Facebook Advertising and Engaging Content

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Calculating Post Engagement

When laying up ads, it is always desirable to get the best results for the least efforts. It is paramount to keep the engagement of the post highly positive so that you can reach the most number of people while widening the range of your audience. Following are some tips on how to make a reasonably good Facebook advertisement.

How Ad Cost is Determined

Advertisers and marketers have to pay for ad impressions, which are given over in units of 1,000. These get reported as CPM in the ads manager. The CPM can be different based on timing, budget, placement, demand, relevance score, etc. Another factor to consider is engagement custom audience, which is a list of the users who have had an interaction with the ad-based Facebook content. With custom audience, the first reason they interact is brand aspects.

Calculating Post Engagement

  • Sign in to the page admin.
  • Launch Facebook Page Insights
  • Go down a bit and locate Your 5 Most Recent Posts. Here, choose See All Posts.
  • At the top, you will normally see three colored boxes as well as two drop-down menus. Choose Reach out of the first menu.
  • Choose Engagement Rate out of the second menu.
  • Figure out the posts that received the highest engagement rates, and compare these. From that, isolate the ones that are similar. See what has been working this far, and keep assessing. Don’t bother with the low engagement posts.
  • Always refresh your content strategy, and make the same or better posts than the ones you have currently. When Facebook next changes its algorithm, you will be better placed to optimize the best performing content.
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With better engagement rates, you can be sure that the posts will be relevant to the algorithm, and people can get to your content easily. When you have high post engagement reach, you will have a custom audience that is re-targetable, and for whom you can obtain the best Facebook ads.

Engaging Content

If you are looking to put up posts, which engage the targeted audience, make sure that these are conversational, and that your audience is able to share their views over and over. For creating conversational content, it is important to ask questions, and engage the reader in chat threads on the page. As more and more people interact on the page, it will lead the algorithm directly to the said page.

Some Important Tips for Optimizing Images on Web Pages

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Optimal File Size

The way information is presented on the web has undergone a rapid transformation over the years. In the earliest days, there was a preference of text over images but the situation today is the other way around. Now, images constitute a major part of a web page and are used alongside text to convey information more precisely to the users. With the growing importance of images, it is necessary to formulate the right means of optimizing them for a web page.

Optimizing the images in a site has numerous benefits such as offering an enhanced user experience, faster page loads, and increased ranking both in the normal and image search results. Newer techniques adopted by search engines like visual search uses bots that can track down, identify an image, and relate it to the content. This makes it necessary to include image optimization along with the SEO strategies put forward for a site. The following are some tips to optimize images on web pages.

Abandon Stock Images, Use Original

One reason why a web page looks unappealing and lacks authenticity is due to the use of stock images. These generic stock photos are used by all kinds of websites and does not aid in rankings or making it stand out among other sites. Therefore, it is best to abandon the stock images and go for original, high-quality images. They can better relate to a user and thus influence the ranking. Moreover, they allow conveying the idea in a concise and authentic manner than stock images.

Go for Optimal File Size

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Focus On Alt Text

A key reason for slow page loading is due to the images. Large sized images can reduce the loading speed of a web page thus affecting the user experience, SERPs and image results. By reducing the file sizes of the images, it is possible to use them on a website without any degradation in quality. Imaging tools like Photoshop have a specific ‘Save for Web’ option that lets the user save the image in a format suited for the web.

Focus on Alt Text

Alt text or alternative text brings out the identity of the image when the cursor is placed over it. It can help users know about an image when any issues occur that prevents the image from loading properly. By including the right alt texts, the site can better rank in the search results by linking the keywords with the images.

An important part of image optimization is to add captions to the images. They appear below image and add context to the image that will help search engines understand it better. Moreover, adding a descriptive keyword centric file name to the image is important. This includes changing the file name of the image from the default name given by the camera, thus making it easier for search engines to identify the image.

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5 Common Mobile SEO Mistakes that Affect Digital Marketing

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Common Mobile SEO Mistakes

As an overall majority of the users has switched to mobile devices for accessing the web, the demand for optimizing the sites to suit these devices has increased massively. Due to this, webmasters have resorted to a completely new range of techniques in SEO in order to optimize the sites for properly viewing in mobile devices.

Even though mobile SEO has acquired a new facet, it is surprising to see that people often give less attention to this feature. However, the popularity of mobile marketing means that failing to give adequate attention to mobile SEO can lead to disastrous results of low traffic and rankings. That is why you need to understand the importance of mobile content and implement every measure in order to optimize a web page for mobile devices.

It is seen that when focusing on mobile SEO, some people tend to make a few common mistakes that negate the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies. So to help you out, below are 5 things that you need to avoid to get maximum results from the SEO strategy.

Lack of Responsive Design

Lack of a responsive design is one of the common mistakes in mobile SEO. Responsive design refers to the way that a website is made so that its content appears the same while accessing through any kind of device. Most websites fail to keep this point in mind, and as a result, do not go for a responsive web page layout. However, having a responsive design ensures that a website will run perfectly on any device, enhance user traffic from mobile devices, as well as aid in tracking and reporting the analytics.

Blocking File Indexing

Indexing is one of the most crucial aspects that influence the search experience. So failing to focus on the technical side of mobile SEO can negatively affect the website. One important technical aspect to consider is robots.txt, which instructs the search engine crawlers to properly index the web pages. Although some users switch off this Googlebot from indexing the files in order to optimize the site, the tactic often backfires and leads to a decline in web page rankings.

Slow Loading of Mobile Pages

Users accessing the web from mobile devices give priority to the speed by which a website loads. Therefore, a slow loading page can frustrate the users and thus negatively affect their user experience while also increasing the chance of visitors leaving the page before it is displayed. Search engines like Google also rank such slow loading pages low in the search results.

Absence of Rich Snippets

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Lack Of Responsive Design

Another common mistake in mobile SEO is neglecting the importance of rich snippets. Rich snippets feature in the search results and display important information from a website along with its other elements like page title, URL, and Meta description. Including rich snippets will certainly reward the website and can help in better capturing the interests of the users. It is also preferred by Google and integrating them into a website will surely increase the web page rankings and user traffic.

Issues with the Multimedia Content

Another common issue that can interfere with your mobile SEO strategies is the multimedia contents of a web page. Multimedia can surely make a site more engaging; however, you need to ensure that they run without any issues on all the devices. Any glitches or problems can slow down the website and thus affect the user experience. In fact, the growing number of viewers using mobile devices to view multimedia content these days means that such issues should be given the most priority and corrected as soon as possible.

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How RSS Feeds Helps in Formulating an Effective SEO Strategy

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Increasing the ranking of a website simply means making it more visible in the search engine results page, thereby generating more user traffic. This is one of the fundamental goals of SEO, and it strives to optimize the sites for ranking higher in the result pages of popular search engines like Google. A low ranking can negatively affect the user traffic on to a website that can further have an adverse influence on the business or service. For this very purpose, SEO uses a combination of both tried-and-tested strategies and modern digital marketing techniques.

Most of the new techniques for improving the rankings are developed in accordance with the ongoing trends and updates in search engine algorithms as well as user behavior. Using RSS Feeds is one such way to increase the rankings of a website.

RSS Feeds have become one of the most important tools used in SEO and increasingly used by webmasters to formulate the right strategies for ranking a site. In fact, most of the SEO packages rely on such techniques to clearly rank a website on top and generate more traffic.

What is RSS?

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RSS Feeds And SEO

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) refers to an XML based format intended for the distribution of content. It allows users to get access to all the latest updates on a website without the need to check the site each time. The updated contents are delivered via an RSS Feeds, which is easily accessible and gives all the latest updates. A majority of the websites has the provision for RSS Feeds and subscribing to it will help the users with access to the latest content in a quick amount of time.

RSS Feeds and SEO

The relation between RSS Feeds and SEO is inseparable, that most webmasters have resorted to maintaining them in order to help in the rankings. As search engines mostly prefer updated and original content, RSS Feeds are ideal for increasing the visibility of the site in the search results. Adding the feeds to the websites’ page code will enable the search engines crawlers to evaluate the updated contents and thus help in moving the rankings up.

A regular upkeep of site contents is sought over by search engines, and this helps improve their visibility to rank higher on the result pages. Using RSS Feeds will continually refresh the site with updated contents sourced from within or external sources without the need to manually update each time. Moreover, it is much easier to implement RSS Feeds into a website and therefore is a viable option to better rank a site.

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5 Advantages of Integrating SEO and PPC Strategies

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Gather More Analysis Data

Most of the strategies implemented for getting better rankings on search engines are mostly focused on two aspects, SEO and PPC. Many of you, when involved in the process of increasing the visibility and rankings, may have used any of the methods. However, a coordinated strategy combining both PPC and SEO is rare.

Interestingly, you can gain numerous advantages by mixing up both PPC and SEO strategies in your web marketing strategy. As the best SEO services Cochin, we remain committed to ensuring the best approaches for enhancing your business. For this purpose, we use a combination of both SEO and PPC strategies in order to achieve the maximum results for our clients. Check out some of the advantages of integrating SEO and PPC strategies in digital marketing.

Increased Visibility

A combined use of SEO and PPC strategies is a great way to effectively increase the exposure of your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It is, however, worthwhile to understand that PPC ads dominate the topmost results in the SERPs. Yet by combining both organic and paid search results, the traffic towards your site will increase rapidly, which will further provide a solid online presence for your site on the web.

Increased Presence in Social Media

There are increased advertisement opportunities currently among the top social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. These sites can really target ads to the needs of a specific group or individual based on their usage history. You can identify more details about the target audience by using the data obtained from such campaigns. This can help to improve the overall SEO strategy implemented for your site and thus come up with better rankings and visibility.

Gather More Analysis Data

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SEO And PPC Strategies

A combination of both SEO and PPC strategies will procure additional data that you can use to analyze the various parameters of the site better. This will also allow you to find out which of the PPC and organic keywords offers more conversion rate. You can utilize this information to effectively optimize the overall marketing strategy implemented for your site.

Refine Organic Strategy Using PPC Ad Copy

The know-how of the PPC ads that causes the most conversions will provide you with an idea to effectively create the title tags, Meta descriptions, and page content. The results obtained by using PPC ads are quicker than other methods and will give you an idea of which will work and which does not.

Control Negative PR

Oftentimes, your business will come under criticism for something, and during this, it is vital to come up with the right damage control tools. By combining SEO and PPC, you can effectively redirect the conversions for a specific term. This will help in combating any negative reviews or criticism related to your business or brand.

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Mobile Optimization and its Importance in SEO

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Responsive Web Designs

When we browse certain websites using our mobile devices, we may have noticed that the sites take a longer time to load. Besides, the contents of the page will also remain improperly positioned, and at times, the images will not appear. This is because the website is not optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Optimizing for mobile devices has become a priority today as most of the users access the web using them. Various studies also claim that mobile devices will be the primary means to access the web in the coming years.

Google has also released reports stating that most of their searches originated from mobile devices when compared to desktops and laptops. In light of this, it is important to reevaluate some of the practices concerning the SEO strategies implemented for your site.

The probability of your site in generating user traffic will significantly increase when you properly optimize your site for mobile devices. As one of the best SEO services Cochin, we give special importance in optimizing websites for mobile devices.

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization simply refers to the process of designing and developing a site, so that it is adaptable for viewing on any kind of mobile device. The screen sizes of mobile devices differ from that of a conventional desktop or laptop. Hence, the browsing experience using a desktop computer and a mobile device will vary.

Due to this, certain processes are required for a site to make them flexible for viewing on devices. The process of mobile optimization focuses on some of the key aspects such as the site structure, page speed, site design, etc. This ensures that the site is designed for use in any kind of mobile devices.

Optimizing your Site for Mobile

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Concise Meta Titles

There are some key things that you should consider when optimizing your site for mobile devices.

  • Page Speed – The page speed is crucial for mobile users than those using a desktop. Besides optimizing images, you can also try to reduce the code and redirects, and make use of the browser caching.
  • Responsive Web Designs – When a responsive site design is implemented, it uses a CSS3 to display the site for both mobile and desktop. The CSS rearranges the page layout according to the width of the screen.
  • Optimizing Titles and Meta Descriptions – Browsing through a mobile device means less screen space, which makes using concise Meta titles and descriptions mandatory. This will aid in engaging the user more with the results and access the sites accordingly.

Why is it Important

Mobile optimization has many benefits such as generation of more traffic into a site and increased rankings. The increase of mobile devices in accessing the web has prompted brands and businesses to focus more on creating mobile-optimized websites. Moreover, Google’s crawlers better rank the sites that are optimized for mobile. This can positively influence the visibility of your website and serve the conversion goals.

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Google’s Featured Snippets Improves Traffic to your Site

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Google’s Featured Snippets

Generating a good amount of traffic in search engines like Google requires a combination of the right SEO strategies. This not only includes building up quality links for getting more referral traffic, but also implementing other methods that are proven to bring more visitors to a website.

A new change in Google that you might have noticed is the “featured snippets”. These snippets are actually selected search results displayed on top of the organic results of Google, which mostly appear when a user inputs any kind of question in the search box.

In general, there are three types of featured snippets displayed on search engines.

  • Paragraph – The answer is provided in response to the user query in the form of text. Besides text, these snippets can also include an image.
  • List – List is a type of snippet where the answer is provided in the box in the form of a list.
  • Table –The answer is provided in a table in table snippet.

Of course, getting your website featured in the snippets would be an effective way to get more exposure to your brand in the search results. Even studies in the genre have shown that the rate of clicks is increased when a page is placed in a snippet box in Google.

The chances of getting your website featured in the snippets will be very high if the web pages were properly optimized for the right search queries. Currently, there are several search queries that have high chances of obtaining featured results. This is mostly focused on the areas of Health, Do It Yourself, Financial, Mathematical, Transitional, Status, etc. Additionally, search queries that are not listed out in featured snippets include shopping, images, videos and local.

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Google Organic Results

If your site is already ranking good, it can be further improved by optimizing the site to become featured in snippets. For getting your site included in the featured snippets, your web pages should precisely answer the questions asked by your target audience, maintain factuality, and use attractive images. You should also have properly organized questions on the web page and include several answers and facts relating to the queries.

The best SEO packages offered by pro SEO companies include creating and posting quality content on the site that can ensure your web page gets listed on the featured snippets. Besides, hiring a reliable SEO service provider always promises you guaranteed and satisfactory results.

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3 Factors To Consider Before You Begin A Google AdWords Campaign

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Google AdWords Campaign

If your business is gradually growing and if more people have started to recognize your brand and products, it evidently suggests that your digital marketing campaigns were highly successful. However, this is not the time to stall these projects but continue advertising your products and services through different means.

You might have probably heard many things about Google AdWords. This is certainly one of the best techniques you can try to boost your business and take it to the next level. However, you need to realize that Google AdWords is not a magic mantra for marketing success. A poorly implemented AdWords campaign can easily bring disaster.

So, before you decide to incorporate an AdWords campaign for your business, give it a thought and ensure whether your business is ready for such a campaign or not. Immediately diving to an AdWords campaign just like your competitors, might not be beneficial for your business. Instead, you need to analyze the following list of demands before beginning a Google AdWords campaign.

3 Aspects of a Google AdWords Campaign

Customer Demand

The first and most important thing your business should have for a successful Google AdWords campaign is customer demand. AdWords campaign will not work for your business if your customers are not searching for your products and services in Google. So, before you begin an AdWords campaign, ensure that the search volume for your products is high. Make a decision only after analyzing the search volume results for your products.

Marketing Budget

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Digital Marketing Campaign

The next thing you should do is to do a little bit of research, narrow down a few target keywords, and then calculate the maximum cost per click (CPC) that you are ready to spend. It is crucial to take note that you will have to spend a bit more for competitive keywords. So, do not just go for competitive keywords; instead, target potential ones that will most likely yield profitable results.

The Competition

Staying ahead in the keyword game in Google AdWords is quite difficult, but it is not impossible. Figure out the keywords used by your competitor websites, then it will certainly help you to dominate them. Using a keyword analysis software would help you in determining what your competitors are targeting. After that, you can plan a strategic approach accordingly.

After you have properly analyzed the above three aspects, you can proceed with your decision of starting a Google AdWords campaign. Consult with our experts today and see how our advanced assistance with Google AdWords projects can help you ace digital marketing.

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SEO Basics That Don’t Change With Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates
Google Algorithm Updates

Google updates its search algorithm several times a year, and introduces new ranking factors every now and then, even though there are many already. It is always good to pay attention to the latest updates from Google, as they can provide new ranking opportunities or many introduce new criteria for the webmasters. However, in the SEO community, many of these updates are overblown and many SEO analysts refer to them as “revolutionary” or “game changing.”

The reality is that, despite these frequent updates from Google, the core search algorithm of Google has not changed much. It is true that the fundamental ranking factors have been tweaked, but they are still in place and remain the pillars of an efficient SEO strategy. There are even chances that these fundamental ranking factors will stay the same for years to come. Here are some SEO basics that don’t change with Google algorithm updates.

Google Bots Need To See Your Website

Apparently, this is one of the most elementary things, that has not changed, even once. Google will not rank your website if it cannot see the content on a web page. The first step to offering search results in Google is to index the content of various websites all over the internet, and for that, Google uses automated bots, or “spiders” to crawl the web pages.

Your website won’t show in search engine result pages (SERP’s)  if the Google spiders are unable to see your site.

Quality Content Is Must

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Google Search Results

Google aims to direct the users to the best online content. This means in order to have search visibility, you will need to offer and promote great content on your site. Great content means sufficiently long content with minimum fluff, which is readable and digestible to the users.

SEO experts say that a web page content should be at least 800 words long, even though Google has not explicitly stated this. Google has neither published the method that it uses to evaluate the quality of the content in a web page, but it is apparent that Google admires how the content quality shared on a site is valuable to the users. The mantra here is “the better the content, higher will the ranking of your site.”

These are just two main SEO fundamentals that do not change with the frequent Google algorithm updates, and might not change for, may be, a decade. These things do not need to “update” with every Google algorithm change even if they are key features. So if you are looking to have a dominant online presence, consult with your SEO services provider to know more about such fundamental principles that would help you to get high search visibility.

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Essential WordPress SEO Plugins

Best WordPress SEO Plugins
Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress has become the most preferred open source content management system for creating and hosting websites. The intuitively laid out features of WordPress enable anyone new to web designing in coming up with a decent looking website or blog quickly. However, having an exceptionally well-designed web page and layout does no good in making the site accessible on the web if it lacks proper Search Engine Optimization features.

Effective SEO is an important part in Internet marketing when you consider high visibility on search engines. Also, one can rely on an SEO specialist to do the job but WordPress comes with its own search engine optimized plugins, which will assist in effectively optimizing the website and running it smoothly. Below are some of the most popular and effective WordPress SEO plugins that are essential for any website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular and sought over SEO plugins in WordPress. It is the one that offers a complete range of SEO solutions. It does not require any coding expertise, yet offers the ability to optimize a WordPress website skillfully. Any non-professional who is unaware about the many concepts and elements of SEO like meta descriptions, keywords, and site titles can optimize their site effortlessly using this plugin.

Yoast SEO provides various features to the users like writing categories, archives, and title tags. It also features Open Graph meta data, sitemaps, ping search engines, and Twitter Cards while updating the website.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is another important SEO plugin in WordPress. It enables the indexing of the site by Google for proper ranking. Whenever new pages are added, this sitemap will update it automatically. This will keep the website constantly updated for easier accessibility by search engines. Also, as Yoast SEO plugin has an integrated sitemap in it, you won’t have to install or use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin separately.

Google Analytics

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Analytics Plugin

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is an amazing SEO plugin. Because this allows you to monitor the status and performance of a website. Using this plugin requires a Google Analytics account and some basic understanding. This plugin inserts a tracking code onto the website pages that sends relevant data for measuring the outbound and internal link tracking, user demographics, etc., to the Google Analytics account.


LinkPatrol is one of the useful WordPress SEO plugins available. This helps to manage the outbound as well as inbound links on a website. This is important since link building is another important strategy for ensuring a proper web optimization strategy. LinkPatrol plugin allows you to accurately check the links quality. Using this can clean up spammy links, as well as develop proper relevant anchor texts.

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