Dominating SEO Trends you Need to Watch For

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Utilizing SERP Features

SEO has grown into a complex science today and its ever-changing nature makes it really challenging. As popular search engines try hard to improve the quality of the results, some of the ranking factors lose its value and some of them become more important. In fact, entirely new ranking factors can also appear from nowhere. Still, some of the web page ranking factors still rule the digital marketing arena. Below are a few such dominating trends that would help your SEO strategies gain momentum in the days to come.

Bring SERP Features into Play

Number one organic ranking is no longer the best way to get much traffic to your website. The SERP features like knowledge panels, local packs, featured snippets, etc., are stealing the show, and people click on such results on the organic search results. With the SERP features, it has become important to track the rankings of your website inside these features and monitor them that apply for your keywords.

Learn the Use of Structured Data

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Use Of Structured Data

Structured data is a HTML formatting way that makes use of specific vocabulary. It tells search engines how to interpret the content of your web page and how to display the same in the search engine result pages. Structured data can help you to improve the search listings via rich snippets and knowledge graph panels. In fact, studies show that rich snippets can help in boosting the CTR of your listings by about 30%.

Focus on Content, Always

It is really difficult to convince Google that your website has great content when it does not have. Your site can also be penalized for trying it. Google makes use of many ways to assess the quality of content shared on your web pages. In fact, Google looks at numerous pages and the terms that are used in them to decode the content and decide if the content shared in your web page would be relevant to the end user. Therefore, to ensure that your content is appropriate, comprehensive, and beneficial to the user, you need to research the pages that rank high in your niche and look for the features that they have in common.

Apart from these three things, keep an eye on the page speed of your website. Speed is not only a ranking signal but also a user interaction factor. As per Google, a web page should load in less than three seconds. To find the loading speed of your web page, you can take the page speed test of Google. If you see any problematic factors in the test, you can click on it to expand it and to have advices on fixing it.

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SEO is Beyond Keyword Ranking

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Google Search Console

Like most of the business owners, you might be checking the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and campaign by checking online the keywords that you believe are the most relevant ones to see if they show up on the top of search engine result pages. In addition, you might focus on the chart that shows the ranking of these keywords when you receive SEO reports about the traffic to your website from your SEO services provider.

It is quite normal to give much priority to keyword rankings when you invest in implementing various SEO strategies. Any business is competitive and winning online means claiming the top positions in search engine results. However, the problem here is that keyword ranking cannot be deemed as the sole metric to measure the online success of your SEO campaign. In fact, there is much more to SEO than just ranking the keywords for a website.

Relevancy is the Key

You need to understand that long tail keywords are the building blocks of any SEO strategy. These keywords can help to optimize Meta data, copywriting, and link building strategies. Moreover, these keywords serve to boost the relevancy of your website, which is important to ensure that the right web pages are shown in search results for the right users.

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Implementing Various SEO Strategies

It no longer matters how your site ranks for an exact search keyword, as the way users search on the web has changed a lot over time. Today, there is much variety in how a web user searches for something online, especially with the advancements in voice search and such technologies. Due to the changes introduced to search algorithms, the result shown by Google to individuals are different and it will be based on the location, search history, type of device used, and many other such things, meaning that there is no universal “first page” anymore.

Google make use of RankBrain, which is an artificial intelligence tool to analyze the search queries to offer improved results to the users. This makes the results less predictable and will not offer websites any control on where and when they appear on the result pages. The first page that you see on Google for a particular query might not be the one that your friend sees from a long distance.

Google Search Console can help to assess the details of the “key” words and phrases that users searched for while your website was displayed among the results. The data from the Search Console tool will let you know that you should never measure the success of your SEO strategy based on the ranking of particular phrases, as most of your website visitors might have used other similar terms to reach to you.

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10 Things that Have Nothing to Do with your Google Rankings

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Google Apps And Services

Several businesses and amateur online markers often ask what the age of your website, the H1/H2 preference of your headline, shared hosting, and bounce rate have in common. The answer is much simpler – none one of these directly affects the Google rankings of your website!

Some digital marketers have a misconception that anything and everything that they do on their website will have an impact on Google rankings. Well, it is true that some things do have an indirect impact on the rankings, not all things affect the ranking of your website. Below are 10 such things that have nothing to do with the Google rankings of your site.

The Age of your Site

Google doesn’t care whether you have registered your website in 1999, 2003, or 2017. They only care about these following things:

  • Whether your content is helping web users or not
  • Does your website have authority signals or links

Google Apps and Services

Some online researchers claim that the use of Google services and apps such as Google AdSense and Google Analytics will help their site to get better ranking. The reality is that Google doesn’t care whether you are using their apps and services or not. Moreover, this will not help you to get better rankings either.

Likes, Shares, and Re-Tweets

If you have a Facebook and Twitter page for your business with thousands of active likes and post shares, then it is certainly a good thing for brand promotion. However, Google doesn’t care about it until Facebook or Twitter users visit your website and check out your products and services.

Raw Bounce Rate or Time on Site

Amateur online marketers panic when they identify that the bounce rate of their site is a higher or when the time spent by the audience on their site is less. This doesn’t necessarily affect the Google ranking of your page. This is because higher bounce rate may also mean that you are providing users relevant information a lot more quickly.

Adding Scripts

Some digital marketers are a little bit hesitant to use JavaScript libraries such as React or Node in their website contents. If Google can crawl each of these URLs and see the content, and if the posted content that viewers and Google see is the same, then feel free to use them; however, it will not affect your Google rankings.

Presence of Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel that you can see on the right side of a website generates results from the same website itself. So, the presence of such a knowledge panel has no direct impact on the ranking of your website, although it might benefit the user and result in better engagement, which will indirectly help to boost your web page ranking.

Shared and Inexpensive Hosting

If shared or inexpensive hosting doesn’t affect the uptime or load speed of your website, then you will not have to worry about it destroying the ranking of your website. This is because Google doesn’t care whether you are using solo hosting or shared hosting.

Use of Defaults

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Raw Bounce Rate

Some digital marketers follow the practice of using meta robots tags in their internal links and assume that Google will crawl it. It is true that Google can crawl it and there is nothing wrong with this approach. Yet unfortunately, Google doesn’t count these things as ranking factors, which means that you will not benefit from it.

Using Characters as Separators in Title Element

You will not be able to boost the ranking of your website by incorporating the use of characters as separators in the title element. This is just a matter of personal preference rather than an SEO strategy.

Headlines and H Tags

We often hear amateur SEO analysts claiming that using a headline inside H2 tags is highly effective than using it inside H1. This is certainly not true and Google doesn’t care how you arrange or design the headlines in your posts. Although having H tags do have an indirect effect on delivering important content to the users.

As mentioned, there is nothing wrong with using all these strategies. However, before you put a valuable amount of your time and efforts for these methods, consider whether these strategies are helping you or not.

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Important Content Marketing Metrics To Consider

Content Marketing Metrics
Content Marketing Metrics

Content marketing is an indispensable feature of SEO and largely determines the rankings in search engine results. Having an effective marketing strategy will help in generating positive results for sure. In fact, several metrics influence the success of content marketing. It helps in tracking the effectiveness of the marketing strategy implemented. Using such metrics can help in determining the outcome of your marketing campaign and correct any of the prevailing issues. Below are some of the important metrics that you should consider.

Content Marketing Metrics

Social Growth Of A Website

Evaluating the social growth of your website is an important metric. This helps to really determine the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. By knowing the shares, likes, and other factors that your site’s contents receive help us to evaluate social growth.

You can use numerous tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc., to obtain the necessary information of the traffic driven by a site through social media. Verifying that on a monthly basis will provide detailed information about the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy implemented on your site. Besides that, the data obtained is much useful for understanding the status of your brand as well as in making the required changes to make yourself more popular.

Influence Of External Content

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Influence Of External Content

The significance of user response to the content posted on the site is very much vital. Equally important to that is how the users are interacting with the content that is published on your website. You can verify the external content on a site to know about the effectiveness of the content in reaching to the target audience. The process of evaluating the status of the external content is the same as that of tracking the social trends, and you can use tools such as Screaming Fox, BuzzStream, Right Intel, etc., for the purpose.

Evaluating Content Strategies Of Competitive URLs

Another important metric that you should use is evaluating the content marketing strategies implemented by competitive URLs. Look for the frequency by which your competitors publish their content as well as the time when it is posted. This data obtained from competitive blogs can be used to make a comparison of the content-marketing strategy. And is implemented on your site and to supplement any of the shortcomings in your approach.

Remember that even if you analyze all the above metrics carefully and reprogram your content marketing strategy accordingly, you will still need to keep an eye on the page loading speed of your website. In fact, site speed is one of the prime metrics that determine whether your site would perform well or not. This is why you should also evaluate the speed of your entire site starting from the home page to the blog pages and ascertain that every page has fast loading times.

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SEO Basics That Don’t Change With Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates
Google Algorithm Updates

Google updates its search algorithm several times a year, and introduces new ranking factors every now and then, even though there are many already. It is always good to pay attention to the latest updates from Google, as they can provide new ranking opportunities or many introduce new criteria for the webmasters. However, in the SEO community, many of these updates are overblown and many SEO analysts refer to them as “revolutionary” or “game changing.”

The reality is that, despite these frequent updates from Google, the core search algorithm of Google has not changed much. It is true that the fundamental ranking factors have been tweaked, but they are still in place and remain the pillars of an efficient SEO strategy. There are even chances that these fundamental ranking factors will stay the same for years to come. Here are some SEO basics that don’t change with Google algorithm updates.

Google Bots Need To See Your Website

Apparently, this is one of the most elementary things, that has not changed, even once. Google will not rank your website if it cannot see the content on a web page. The first step to offering search results in Google is to index the content of various websites all over the internet, and for that, Google uses automated bots, or “spiders” to crawl the web pages.

Your website won’t show in search engine result pages (SERP’s)  if the Google spiders are unable to see your site.

Quality Content Is Must

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Google Search Results

Google aims to direct the users to the best online content. This means in order to have search visibility, you will need to offer and promote great content on your site. Great content means sufficiently long content with minimum fluff, which is readable and digestible to the users.

SEO experts say that a web page content should be at least 800 words long, even though Google has not explicitly stated this. Google has neither published the method that it uses to evaluate the quality of the content in a web page, but it is apparent that Google admires how the content quality shared on a site is valuable to the users. The mantra here is “the better the content, higher will the ranking of your site.”

These are just two main SEO fundamentals that do not change with the frequent Google algorithm updates, and might not change for, may be, a decade. These things do not need to “update” with every Google algorithm change even if they are key features. So if you are looking to have a dominant online presence, consult with your SEO services provider to know more about such fundamental principles that would help you to get high search visibility.

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Featured Snippets Significance In Google Search Result Pages

Featured Snippets
Featured Snippets Significance

In simple terms, a featured snippet is a summarized reply to the query of a user in the organic search results of Google. Usually, the snippet will be extracted from a result page and will include the title and link of the page and the URL. It can also be lists, tables, or paragraphs with an “About this result” link provided on the bottom right-hand corner of the box.

You may have noticed that the featured snippet is becoming the only search result for many of the Google queries. For instance, when a user visits and types in the search term, the search engine will provide a featured snippet that is followed by many search results. But when the same query is conducted in Google voice search, the search engine will respond by offering an audible version of the content in the featured snippet.

Google follows the method of including answers to the query in featured snippets provided at the topmost portion of search result pages, as it is a faster method than sending the user to the source, no matter what the page load speed of the source is. Due to this, digital marketers may see a decline in page views and clicks for the featured snippet queries, but the increased impressions for these queries need to be considered as a positive Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Featured Snippets Significance

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Key Performance Indicator

Google featured snippet is much desirable from a marketing point of view. Acquiring top positions in the Google desktop or mobile results can allow links to have increased visibility than the traditional results. As the featured snippets usually appear above the first organic result for the query, digital marketers and SEO professionals refer to snippets as “position zero.”

Moreover, you might be wondering what Google looks for in the featured snippets. Understanding this can help you to have greatly featured snippet for your links. To know more on having a well-featured snippet, you need to find existing snippets and review those pages from which the snippets are pulling content.

Reviewing winning content and featured snippets is the best way to make an idea about what Google is looking for. However, without proper knowledge about Google SERP and SEO, it will be a tedious task for business owners to make good featured snippets. This is where SEO companies across the world come to help. Businesses can look for the best SEO packages offered by SEO services providers to have a greatly featured snippet.

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What Makes Page Load Speed So Crucial

Page Load Speed
Improving Page Load Performance

Every e-commerce owner wishes to boost their conversions rates and to cut down their exit rates. Studies conducted by several SEO experts revealed that one of the crucial reasons for the significant increase in the exit rates of a website is poor page loading speed. However, many e-commerce owners fail to understand the importance of page load speed and they pay less attention to the factor.

Potential customers may get really disillusioned or frustrated with your website if they find that they will have to wait for a long time for the pages to load. This might urge them to visit other sites rather than staying on yours, which in turn will decrease the visitor turnover to your website. As the exit rates go higher, that can affect the rankings of your website. Besides, slow page loading always has a name in drawing away potential customers from the products and services on the site.

Importance of Page Loading Speed

Nevertheless, improving the page load speed of your website can bring plenty of benefits to you and it will also help you to attract more customers towards your website. A recent study revealed that approximately half of the total internet users expect a site to load within just 2 seconds. If a certain web page takes more than 2 seconds to load, users start to feel frustrated and they eventually move to a similar site with a better page load performance.

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Proficient SEO Experts

Another study by SEO experts found out that roughly 75% of internet users prefer never to return to a website that took more than four seconds to load. If, say, your e-commerce site is making around $100,000 per day, and there happens to be a minute 1-second page delay in the website, then it will potentially cost approximately $2.5 million in lost sales each year. So, if you want to meet the expectations of your company, it is important to make sure that all the pages in your website load within 2 seconds.

Obviously, if you want potential customers to stay on your website, then you will have to take adequate measures to improve the page load performance of your website. And there are plenty of simple ways to boost the page load performance of a website. Get in touch with us now to learn how we can help in improving your website’s page load speed.

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Key Google Analytics Metrics Used In SEO

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Google Analytics Metrics

In this information age, having a clear-cut digital marketing strategy is essential while running any kind of trade and business through the internet. SEO has become the most useful tool for effectively promoting the brand or service on the internet. For businesses, it is highly important to know in detail about Google Analytics metrics. Because it will help them know how their website is performing in the virtual world.

Besides the Keyword Ranking progression, there are many other crucial metrics that need considering for effective implementation of SEO. Below are some of the key Google Analytics metrics to look out in SEO.

New Users

New Users is a key metric that keeps a record of the number of users that have visited a site within a particular timeframe. The amount of visitors in a site is entirely dependent on the SEO strategy utilized. The New Users feature displays the number of visitors to a site despite the number of times they visited a site.

The metric is helpful and assists in evaluating the growth of the audience for a website. Moreover, it also determines whether the marketing efforts deployed for the purpose is successful.

Top Landing Pages

Top Landing Pages is an essential metric that determines the performance of the pages on a site. Most users will usually have an inclination to navigate more to a certain page in a website. The Top Landing Pages metric will enable in determining which of the pages are performing well due to the user visits. It presents the site owner with an overall detail regarding the specific information on the site that the users who are interested in it.

This metric is particularly useful while creating fresh content for a website. Moreover, it also enables one to work out a different strategy for pages that are performing poorly.

Conversion Rate

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Web Traffic Information

The Conversion Rate metric gives detailed information about the percentage of visitors that have achieved anything on a website. Among all the metrics, the Conversion Rate is the most important and gives an overall picture regarding the success of the site. The metric offers details relating to the probability among users to purchase a product or service from a site due to the information and interface laid out on the site.

Traffic Referral

Traffic Referral is another important metric that provides details about where the visitors are coming from. Determining the whereabouts of the traffic in a site is crucial in evaluating the success of the site. Moreover, it will also enable a site to link with a blog that contributes to the traffic for increasing the amount of visitors.

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Essential SEO Checklist For New Websites

Essential SEO Checklist
Essential SEO Checklist

SEO has remained the key criteria embedded in many of the popular and successful websites on the internet. The importance of best SEO packages in a website is highlighted by the fact that it simply helps in making the site rank better in the search results page of popular search engines.

In the process of developing and launching a new website, it is crucial that many factors need proper consideration. SEO remains the number one priority in launching a new website. Lack of a proper SEO strategy on a website can result in many issues that will severely affect the site. Here are some of the essential SEO checks to consider before launching a new website.

Essential SEO Checklist

  1. Google Analytics is to be strictly installed on the website for monitoring and measuring the amount of traffic to the site. Installing Google Analytics is easy, as it never requires any sort of settings configuration on your part. Simply obtain the UA code by viewing the page source or using a plug-in on the website. Then update the code on your Google Analytics account, and you are good to go.
  2. Check the robots.txt file thoroughly, as it will assist in proper indexing of the site in search engines. When in the process of developing the site, do check the robots.txt file properly and update the URLs that you don’t want Google to crawl. This is a vital thing in implementing the best SEO packages for your site.

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    Precise Targeting
  3. Google Search Console needs to be setup effectively on the site. In doing so, make sure that the WWW, non-WWW, and HTTPS versions on your site are in order. Also, set your target country under International Targeting option. Setup a chosen domain and link it with Google to enable Search Console in your Google Analytics account too. Submit sitemap.xml and click the “Fetch as Google” button to verify that everything is OK.

Apart from the above-said things, you also need to utilize tools like Screaming Frog and check if any broken links or 404 errors are there on your website. If the site used is for membership or e-commerce, you also need to evaluate the checkout process from both desktop and mobile platforms to ensure that everything works fine.

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A Few Trends Digital Marketing Saw In 2016

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Trends

The role of digital marketing is expanding rapidly and it has become more difficult to keep track of the changes taking place in the field. In digital marketing, continued learning is very important. If you are unable to find time to keep up with the changes in marketing trends and industry happenings, your efforts will be in vain. Here are a few of the most successful digital marketing trends of 2016.

Improved Social Search

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing niches in the marketing field and the year 2016 has introduced improved search functionality. moreover, In late 2015, Facebook replaced website search with their own algorithm, which allows users to search all the public posts.

Twitter has also updated their advanced search capabilities and now they allow long tail keyword searches. Social search is much exciting for the marketers, as it allows brand contents to be discovered organically. Apparently, improved social search functionality has led to increased organic traffic.

Social search has also become an effective targeting and research tool. Marketers can look for any term on Facebook and search for public posts that use the particular term. The results of the search can be filtered by location, source, and date. This is to allow marketers find people who follow their brand or have posted comments and questions about their products and services, etc.

Live Video Streaming

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Changes In Marketing Trends

Another key player that emerged in 2016 is Live video streaming. Facebook launched Facebook Live in April. And in June, YouTube released a new feature for the various Live streams to be captured and served via the mobile app of the company.

The release of such services made Live streaming much easier than before. Digital marketers are making use of the simplified access to see positive outcomes like increased engagement and damage control. Live video streaming also helps businesses to promote a new product launch.

Real Time Marketing

Real time marketing is a new strategy that revolves around current and topical events. This marketing strategy is an effective method to earn a quick increase in website traffic and online visibility.

There are many ways to find trending topics these days. To name a few, Google Trends will offer you daily updates on popular searches, Twitter will help you know which hashtags are trending, and Facebook will let you know what are the popular topics currently.