Performing Keyword Research in 2018

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Know Your Audience

The constant developments and innovations in the field of digital technology have brought significant changes to the marketing strategies over the years. One of the prime examples of this is SEO. Google is constantly introducing new tools and rules to make the life of internet users a lot easier. However, the downside is that the arrival of some of these new tools and rules might make the life of digital marketers a bit difficult.

For instance, let us assume that you have nailed the SEO of your website, and then a sudden update or new set of rules introduced by Google makes it all go erratic. Of course, keeping with the regular Google updates and making necessary changes to your website would save you the pain, but that might seem like a challenge if you are handling everything on your own. That is why most businesses hire an expert SEO service provider to do the job for them.

The year 2018 has brought some expected changes to the digital marketing arena. A lot of stress is on content marketing and keyword planning these days. So to help ease things, below are a few keyword research tips SEO experts recommend to follow in 2018.

Know your Audience

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Check Your Competition

You should always remember the fact that the keywords that you choose should be entirely based on your target audience. Therefore, you will need to put in extra efforts and understand what your target audience really needs. If you are able to identify what your potential customers are interested in and what they like, then you will be able to easily identify the right type of keywords with utmost ease.

Use Google’s Tools

Until a decade ago, most businesses had to conduct intensive studies and research to identify the needs of their target audience. Thanks to the latest technology innovations and tools, we no longer have to carry out such difficult researches manually. Tools such as Google Trends and Google AdWords can make the research process extremely comprehensive and instantaneous. Moreover, these tools can give you valuable insight to any keyword and even help you with more suggestions.

Check your Competition

Let us assume that you have already figured out more than a few keywords for your website. Type one of these keywords into Google and check the websites that appear in the top of Google’s search results page. These are your competitor sites, so take a good look at these websites and try to learn what is giving them a competitive edge. You can get help from SEO experts to analyze your site and compare it with your competitors’, which will help you know the strengths and weakness of your competitors’ SEO strategy.

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How Linking SEO and UX will Generate Positive Results

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Combining SEO And UX

Over the last few years, the way a user searches and finds content on the web has considerably changed. Most users tend to focus more on the design and the interface of the page that helps them to effortlessly navigate the page and find relevant content. Websites that fail at this crucial aspect are often disregarded by users, which in turn lead to low conversion rates. User engagement has become the key and UX plays a dominant role in this very aspect.

As SEO has progressed with newer developments and search engine upgrades, it is now giving priority to UX and user engagement. SEO can help in the rankings and conversion while an intuitively designed UX will help the user get what they want and aid in easy navigation across the web pages. The two approaches, when combined together, can generate results that are more fruitful and make the web more dynamic and helpful for users.

Relation between SEO and UX

The primary focus of UX is to ensure that users can effortlessly navigate through a site and find the relevant content that they are looking for. In this area, SEO can be of crucial help, as it can give insights into how to redesign the site for an overall increase in the user experience. The data gathered from users regarding their behavior and patterns of search can help in designing a website with the best UX.

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Good UX Implementation

Besides, the data gathered from SEO analysis provides information regarding shortcomings in any sections of the webpage, which can be then rectified. What an effective UX does is it creates a seemingly smooth experience for users when accessing a site. A website that has less bounce rate is a sign of good UX implementation, which can help in its rankings by earning a place in the good lists of Google.

UX can ensure a smooth navigation of the site that can aid Google in quickly indexing the content. In addition, it can greatly improve the site speed, readability, and provides a more responsive design that allows the site to rank better in search results. Thus, it has become clear under the current context of search engine preferences that UX and SEO are actually the same sides of a coin.

Having a website with proper SEO and UX can elevate its rankings greatly and serve its purpose well. Implementing a strategy that involves a close linking of both SEO and UX can help redefine the website and make it more productive and successful. Moreover, the shared data gathered from both UX and SEO can aid in identifying any limitations and overcome them to keep the website updated with the trends of the time.

The Advantages of HTML5 with Respect to SEO

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Enhanced Multimedia Support

HTML5 represents a leap forward in the evolution of the web and its various elements. It is a revision of HTML, the standard language used to code the web pages and its contents. HTML5 is quickly becoming the web standard for the development of site content and several major web browsers adopted it quickly. It comes with a set of new features and development that prove to be useful for SEO and user experience as well.

Its growth has led search engines to adopt it as well, and as a result, HTML5 will further influence SEO in the near future. In fact, experts say that its features can radically improve the search results and the overall experience of the using the web. That is why understanding HTML5 and its many new features will be of immense help to digital marketing specialists, and help them in formulating an effective SEO strategy that is in tune with the latest developments.

Enhanced Multimedia Support

With HTML5 comes advanced multimedia support for a variety of content such as video, audio, typography, animations, interactive applications, and drawings. This wide support is offered in HTML5 without the need for additional plugins and enables the browsers to seamlessly play videos. Search engines can index and search HTML5 videos more quickly, thus enabling to play videos fast without a plugin and eliminates buffering in slow connections.

Geolocation Microdata

HTML5 comes with support for geolocation microdata that enables location-based be better indexed. Google now considers geolocation as a crucial metric within its mobile search engine ranking algorithm. The geolocation microdata uses the reviews, ratings, and events to determine and index them. Based on the geolocation, search engines can offer a customized experience to the users regarding queries such as movie sites, sports, online retail stores, etc.

Improved Rich Snippets Support

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Improved Rich Snippets

HTML5 provides improved support for rich snippets that can provide advanced search engine results. It can help offer structured information of the web pages such as the ratings, reviews, price range, and review counts. Search engines now increasingly prefer rich snippets and this improved support will aid in SEO significantly.

Newer Semantics

With HTML5, there is a more refined code base and semantic elements. Using these elements allows the organization of the content in a more structured manner. This can make it easier for search engines to index and search the web pages more efficiently due to the refined code. Moreover, the sites will experience faster loading thus improving the browsing experience and the overall rankings.

Mobile Optimization

Another greatest benefit of HTML5 for SEO is its support for mobile devices. HTML5 allows in creating an improved responsive site that can function well when accessed from all kinds of devices. Google has also put preference for HTML5 over Flash and the better integration of HTML5 for mobile devices will surely help in the rankings.

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Why you Should Hire SEO Experts Instead of Having an In-House Team

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Large-Scale Businesses

SEO is one of the most critical factors that can help a business to strengthen its online presence. Most of the small-scale and large-scale businesses all over the world incorporate the use of SEO techniques to lure in more customers to their products and services. This is because they are all aware of the fact that a well-implemented SEO strategy can bring immense value to their company and help them to earn more revenue.

However, several companies prefer to manage SEO on their own because they have a misconception that hiring a professional SEO company can be quite expensive. It is significant to note that if your employees lack the knowledge and skill to implement an effective strategy, then there is no point in wasting your resources, as you will not be able to secure a higher rank in the search results.

On the other hand, SEO experts with access to most modern SEO tools and have experience in dealing with different SEO techniques will be able to increase the rank of your website easily. If you are willing to do a little bit of research, you can find SEO experts who offer the best SEO packages to their customers for affordable prices. Below are a few more reasons that will explain why you should hire a professional SEO company instead of managing SEO on your own.

SEO can be Difficult

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Modern SEO Tools

When it comes to SEO, you will need to consider more than a few factors such as content optimization, effective backlinking, user experience, page load speed, and many more. In addition, you will also need to take care of your social media pages and create quality contents at regular intervals. Only an experienced and qualified SEO professional will be able to effusively implement and execute these tasks without fail, which means that it is best to seek the help of SEO experts.

SEO Is an Ever-Changing Landscape

It is crucial to note that the rules and techniques of SEO keep on changing on a regular basis, which implies that the world of SEO is truly dynamic. Therefore, if you are taking care of the SEO strategies of your business on your own, you will need to keep a close eye on the algorithm changes and latest rollouts. An amateur online marketer might not have the adequate expertise, time, and resources to optimize their site, as per the new updates of Google.

Mistakes can be Disastrous

Several amateur SEO analysts often fail to realize the fact that the implementation of wrong techniques or tactics can negatively affect the SEO rankings of their site. SEO experts are aware of these issues, which is why they restrain themselves from the use of these inaccurate SEO tactics. So, if you wish to boost the online presence of your business without any issues, it is best to hire a professional SEO company.

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How to Develop a Successful Local SEO Strategy for 2018

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Successful Local SEO Strategy

2018 is just around the corner and most of us have already started to plan our steps into the next year. If you are on the run as well, one of the most important things that you should address in that regard is your local SEO strategy. This is because experts in the field of digital marketing claim that approximately half of all Google searches are going to be locally related next year. So to help you out, below are a few local SEO mistakes that you should certainly avoid in the upcoming year, so that you can maximize your digital marketing efforts and steer way ahead of your competitors in 2018.

#1 Paying Zero Attention to Normal SEO Ranking Factors

It is a widely known fact local SEO is quite different when compared to normal SEO, but assuming that they are entirely different is a bad move. This is because there are several factors that influence both local SEO and global SEO and some of them are as follows.

Domain Authority

Not all businesses are equal and the ones with a higher domain authority will always receive a greater ranking on popular search engines like Google. So, put in extra efforts and work to improve the initial domain authority of your business by gaining quality external and internal links.

Search Results in CTR

It is seen that Google keeps a close track on the CTR to your business website from the Google search result page. This is to identify how your business is resonating with your target audience and other web users. Therefore, you need to adjust and maintain the On-Page SEO of your website, be it for local audience or global users.


Another crucial factor that is vital for the success of local SEO is backlinks. Factors such as the quantity and quality of your backlinks will play a critical role in determining the strength of your local SEO. Therefore, if you have not yet created an efficient link building strategy for your local users, it is high time to implement one.

#2 Not Adding Accurate NAP Information

One of the core metrics used by Google to rank websites in the search results page is NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). This means that you will need to publically display your NAP information consistently across all platforms. Note that search engines refer to the NAP information provided on your site with multiple sites such as Google My Business Page, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and others.

#3 Not Earning Local Reviews

Try to get high quantity, high diversity, and high-quality local reviews, as it can boost your local SEO efforts. Reach out to your existing customers and request them to write a genuine review for your prospective customers. It is significant to note that review signals account for approximately 10 percent of the local ranking factors.

#4 Not Claiming your Google My Business Page

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Normal SEO Ranking Factors

The first and most important thing you should do is to claim your Google My Business page because it accounts for about 15 percent of local ranking signals. A major proportion of the information used by Google to rank your site comes from the Google My Business page and not from the main website.

#5 Ignoring the Negative Local Ranking Factors

The last thing you should note is that there are several negative factors, which may affect the ranking of your local business website. This means that you should try to follow these following tips too.

  • Do not list your business in an incorrect category.
  • Do not use an inaccurate phone number and business address.
  • Avoid the use of UPS mail, PO boxes, and other digital addresses.

Above all, if you wish to lure in more customers to your local business, you will need to hire an expert SEO services provider that can bring you the desired results within the preset deadline.

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Getting Started With Google AdSense

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Google AdSense Rejection

If you are new to the world of blogging, then you might have surely heard the word Google AdSense from fellow bloggers. Still, you might not have a good idea of what this service is and how you can benefit from it.

In simple words, Google AdSense is an advertising placement service by Google, which is exclusively designed for bloggers and website publishers who wish to display targeted image, video, or text ads on their web pages. If you link your website to Google AdSense, then you will be able to earn money when visitors click or view these advertisements.

Google manages and controls all the advertisements that pop up on your website. Due to its legitimacy, Google AdSense has more than tens of thousands of satisfied publishers and customers worldwide. In short, Google AdSense pays you well and on time.

More and more web users have started to create blogs in hopes of earning huge sums of money through Google AdSense. Since everybody is running behind it, Google decided to make the approval system of Google AdSense a bit strict. You might have heard several amateur bloggers and newbies claiming that Google rejected their AdSense application without any reasons. This is not the case though, as Google does not reject any legitimate applications, but only those that fall short on keeping up with its guidelines.

Below are some of the common reasons of Google AdSense rejection.

Insufficient Content

One of the most basic reasons why Google rejects an AdSense application from web users is unacceptable site content or insufficient content. If your website lacks enough content or text, Google will not be able to review it. Consequently, your dream of earning money through Google AdSense will not come to fruition. Moreover, the content in your website should not only be well written and grammatically correct, but it should also offer value to the readers of your blog.

Design of your Blog

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Design Of Blog

The design of your blog is another factor that plays a crucial role in getting Google AdSense approval. Websites that contain bright backgrounds with small text are hard to read and they fail to capture the attention of web users. Moreover, users also prefer not to visit such websites. Therefore, you need to put in extra efforts and design a neat and simple website that instantly captivates the attention of site visitors, before registering for Google AdSense.

No Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy

If you want your website to get Google AdSense approval, then you will need to have some certain web pages such as Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy on your website. The presence of these pages creates an impression that you are working as per the guidelines of Google and it may even make you seem like a professional to site visitors. In addition to that, you should also note that your website complies with the policies of Google AdSense regarding these pages.

If you own a good quality website with an impressive design and high-quality content, and have a good number of visitors, then getting Google AdSense approval will not be a challenging task for you. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about Google AdSense and how to benefit from it.

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3 Factors To Consider Before You Begin A Google AdWords Campaign

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Google AdWords Campaign

If your business is gradually growing and if more people have started to recognize your brand and products, it evidently suggests that your digital marketing campaigns were highly successful. However, this is not the time to stall these projects but continue advertising your products and services through different means.

You might have probably heard many things about Google AdWords. This is certainly one of the best techniques you can try to boost your business and take it to the next level. However, you need to realize that Google AdWords is not a magic mantra for marketing success. A poorly implemented AdWords campaign can easily bring disaster.

So, before you decide to incorporate an AdWords campaign for your business, give it a thought and ensure whether your business is ready for such a campaign or not. Immediately diving to an AdWords campaign just like your competitors, might not be beneficial for your business. Instead, you need to analyze the following list of demands before beginning a Google AdWords campaign.

3 Aspects of a Google AdWords Campaign

Customer Demand

The first and most important thing your business should have for a successful Google AdWords campaign is customer demand. AdWords campaign will not work for your business if your customers are not searching for your products and services in Google. So, before you begin an AdWords campaign, ensure that the search volume for your products is high. Make a decision only after analyzing the search volume results for your products.

Marketing Budget

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Digital Marketing Campaign

The next thing you should do is to do a little bit of research, narrow down a few target keywords, and then calculate the maximum cost per click (CPC) that you are ready to spend. It is crucial to take note that you will have to spend a bit more for competitive keywords. So, do not just go for competitive keywords; instead, target potential ones that will most likely yield profitable results.

The Competition

Staying ahead in the keyword game in Google AdWords is quite difficult, but it is not impossible. Figure out the keywords used by your competitor websites, then it will certainly help you to dominate them. Using a keyword analysis software would help you in determining what your competitors are targeting. After that, you can plan a strategic approach accordingly.

After you have properly analyzed the above three aspects, you can proceed with your decision of starting a Google AdWords campaign. Consult with our experts today and see how our advanced assistance with Google AdWords projects can help you ace digital marketing.

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How Can Voice Search Affect Your Business Reach

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Voice Search Feature

We all know that the way users search for information online has changed a lot. More and more users are making use of the voice search feature on their tablets, smartphones, or other voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo devices.

Google Voice search is popular on the Android devices whereas Apple users make use of Siri. In Windows phones and PCs, users make use of Microsoft’s Cortana. In fact, as per the result of a recent survey, more than sixty percent of the searches are now performed on smartphones and other mobile devices. This means that more and more users are finding it easier to use their mobile devices to search anything online and the popularity of voice search is increasing day by day.

The latest technology and voice devices have made it much easy for the users to just ask a question to get the required information from the device. Voice search allows for a natural and conversational way of interaction with the device. Users can now ask the device to play music, turn lights on or off, search for local businesses like restaurants and eateries, get information on current affairs, or order products. As a result, SEO professionals have started to think differently about SEO and content marketing based on voice search.

What Voice Search Means For Local Businesses

A recent study proved that only 3.4% of the local searches in Google results in ad clicks. This proves that the users prefer the organic search results to the paid ads. However, if Google changes the organic option in voice search with paid ads for the highest bidder, the perception of users about the search result will change and some may even discontinue using the feature. So, we can safely assume that Google will not replace the organic search results in voice search completely. This is why it is important for the local businesses to focus on optimizing their website to meet the voice search requirements.

Some of the important factors that will affect the local reach of your business in a Google voice search include the following.

Proximity Of The Searcher

Mobile searches can vary much with distance and the results can vary drastically with the changes in location even by a mile. Your business will need to design strategies keeping this point in mind.

How Good Your Business Is

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Digital Presence Of Business

Google is capable of measuring the real word engagement of your business and can make use of this data to understand how good your business is. This data will affect the local ranking of your business.

Digital Presence Of Your Business

Google will also look how well the digital presence of your local business serves the needs of the searcher, and will arrange the search results with respect to that.

Get in touch with us to know more about optimizing your website as per the latest Google updates and innovative trends that are dominating the virtual world today. We can offer you the best SEO packages strategized as per the needs of your business so that you always stay ahead in the game.

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Why Every Business Needs A Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

Hearing the word “social media manager” in a job title brings a smirk or slight giggle to the face. Because they feel that social media is a fun and time-wasting thing to do during leisure hours. The thought of managing social media pages, writing social media content, and creating ads in these platforms might seem like a thing anyone can do if they could find some extra time.

However, this is not as easy as you may think of it.  It requires constant research, time, hard work, and a particular set of skills. Social media platforms are easily accessible, prevalent, and they have gradually become one of the crucial parts of any digital marketing campaign.

Every business or enterprise needs to have a good presence on social media platforms. Because a vast majority of their customers and potential customers are regular social media users. If companies want to stay in business, then they must be willing to go where their clients and potential customers are. And this is on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Posting attractive images of products and services, writing compelling content about your offerings, and announcing new deals and promotional offers in social media platforms has been one of the major tactics used by digital marketers. This strategy has really paid off over the last years and many businesses were able to attract more customers.

However, social media constantly changes just as the rest of the web, which makes managing social media campaigns a nightmare for businesses. Running a company and simultaneously concentrating on the marketing aspects might not seem like an easy task. As a result, this is where a social media manager comes into play.

Importance of a Social Media Manager

A social media manager plays a crucial role in the success of your business and helps you to build and maintain the online reputation of your company. They daily interact with your customers and let them know more about your offerings. Although the exact duties can vary based on brand demand and industries, the below things are usually assigned to them.

  • SEO Experts Cochin
    Extensive Social Media Strategy

    Planning out an extensive social media strategy and achieving them one by one

  • Building an online reputation for your company
  • Developing the brand awareness
  • Responding, managing, and monitoring online reviews and feedbacks
  • Creating and publishing unique and highly relevant contents
  • Designing and managing social ad campaigns and promotions
  • Promoting website and blog contents through social posts, advertising, and more
  • Creating relevant topics to target potential customers
  • Monitoring trends in social media platforms and implementing the ones that will bring more benefit to your business
  • Developing connections and managing customer relations through social media platforms

It is crucial to note that an “SM” manager can bring a lot to your table than posting an occasional image or link to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. If you wanted to promote your business and stay ahead in today’s competitive market, hire an experienced social media manager today!

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What Makes Page Load Speed So Crucial

Page Load Speed
Improving Page Load Performance

Every e-commerce owner wishes to boost their conversions rates and to cut down their exit rates. Studies conducted by several SEO experts revealed that one of the crucial reasons for the significant increase in the exit rates of a website is poor page loading speed. However, many e-commerce owners fail to understand the importance of page load speed and they pay less attention to the factor.

Potential customers may get really disillusioned or frustrated with your website if they find that they will have to wait for a long time for the pages to load. This might urge them to visit other sites rather than staying on yours, which in turn will decrease the visitor turnover to your website. As the exit rates go higher, that can affect the rankings of your website. Besides, slow page loading always has a name in drawing away potential customers from the products and services on the site.

Importance of Page Loading Speed

Nevertheless, improving the page load speed of your website can bring plenty of benefits to you and it will also help you to attract more customers towards your website. A recent study revealed that approximately half of the total internet users expect a site to load within just 2 seconds. If a certain web page takes more than 2 seconds to load, users start to feel frustrated and they eventually move to a similar site with a better page load performance.

SEO Company Kerala
Proficient SEO Experts

Another study by SEO experts found out that roughly 75% of internet users prefer never to return to a website that took more than four seconds to load. If, say, your e-commerce site is making around $100,000 per day, and there happens to be a minute 1-second page delay in the website, then it will potentially cost approximately $2.5 million in lost sales each year. So, if you want to meet the expectations of your company, it is important to make sure that all the pages in your website load within 2 seconds.

Obviously, if you want potential customers to stay on your website, then you will have to take adequate measures to improve the page load performance of your website. And there are plenty of simple ways to boost the page load performance of a website. Get in touch with us now to learn how we can help in improving your website’s page load speed.

NNWriteslife is passionate about the ever evolving technological landscape. Creative writer, Movie buff, Mathematics prodigy, GOT lover, Avid blogger, Comic Nerd, Social media enthusiast wishing to connect with like-minded people and inspire the world. When NNtalkslife isn’t busy working, he’s at a desk running a marathon of his favorite TV shows