3 Things to Do Right with Traffic Monetization

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Intrusive Pop-Ups

Monetizing website traffic has many risks. If done wrong, it can endanger the usability of your site, not to mention its organic search ranking and engagement. You need to keep knowing more about SEO and the changing digital trends, as well as many marketing pitfalls. Below, we have laid out the 3 things you can do right while marketing your website.

Keep Away from Intrusive Pop-Ups

If you are an advertiser that wants to monetize mobile traffic, then the first thing you need to do is check for any banners, interstitial advertisements, and pop-ups on your site. Pop-ups can be used in ways that do not hurt your SEO, although it is a bit hard to know if they are intrusive or not.

Google advises using legal-related verification, age verification, cookie verification, and sign up dialog boxes. What you can do is, put up pages that pique the user’s interest in the product being offered. Moreover, it is a good choice to display banners only after a certain number of pages on the site have been visited.

Limit the Space Given to Ads

There needs to be a balance between the ads and the SEO content, or you will have Google down rank the site. This will lead to less revenue from reduced traffic. Google is big on user experience and site engagement metrics, two of them being average session duration and dwell time. You may favor money over UX, but choosing that way can mean increased bounce rate, or decreased average session duration and pages per session.

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Site Engagement Metrics

In Google’s eyes, this means the site does not value users the way it should, meaning you will probably lose traffic, ranking, and revenue. What you can do here, is place no more than one or two ads per page, and place them next to the content on the right side, or at the top of the page. Moreover, you will need to make sure that the ads are positioned properly in different browsers and versions.

Limit Content Span

Readers do not like having to bounce around pages reading parts of the same post. If they have to, chances are they won’t visit your site again. So instead of focusing on page views and ads, set up good content and earn a devoted following that keep returning.

It would be better to look at engagement metrics and set up neat and clean pages with content that profits the reader and is easily accessible to boot. This way, your audience will be back for more.

Trends that will Shape Content Marketing in 2018

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Effective SEO Techniques

Content marketing can be referred as a content-based marketing tactic, which is entirely focused on creating visual and textual content and then distributing it through different channels. Even though the major goal of content marketing is conversion, you should note that the content should not seem promotional to the audience. Instead, the content should be attractive, engaging, and it should also grow the interest of the target audience to your products and services.

It is significant to note that content marketing is one of the simplest and most effective SEO techniques that you can implement to grow your sales and to acquire a better rank in the search results page of Google. If your business wishes to establish a strong digital presence, which captures the imagination and attention of your target audience, then content marketing is the way to go.

A recent survey conducted by experts in the field of digital marketing revealed that the popularity of these types of contents would increase in 2018 and 2019.

  • Social media posts – 45 percent increase
  • News articles – 44 percent
  • Videos – 43 percent
  • Interactive articles – 31 percent
  • Research content – 31 percent
  • Blogs – 29 percent
  • Business or work-related long form contents – 21 percent
  • News related long contents – 17 percent
  • Podcasts – 17 percent

It was also revealed that the most commonly produced type of content for marketing strategies in the year 2016 was blog posts. However, it is estimated that more digital marketers will incorporate the use of videos, news articles, and social media posts in the future.

Some of the content marketing strategies of 2018 that you need to keep a close eye on are as follows.

Live Streaming

Several social media platforms such as Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook have already started to offer easy-to-use live platforms to customers. You can make use of this live streaming method to raise awareness about your brand, product, and services.

Virtual Reality 

An innovative technology advancement, which is slowly building a solid position on the digital marketing platform, is virtual reality (VR). You can use this new methodology to showcase the premium products and services of your business.

Augmented Reality

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Social Media Posts

Online games have gained immense popularity over the last few years. Most of these reality-based games are made by using augmented reality. It is estimated that more businesses will make use of the augmented reality in the near future.

Email Newsletters

As you probably know, newsletters are one of the oldest tricks in SEO, which is used by both B2C and B2B marketers to build a connection with their audience, clients, and others. The recent email marketing success rate might urge digital marketers to implement this tactic too in their content marketing strategy.


Storytelling is the future content marketing strategies. Readers and audiences who have been stuffed with information neither have the patience nor the time to go through an uninteresting content. Therefore, you need to realize that the best way to feed contents to your audience is through storytelling.

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Google Analytics Releases New Functions Offering User Centric Insights

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User Centric Insights

Businesses are working hard to meet the increasing customer demands and to offer them an experience that is personal and relevant. Most of the online marketers say that understanding the way users engage across various devices and channels is very important to success.

Google Analytics is a tool used by the best SEO providers across the world. Recently, new features have been added to Google Analytics that can help measure customer engagement in a better way. These features are discussed below.

User-Focused Reporting

The latest version of standard reporting will now include Users in place of Sessions. This can reframe the data for focusing on ongoing engagement. This can be especially beneficial at instances where users visit more than one time, when compared to the total number of sessions. Before this update, online marketers and SEO services had to build custom reports to make a good picture about user data.

The latest update can be enabled by selecting Admin, and going to Property Settings in Google Analytics. Turn on the toggle switch to Enable Users in Reporting. This will make the data appear in your report.

Audience Reporting

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User-Focused Reporting

Previously, there was no way to create and publish audiences in Google Analytics. The latest version now offers options to publish Audiences to reports. This feature will allow online marketers to have a cross channel view of the audiences. There are also options to add them as a dimension in segments, custom funnels, and custom reports or as a secondary criteria in reports.

User Explorer

This is a new tool added to Google Analytics and allows marketers to see the lifetime dimensions and metrics at user level. This feature can open up new details to marketers, like the number of transactions and the total time spent on the site. These details can be very much useful to online marketers to devise new marketing strategies.

Conversion Probability

The conversion probability calculation applies information from older transactions to offer the probability of a user will convert into a buyer in the future. Marketers can specify a date range to calculate the Average Conversion Probability based on a dimension.

It is reported that conversion probability is rolling out in beta to all the Google Analytics accounts in the upcoming months. There is also a new Conversion Probability Report showing the probability for all users.

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5 Advantages of Integrating SEO and PPC Strategies

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Gather More Analysis Data

Most of the strategies implemented for getting better rankings on search engines are mostly focused on two aspects, SEO and PPC. Many of you, when involved in the process of increasing the visibility and rankings, may have used any of the methods. However, a coordinated strategy combining both PPC and SEO is rare.

Interestingly, you can gain numerous advantages by mixing up both PPC and SEO strategies in your web marketing strategy. As the best SEO services Cochin, we remain committed to ensuring the best approaches for enhancing your business. For this purpose, we use a combination of both SEO and PPC strategies in order to achieve the maximum results for our clients. Check out some of the advantages of integrating SEO and PPC strategies in digital marketing.

Increased Visibility

A combined use of SEO and PPC strategies is a great way to effectively increase the exposure of your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It is, however, worthwhile to understand that PPC ads dominate the topmost results in the SERPs. Yet by combining both organic and paid search results, the traffic towards your site will increase rapidly, which will further provide a solid online presence for your site on the web.

Increased Presence in Social Media

There are increased advertisement opportunities currently among the top social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. These sites can really target ads to the needs of a specific group or individual based on their usage history. You can identify more details about the target audience by using the data obtained from such campaigns. This can help to improve the overall SEO strategy implemented for your site and thus come up with better rankings and visibility.

Gather More Analysis Data

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SEO And PPC Strategies

A combination of both SEO and PPC strategies will procure additional data that you can use to analyze the various parameters of the site better. This will also allow you to find out which of the PPC and organic keywords offers more conversion rate. You can utilize this information to effectively optimize the overall marketing strategy implemented for your site.

Refine Organic Strategy Using PPC Ad Copy

The know-how of the PPC ads that causes the most conversions will provide you with an idea to effectively create the title tags, Meta descriptions, and page content. The results obtained by using PPC ads are quicker than other methods and will give you an idea of which will work and which does not.

Control Negative PR

Oftentimes, your business will come under criticism for something, and during this, it is vital to come up with the right damage control tools. By combining SEO and PPC, you can effectively redirect the conversions for a specific term. This will help in combating any negative reviews or criticism related to your business or brand.

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Why Should Your Business Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a proper digital marketing strategy is very important for any business in today’s competitive environment. Because, it is actually one of the easiest methods without spending on external resources. Here in this article, you will read about the importance to have a working digital marketing strategy.

You Might Be Directionless

If your business does not have a digital strategy, you will not have clear strategic goals on what needs to be achieved online, in terms of making deep relations with the existing customers, or in terms of making more and more new customers. Consequently, If your business does not have clear goals, it is likely that you will not put necessary resources to reach the goals, and neither make use of the analytics to evaluate your performance.

You Might Not Know Your Online Market Share

Your business may underestimate the customer demands if you have not researched in this area. More importantly, you will not be able to understand the online marketplace of your business. In this case, the dynamics will be much different from the traditional channels. As there will be varying customer behavior and profile, propositions, competitors, and options for the marketing communications.

You Might Be In a Disintegrate Stage

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Online Value Proposition

It is very common for digital marketing activities to be completed timely, whether that is being done by an in-house digital marketer or a by a separate SEO company. In this way, it will be easy to design a convenient digital marketing proposal for your business. However, experts in SEO and digital marketing doesn’t rely much on this method. Because they see this as outdated and less effective. According to these people, the integration of traditional response channels and media works best for digital marketing.

You Might Not Have Online Value Proposition

Without a proper digital marketing strategy, your business will not have a powerful online value proposition. Hence with a clearly defined online customer value proposition, your business will not be able to differentiate the online services to encourage the many existing and new customers to stay loyal to your business.

In conclusion, these are just a few things, which urge for the need of a proper digital marketing strategy. Obviously, you need a good approach to stay ahead in the game or even survive in this present digitally thriving world.

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Importance Of Page Title And Description In SEO

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Writing Page Title

As a beginner in SEO, you should understand that there is no magic to rank your website high in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search result pages. Search engines make use of complex algorithms to search for keywords and it takes much effort to convince these search engines that your webpage or site deserves one of the top spots in the first page.

However, there are some rules that you may follow to optimize your site and give signals about your site to the search engine bots. The SEO tips on page title and description shared below would help you work on websites for Google search result pages.

Page Title

Page titles are very important as per SEO point of view. Actually, it is very important than all the other aspects, especially for Google optimization. Providing exact page titles for the low search volume keywords will offer you a competitive advantage in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Some of the important characteristics of a page title are:

  • All the pages in the site should have unique page titles and these titles should accurately describe the content of the page.
  • The title should be brief, yet descriptive, and should help users understand what the page is about.


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Description Meta Tag

The description Meta tag of the page should offer a summary of what the page contains. Google may choose to display what you have given in the description as snippets for the pages or it may show a part of the content of the pages. This means that you should write a good description for Google to show it as snippet for your page. When writing a description for the web pages, make sure:

  • to give unique description for all the pages, products, and posts in your website.
  • the size of the description is between 150 to 160 characters.
  • not to stuff too many keywords in the description.

Think of the Meta description as a way to advertise your webpage to the readers. The description should make the reader click on the title to visit your webpage.

If you follow the above points to the word for optimizing your website’s Title and Description, you will surely see positive results within no time.

Google Hummingbird Update And The Evolution Of SEO

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Long Tail Keyword

Google makes changes to their search algorithm regularly to improve the way the search engine fetches results, and these changes in the search algorithm directly affects SEO. This does not mean that SEO is dead, but that it is evolving to cope with the changes in Google algorithm. E-commerce marketers may need to jump through all of the changes in SEO to be shown on top of the search engine result pages.

Hummingbird Update And Content

We all know that the Panda update asked us to have unique content, and the biggest part of it is originality. The content posted on a website should be original and should offer an interesting read to the visitors. What the Hummingbird update wants us to do is to share original content that is useful to the reader (the more useful, the better).

Hummingbird Style Content

“How” is the word that will dominate web pages, as webmasters will be seeking answers to questions that are asked by potential traffic and the users. Writing Hummingbird style content will be a challenge for content writers, as they will need to offer how-to articles and blog posts that will cater to the search hungry traffic. Original, engaging, and informative content is still the king of SEO.

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Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird Loves Long Tail Keywords

The Hummingbird update has resulted in the reemergence of long tail keywords, and this will be beneficial for the webmasters. The average user never abandoned long tail keywords and now websites can be optimized for long tail keywords. As the Hummingbird update supports long tail keywords, people can make their searches more effective with long tail keywords.

These are some of the most important changes that are brought about to the web world by the Google Hummingbird update. The best SEO companies out there know how to stick on to the updates by Google, and share quality, unique, and useful content to their client websites.

Why Do You Need To Hire An SEO

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In the past, not many companies had competition, thus not many of them used to hire SEO services. But things have changed drastically over the years, and now almost every company wants their website to be on the top spot. Thus, hiring an SEO has become crucial to every business. Mentioned below are a few reasons as to why you should hire an SEO.


Most of the SEO service providers have the experience and knowledge to increase the visibility of a company’s website. They would have worked with many clients, which would have given them the expertise to handle a company’s website based on their expectations and needs.

Website Improvement

To improve the ranking of a website, it is crucial to hire an SEO service Kerala, or one in your region. Only they can make your website load quickly and mark the right keywords. SEO providers can also compete with other companies directly, and significantly decrease the marketing costs by implementing the right tactics.

Best Results

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Best SEO Companies

No company should leave the success of their company to fate. Even after doing a great deal of research, an in-house department won’t be able to achieve the kind of success as that an SEO professional can promise. An SEO company would be able to evaluate your goals, website, and competitors closely and then make a comprehensive plan to achieve the best results.

Helps You Focus On Your Business

No company can function without an SEO on their own. The company may not have enough knowledge or the competence to achieve the task of making the website visible quickly enough. But if you leave all such headaches to an SEO service provider, you can focus on the core functions to run the business.

Some Tips For Doing An SEO Audit

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SEO Audit

When starting SEO for an existing website or starting to launch a new one, it is important to perform a comprehensive SEO audit and see what problems need addressing and what work needs to be done. Getting an SEO provider that only starts working after a detailed audit can be good for the site you are going to market yourself through.

There are a few vital steps to making your SEO audit more effective. Before starting, it is important to understand the purpose of the audit, and the issues it is intended to check for. Some of the reasons why you want the audit performed include:

  • A new website
  • A first-time audit for a website that is yet to go live or has never had SEO done on it
  • A website redesign and CMS migration
  • A domain/sub-domain migration
  • To diagnose traffic drops and penalties

After that, you need to decide on the things the audit will inspect, such as sub-domains, mobile versions, https and schema. You will also want to look at any technical redesigns that have been done to date, as well as CMS migrations and performance.

The Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools History are important as well. After having gathered these properties and other data, make a section-wise tour of the site, looking at:

  • Broad topic landing pages
  • Sub-topic focus pages
  • User account pages
  • Product/services pages
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SEO Tools

If the redesign or CMS migration is planned, try to figure out the launch timeline. This is usually tentative, so stay updated. Check the wireframes and site architecture information from designers and developers to assess pre-launch. The best tools to use for an SEO audit, which crawl your site and check for errors, include:

Xenu: A free tool that runs only on PC. Stick to smaller sites; because the bigger ones will almost surely give you trouble.

Screaming Frog: An affordable tool that works on Mac and PC and gives your reports on a range of SEO metrics, including heading tags and duplicate title tags.

Deep Crawl: Another inexpensive tool that runs in the cloud and does not depend on the OS. It can also track SEO factors like broken links, http status headers, missing XML sitemap, blocked URLs, thin content and facsimile content.

For checking information architecture, SEOquake is about the best option you can choose, for all indexed domains. Where topic hierarchy is concerned, DYNO mapper and PowerMapper are strong utilities to use.