5 Things you Should Know about Anchor Texts

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Anchor Text Variation

Anchor text or link label is defined as “a clickable text in hyperlink” that are mainly used by SEO services providers to generate backlinks to a website. Search engines ideally use the keywords in the anchor texts to determine the ranking the web page will receive by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Having said that, it is better to use an anchor text that is relevant to the page it is linking to rather than having some generic text.

As per the web standard, a common anchor text will be shown in blue with an underline. However, you can change the color and underline of the text using HTML coding. Furthermore, if there are any links on the website without anchor text, they are known as URL anchor texts or naked URLs. Some of the terms associated with anchor text are described below

Anchor Text Variation

A large portion of links on the internet is usually naked URLs. This is because if all the web pages that link to your website have exactly the same anchor text, a Google spam filter will be triggered detecting it unnatural. That is why professional SEO services recommend anchor text variation with respect to long tail keywords.

Backlink Anchor Text

A backlink is defined as “the link from another website” and a backlink anchor text is defined as “the anchor texts used by other websites linking to your website”. These anchor texts or link labels will help the search engines to determine and verify the keyword relevancy that a web page must have, and then rank the page accordingly.

One-Way Anchor Text Backlinks

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User-Unfriendly Method

If one website links to another website using an anchor text backlink and the latter website does not link back to the former one, it is known as one-way anchor text backlinks. If a web page has a few one-way anchor text backlinks from a website with high rank on Google or Bing, that web page is believed to rank better on the search engine.

Excessive Anchor Text

A case of excessive anchor text occurs when there are many keywords in a page linking to various other web pages or the same page but with different anchor texts. This is considered as a “user-unfriendly” method and the search engines may even penalize you for this.

Spammy Anchor Text

If an anchor text on a page has no relation to the page on the website it is linking to, it is considered as a spammy anchor text. This is used mainly to make a temporary hike in web page ranking or to harm the website of competitors by doing negative SEO.

Dominating SEO Trends you Need to Watch For

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Utilizing SERP Features

SEO has grown into a complex science today and its ever-changing nature makes it really challenging. As popular search engines try hard to improve the quality of the results, some of the ranking factors lose its value and some of them become more important. In fact, entirely new ranking factors can also appear from nowhere. Still, some of the web page ranking factors still rule the digital marketing arena. Below are a few such dominating trends that would help your SEO strategies gain momentum in the days to come.

Bring SERP Features into Play

Number one organic ranking is no longer the best way to get much traffic to your website. The SERP features like knowledge panels, local packs, featured snippets, etc., are stealing the show, and people click on such results on the organic search results. With the SERP features, it has become important to track the rankings of your website inside these features and monitor them that apply for your keywords.

Learn the Use of Structured Data

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Use Of Structured Data

Structured data is a HTML formatting way that makes use of specific vocabulary. It tells search engines how to interpret the content of your web page and how to display the same in the search engine result pages. Structured data can help you to improve the search listings via rich snippets and knowledge graph panels. In fact, studies show that rich snippets can help in boosting the CTR of your listings by about 30%.

Focus on Content, Always

It is really difficult to convince Google that your website has great content when it does not have. Your site can also be penalized for trying it. Google makes use of many ways to assess the quality of content shared on your web pages. In fact, Google looks at numerous pages and the terms that are used in them to decode the content and decide if the content shared in your web page would be relevant to the end user. Therefore, to ensure that your content is appropriate, comprehensive, and beneficial to the user, you need to research the pages that rank high in your niche and look for the features that they have in common.

Apart from these three things, keep an eye on the page speed of your website. Speed is not only a ranking signal but also a user interaction factor. As per Google, a web page should load in less than three seconds. To find the loading speed of your web page, you can take the page speed test of Google. If you see any problematic factors in the test, you can click on it to expand it and to have advices on fixing it.

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How RSS Feeds Helps in Formulating an Effective SEO Strategy

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Increasing the ranking of a website simply means making it more visible in the search engine results page, thereby generating more user traffic. This is one of the fundamental goals of SEO, and it strives to optimize the sites for ranking higher in the result pages of popular search engines like Google. A low ranking can negatively affect the user traffic on to a website that can further have an adverse influence on the business or service. For this very purpose, SEO uses a combination of both tried-and-tested strategies and modern digital marketing techniques.

Most of the new techniques for improving the rankings are developed in accordance with the ongoing trends and updates in search engine algorithms as well as user behavior. Using RSS Feeds is one such way to increase the rankings of a website.

RSS Feeds have become one of the most important tools used in SEO and increasingly used by webmasters to formulate the right strategies for ranking a site. In fact, most of the SEO packages rely on such techniques to clearly rank a website on top and generate more traffic.

What is RSS?

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RSS Feeds And SEO

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) refers to an XML based format intended for the distribution of content. It allows users to get access to all the latest updates on a website without the need to check the site each time. The updated contents are delivered via an RSS Feeds, which is easily accessible and gives all the latest updates. A majority of the websites has the provision for RSS Feeds and subscribing to it will help the users with access to the latest content in a quick amount of time.

RSS Feeds and SEO

The relation between RSS Feeds and SEO is inseparable, that most webmasters have resorted to maintaining them in order to help in the rankings. As search engines mostly prefer updated and original content, RSS Feeds are ideal for increasing the visibility of the site in the search results. Adding the feeds to the websites’ page code will enable the search engines crawlers to evaluate the updated contents and thus help in moving the rankings up.

A regular upkeep of site contents is sought over by search engines, and this helps improve their visibility to rank higher on the result pages. Using RSS Feeds will continually refresh the site with updated contents sourced from within or external sources without the need to manually update each time. Moreover, it is much easier to implement RSS Feeds into a website and therefore is a viable option to better rank a site.

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3 Outdated SEO Tactics That you Should Not Follow Anymore

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Outdated SEO Tactics

SEO is an ever-changing world and it is imperative to update and change the tactics followed to get the best results. However, many SEO companies still make use of outdated SEO tactics in hopes that they might still work. Such SEO practices may offer you some results, but adopting obsolete strategies will do you much harm in the long run. Detailed below are some of the outdated SEO tactics that you need to avoid at all costs.

Exact Match Domains

Exact match domains (EMDs) were a much used hot topic once. It was very easy to make a microsite on an EMD to rank much faster than the traditional branded domains. With an exact match domain, your domain will be matching the exact keyword phrase that you are targeting. In the past, they even ranked in a few weeks or a couple of days. However, EMDs totally lost its power when Google adjusted their algorithm and released a few updates. Nowadays, they are much likely to be flagged as spam, either manually or algorithmically.

Link and Article Directories

Link directories have become useless these days. However, niche specific high quality directories, which follow very strict editorial guidelines, are still relevant. Link directories had served as an efficient and effective way to categorize sites long before the search engines were so powerful and effective as they are now.

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Using Reciprocal Linking

In those days, link directories exploded in popularity as they helped to satisfy the appetite of digital marketers to have easy and fast links, and the crave of site admins to have additional revenue. However, they do not offer any real value to the users, and so, search engines started to ignore these directories gradually. With the evolution of search engines, the link directories lost their effectiveness and became a wasteland of low quality, useless links that can get your website penalized.

Reciprocal Linking

In the eyes of a search engine, a link to another website is a vote for that particular site, and so, reciprocal linking is like saying, “If you vote for me, I’ll vote for you.” Google and the other search engines see this as a manipulative link practice. However, many SEO companies and digital marketers still follow this practice and trade links blindly. Many of the links are simply dumped on resources or links page, or broken to categorical pages, which do not provide any value to the visitors. You should never follow this tactic though, as Google can now penalize your site for using reciprocal linking.

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SEO is Beyond Keyword Ranking

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Google Search Console

Like most of the business owners, you might be checking the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and campaign by checking online the keywords that you believe are the most relevant ones to see if they show up on the top of search engine result pages. In addition, you might focus on the chart that shows the ranking of these keywords when you receive SEO reports about the traffic to your website from your SEO services provider.

It is quite normal to give much priority to keyword rankings when you invest in implementing various SEO strategies. Any business is competitive and winning online means claiming the top positions in search engine results. However, the problem here is that keyword ranking cannot be deemed as the sole metric to measure the online success of your SEO campaign. In fact, there is much more to SEO than just ranking the keywords for a website.

Relevancy is the Key

You need to understand that long tail keywords are the building blocks of any SEO strategy. These keywords can help to optimize Meta data, copywriting, and link building strategies. Moreover, these keywords serve to boost the relevancy of your website, which is important to ensure that the right web pages are shown in search results for the right users.

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Implementing Various SEO Strategies

It no longer matters how your site ranks for an exact search keyword, as the way users search on the web has changed a lot over time. Today, there is much variety in how a web user searches for something online, especially with the advancements in voice search and such technologies. Due to the changes introduced to search algorithms, the result shown by Google to individuals are different and it will be based on the location, search history, type of device used, and many other such things, meaning that there is no universal “first page” anymore.

Google make use of RankBrain, which is an artificial intelligence tool to analyze the search queries to offer improved results to the users. This makes the results less predictable and will not offer websites any control on where and when they appear on the result pages. The first page that you see on Google for a particular query might not be the one that your friend sees from a long distance.

Google Search Console can help to assess the details of the “key” words and phrases that users searched for while your website was displayed among the results. The data from the Search Console tool will let you know that you should never measure the success of your SEO strategy based on the ranking of particular phrases, as most of your website visitors might have used other similar terms to reach to you.

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Importance of Text in Fashion SEO

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High-Level Categories

Online fashion is a virtual industry and it depends a lot on images to sell things. In the traditional marketing industry, visual content (images) is the king. However, in SEO point of view, text is more important, as the search engines rank text much higher than images. SEO services company India explains the importance of text in fashion industry. Read on to understand why text is more important than images in fashion industry.

Most of the fashion websites would like to keep their web pages clean and share high quality images to display their products in the best possible way. This is important, but it does not mean much to the search engines. For the page to rank high on search engines results page (SERP), it should tell the search spiders what the webpage is all about.

You can think of the search spiders as literate but blind creatures looking for quality websites. These spiders will not look for the beauty of the editorial images shared on fashion websites; instead, they will try to find the text. Besides, it is also helpful to visitors to have text in the web pages, as it will let them understand what you are offering.

Note that putting text within images is not a useful thing, as the search engine spiders will not be able to read texts written inside images. For instance, many fashion businesses put product descriptions or high-level categories inside headline images. However, the search bots will not be able to read these texts within the images, and so the effort will not bring forth any positive result. In addition, it is vital to ensure that information like your address and about us details appear in text format in the webpage.

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Search Engines Results

Another thing is using ALT tags, which tell search engines what the images shared on the webpage are about. In fact, ALT tags are very important in an SEO point of view, and can help with ranking your website. However, search engines rank on text much higher than the ALT tags. Ideal ALT tags are descriptive and should not overuse keywords within the tag.

Search engines like Google are much cryptic about the amount of on-page text. In their guidelines, they state that the amount of text shared on the site plays a crucial role in the overall quality score of the site and “the amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page.”

It is true that the quality and amount of content shared on the page is not the only thing that search bots look for while crawling web pages. Many things such as page speed, backlinks, mobile optimization, etc., also play crucial roles. However, the old SEO saying ‘content is king’ still rules the industry.

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Essential Tools To Identify And Understand Target Audience

Target Audience
Understand Target Audience

Analyzing the target audience is an essential component of SEO to get the best results. The amount of traffic that happens in a site is crucial for determining the strategies that are implemented for the sake of ranking and in identifying any faults. This will aid in effectively deploying the keywords as well as in identifying the type of audience that visits a site.

There are various conventional methods to determine the target audience. However, this is difficult and may not always bring accurate results. Still, you can use several tools for ascertaining the target audience in your site.

Essential Tools to Identify Your Target Audience

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most useful tools available to identify and evaluate the audience that visits a site. It is useful for those requiring a basic search volume trend line and any of the ideas related to a specific region. Google Trends will display many of the keyword search volume trends that have been prevalent in the search engine since the year 2004. With that, users can specifically access the data of particular time or of different countries.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is another valuable tool that provides detailed information regarding the interest level of people in different regions. Moreover, it can also provide useful information concerning any of additional search terms related to the keywords used in a website. This tool will help in preventing the use of terms that remains unpopular in a targeted area. It also provides accurate information about the geographic location of the target audience.


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Google Insights For Search

Quantcast is another useful tool available out there. This tool provides you with details of relative traffic and visitor demographics of any site. This tool aid is more useful if the sites are quantified because it enables in accessing accurate traffic and demographic information concerning the site. Quantcast can also be used to obtain the necessary sample data. This can further use to know more about the visitor demographics.


Compete is a tool that offers an accurate analysis into the traffic of competing sites. Pro account has many unique features like visitor demographics and search trends. When you use it on websites which are related to your site, this tool becomes highly effective.

Bing xRank

Bing xRank is particularly useful for better understand and compare the search trends in two search engines such as Google and Bing. This tool is especially useful for understanding the search volume trends that are prevalent on Bing.

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Few Things To Know About Google’s Mobile-First Index

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Mobile-First Indexing

If you have a little knowledge on SEO marketing technique, then you will be aware of the fact that Google has a tendency to update their strategies on a regular basis. A recent announcement from Google indicates that they are planning to consider the indexing of mobile versions of a website first over that of desktop.

Experts claim that this is an incredible move, which will help the SEO professionals to significantly improve the search engine ranking of their websites. If you were planning to optimize the web contents of your website based on the changes introduced by Google, then here are a few things you should certainly know.

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

It is of vital importance to understand what the mobile-first indexing of Google is actually, because it will help you get an insight into the latest changes announced by Google. You might be aware of the crawling stage introduced by Google in order to add web pages to the indexing criteria, where Google bots served the purpose of surfing the pages in order to follow the links to your website. Initially, Google considered desktop-websites for crawling. However, that part is about to change now.

The recent announcement from Google confirms that the search engine will prefer mobile versions of a web page to its desktop counterpart, and crawl the mobile version first. Experts claim that this recent change will bring numerous benefits to the search engine and to the end users, as most people look for products and services on their smartphones these days.

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Mobile-Optimized Websites

If you are new to the world of SEO and website optimization, then it might be a little difficult for you to imagine or visualize on how web pages will appear on your mobile device. Experts even note that desktop-friendly links might not be able to bring the desired results on your mobile devices. This is because Google bots are not capable of recognizing the links, which are not present in your web page when it shifts to the mobile version.

A number of parameters are being used by Google to rank a website and if your website is not mobile-friendly, then it will surely face a great challenge of losing the rankings. Although Google will consider the desktop version, you might end up losing the race with millions of mobile-optimized websites in the niche.

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Five Common Spams In SEO Off-Page Activities

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SEO Common Mistakes

Every business uses SEO as a marketing strategy to lure in more visitors to their website and to increase their productivity. SEO has become widely popular over the past couple of years and many studies have revealed that an effective use of SEO technique will bring tons of benefits to a business. Yet again, developing an effective SEO strategy can be a bit difficult and you might not even know where to begin. Here are some of the spams in SEO off-page activities that you should definitely avoid.

Low Quality Backlinks

You should make sure that the webpage from where you receive backlinks is neither penalized nor it is of low quality. This is because getting backlinks from a badly reputed site will devalue your website. Make sure that the website you use has a good PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority), and a trust on search engines.

Backlinks From Different Niche

Creating backlinks from a different website/niche that is not related to your website will also have a negative impact on your website. For instance, if you are working on a technology related website, then creating backlinks from an educational website, which is not related to your topic in any way, will not help you rank better.

Making Maximum Anchor On Keywords

It is very significant to note that you should never try to make backlinks just on the targeted keywords. This is because this strategy will instantly signal the Google crawlers and you might even end up paying penalties. So, try to keep some diversity while creating backlinks, as it will ensure that your website will not be penalized.

Backlinks From Adult Websites

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Build Quality Backlinks

One of the major spams in Google’s eyes is getting backlinks from an adult website. Google has also banned the promotions for adult websites, which means that getting backlinks from these websites will certainly destroy your efforts. So try to not to get even a single backlink from such websites.

Links From Article Submission Directories

Many SEO experts and companies have a tendency to use article submission directories. Google has already advised against the use of such directories, which means that if you are still using them, then you face the risk of being penalized. This is because most of the online submission directories are used only to create backlinks, and they do not offer any other ‘actual’ service that would benefit an end user.

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Overlooked Ways To Make Social Media Work For You

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Social Media Platform

Businesses these days make good use of social media for marketing and promotions. You may be using Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and many more social media platforms to promote your business. You may even post new content daily to all the social media account of your business. However, are you actually reaping the benefits?

There are many commonly overlooked ways to make social media benefit a business in the most excellent way. If you doubt that you have not been reaping that much fruit that you expected from your social media marketing efforts, here are a few things you should consider.

Select The Platform Wisely

Even though there are many social media platforms, you do not need to have an account on all of the platforms. Instead of having accounts on all social media sites, just think through your choices and select the ones that make the most sense for your business.

For instance, if you business promote art works, then Instagram and Pinterest would be the most suitable social media platforms. Nevertheless, if you were promoting computer services, you would have to use Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, if you focus on a few accounts, you will be able to share posts regularly, keeping the content fresh and up to date.

Use Effective Headlines

You need to grab people’s attention and make them click on your post. Using effective headlines can help you get noticed easily. You may ask a question, state the topic of discussion in an interesting way, or make a shocking statement. You will also need to offer enough data on the heading so that the readers will understand what they are going to find.

Use Graphics

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Business Promotion

Researches show that pictures draw emotion, and this aspect is very important in social media. Emotions are what attract attention of users from one business to other, so it is important to use emotion to promote your business. If you are successful at making an emotional connection, it is likely that you get more viewers to read the content or buy the products that you are selling. You can make use of images, graphics, and videos to make your social media rating soar high.

Do Not Oversell

It is true that social media is a great tool to showcase your brand and grow your business, but too much selling can be off-putting to many people. Unluckily, many of the businesses with a goal to promote their brand push their products and oversell to the audiences. Instead of that, you need to focus on offering tips and information that your shoppers will appreciate.

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