEO content tactics that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile Friendly Content

Google integrated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project back in 2016. This initiative urges digital marketers to create mobile-optimized content for web users, as it will help the web pages to load more quickly on mobile devices. This, in turn, offers a better internet using experience to the audience. So, make sure to create quality mobile friendly contents with short and attractive headings.

Long Form Content

Studies conducted by expert SEO marketers revealed a shocking conclusion that web users are not just looking for mobile friendly contents. Instead, they also want long form contents (1000+ words) with relevant infographics and more than 10 citations to resources. Long form SEO content performs incredibly well and it easily captivates the attention of users, as it easily fulfills all their desire for answers.

Short Form Content

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Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Now, you may be planning to shift the length of all your blog posts to over 1000 words. However, before you do so, note that the love for short form content (below 800 words) among web users is not lost either. However, the length and type of your content should be solely based on your audience. Therefore, if short form contents seem to work for you and your clients, it is okay to stick with it. Note that short form contents are more suitable for tablets and smartphones and they are also easier to share on social media platforms.

Even though SEO writing has greatly evolved over the years, the fundamentals of writing SEO contents still remain pretty much intact. Good quality content will always be on top of SEO trends. So, follow the trends and publish quality content as always.

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Three Component Predictions Of SEO

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User Optimized Web

Engine Optimization is constantly evolving with newer practices. SEO is not gimmicky as it used to be some years before. Nowadays, SEO is termed essential to startups and all businesses alike. In 2016, approximately $65 billion was invested by businesses on third party SEO services and the best SEO practices. Here are a few components that play an important role in the entire ecosystem of web-centric SEO.

The User Optimized Web

Today’s SEO is certainly the web optimized, all thanks to the frequent changes in Google algorithm. Knowing the best SEO practices wins you half the battle in cracking it. Google keeps changing the algorithm to encourage professionals to come up with updated practices, and optimizing a website for the end-user has been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

Accelerated Mobile Page Rankings

Google has two indexing methods, one for the mobile version of the site and the other for the desktop version. Google knows that mobile users want speedy search results. In fact, a Google research shows 53 percent users back out from slow loading pages. This is why Google is focused on its new Accelerated Mobile Page rankings project. Although the plan is yet to be a part of the core algorithm, SEO experts believe it will soon become a crucial website ranking factor.

Organized Web Content

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Accelerated Mobile Page Rankings

We now know about RankBrain, which is one of the top three AI algorithms of Google. The Artificial Intelligence is a good thing for search results. Some SEO practices pay too much focus on aggressive keyword strategies, and it would take time for RankBrain to be fully efficient though. Organized web content would be the way forward for all SEO services.

A team of SEO professionals would adopt educated practices to help improve your web page rankings. Even though the Google algorithm updates change the SEO ecosystem always, at least to some extent per year, most of the experienced SEO services providers know how to manage the change and how to adapt to the situation accordingly.

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How Influencers Can Give An Extra Lift To Content Marketing

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Influencer Marketing

Every industry has influencers and the internet is no different. Simply put, influencers are people who are capable of influencing a purchase decision. Social influencers are the social media persons, bloggers, or industry experts, who have large followers, which they have made with their insight and knowledge. This makes a good bond between social influencers and their followers offering the influencers unprecedented authority.

Influencer marketing used to be about leveraging these persons to get in front of audiences. However, that is not a long-term strategy. A better approach is to partner with the influencers to improve brand and this is a mutually beneficial strategy.

Integrating Influencer Marketing To Content Marketing

No matter what your content marketing strategy is, or where you are at your content marketing campaign, influencers can help in a lot of ways to take your business to the next level. Three of the most elementary benefits of integrating influencer marketing to your content marketing campaign are discussed below.

  1. Customers Trust Customers

As the relationship between a influencer and his or her audience is made upon transparency, a recommendation or positive review from a trusted influencer can turn a person into your customer; the probability here is three to ten times.

  1. Influencers Keep Content Relevant

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Content Marketing

Influencers understand the market better than anybody else does, as they spend time with their audiences. They understand what their audience look for and partnering with them right from the beginning of a campaign or project can offer your brands valuable insights.

  1. Influencers Can Cut Through The Clutter

When fans get an email message or see a social post from a person who they readily follow, they are more likely to read the email message or click on the link of the social post. On the contrary, if the message comes from a brand that they are familiar, but do not have a personal relationship, they may discard the message.

All this means that you should get influencers to talk about your brand or product to get noticed online, as influencers can boost the credibility of your website content and product.

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Simple Keyword Selection Tips to Boost Your SEO Strategy

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Target Longtail Phrases

It is hard to deny the fact that content marketing has become a top priority for many organizations and companies these days. A recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, Cleveland, revealed that the common criterion used to measure the success of content marketing is web traffic. Thus, businesses have to develop a strong SEO strategy in order to generate more inbound traffic to their website.

The world of SEO has significantly evolved over the years, but keyword research remains to be the cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy. Targeting the right keyword in the beginning can help marketers to put their brands or contents in a much better position. Marketers can improve their SEO strategy by focusing on keyword selection and by effectively implementing them. Here are a few tips, which will help you to select your keyword more effectively.

Know Your Audience

Marketers need to understand their audience and select a keyword, which matches with the needs of the customers. Marketing research helps you to know more about your customers and understand what they really want. Narrow down the keywords to the topics that the customers find interesting, as it easily draws them towards the website.

Target Longtail Phrases

It is significant to use keywords, which are specific to the particular markets if you are looking to improve your SEO strategy. These “longtail” keyword phrases give an insight of your product or business, which in turn, urges the customers to visit your site. Being specific allows you to optimize content for the right audience.

Use Different Variations

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Analyze Traffic Analytics

There are plenty of free tools available in the market, which help you to find and select effective keywords. Many tools provide a vast list of potential phrases as result, when you simply type a generic keyword. The vast number of options will help you save a lot of time and effort, and allow you to select an effective keyword.

Analyze Traffic Analytics

You might find it hard to believe that reporting tools such as Google Analytics can help you find an effective keyword. Marketers can easily identify the keywords or keyword types, which drive the visitors to the websites by analyzing the traffic trends. After identifying the types of keywords, make sure to build on these trend for your future works.

Significance Of Image Optimization In SEO

Image Optimization
Image Optimization Tips

Images usually account for most of the downloaded bytes in web pages and also takes much visual space of the page. So it is very important to ensure that the images you post on your website are well optimized.

Image optimization is very important to reduce the loading time of websites. It is an important part of a successful e-commerce website. Have you ever wondered why your product photos do not show up when you perform a Google image search; or why you need to insert “Alt Tags” in your images; or what is the difference between GIF, JPEG, PNG, and other image formats? These are some of the important things, which you need to know while doing image optimization for your website. The image optimization tips shared below will help you know the answers to the above questions.

Name Images Descriptively

It is easy to keep the default name for the image file that is given by the camera, but that is not good if you are going to use these images for your website. As per expert SEO services company India, you should use acceptable keywords to name images, as this will help your web page rank well in various search engines. You should understand that search engines not only crawl the words on your website but also look for keywords within the file name of images.

Optimize Alt Tags

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Image Optimization

Alt tags are text alternative to images that are used by web browsers when they are unable to render them properly. Even if the image is properly rendered, you will be able to see the alt tag for the image, when you inspect the file’s HTML code. Alt tags add values to the website’s SEO and visibility. This is why it is important to add appropriate alt tags to the images.

Reduce Image File Sizes

Having images with small sizes on your website is very important, as bigger sized images will make your webpage slow to load. Most visitors will not wait for a long time for the website to load. Studies show that an average user waits for only three seconds for a website to load. In addition, Google makes use of page load time as an important factor in their ranking algorithm.

Few Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be easily referred to as a set of rules followed by a particular website to optimize for various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a lot more. SEO is regarded as one of the most effective techniques, which helps to drive more traffic to a website and thereby increase the popularity of the website. Many large and small-scale businesses use SEO as a key strategy to drive more traffic to their website and increase the productivity of their business.

The fast and effective results SEO marketing has produced over the years have attracted numerous customers to it, and Social Media Marketing is the latest trend in SEO. Here are a few benefits of Social Media Optimization, which will help you to understand the significance of this process.

Know The Audience

It is of significance importance to know the details of your audience and other interested users. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can easily provide you all the necessary information about the users. The information gained through social media sites can be put to good use and it will benefit your business in plenty of ways.

Target The Audience

Social media marketing helps you to send messages and publicize yourself in front of a specific set of audience. This process, which is commonly referred to as Geo-targeting, is achieved by locating the position of the audience. Geo-targeting will allow you to easily target a group of individuals, who are interested in your products or business.

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Instant Feedback

Luring New Customers

The best way to expand your business is by attracting new customers towards your website. Social media platforms allow you to achieve this task with ease. The profits acquired by your company will gradually increase with the arrival of new customers.

Instant Feedback

Another significant benefit you can achieve through Social Media Marketing is that they provide instant feedback on your products and services. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter enable users to post and comment on different products and services. This will help your business to know about the likes and dislikes of your audience and to include their suggestions in your future ventures.