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Having a website without any SEO ranking is of no use to a business. You may have an appealing website, but what is the use, if it is unable to fetch enough business for you? Many business owners spend lots of money to build outstanding websites with the latest technologies, but they are unable to see revenues from the site. This happens because the site might not be visible to online visitors.

How Can SEO Help

Any website will be able to make sales only if the website is visible to the prospective clients. Customers these days are advanced, and the tech savvy ones go to search engines to know the best websites, when they plan to make a purchase. These customers know what to look for and where to look for. They just type in some words in the search box and reach their target websites in no time.

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These words typed in the search boxes are called keywords. SEO companies make use of different strategies to use apt keywords in the website and make sure not to overdo things, as too much keyword stuffing can lead to spam. A good SEO company would make use of organic strategies to increase keyword ranking, and offer the best SEO packages to suit the need of their clients.

Before fixing on an SEO company for you, you need to check if the agency offers services like website analysis, unique and relevant content based on the keyword, keyword research and analysis, off page and on page website optimization, social media marketing, sitemap generation, and social bookmarking services.

These are some of the primary services that are offered by the best SEO services India. You can also consider the history of the firm to ensure that they do not follow any black hat techniques to improve site rankings.

How To Select The Best SEO Package For Your Business

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become an important part of businesses these days. Even if you are running a small business, your business and website needs to be optimized enough to get the best visibility online.

To have a successful SEO strategy, you need to choose a good SEO package. You need to select one that meets the requirements of your business. This can be a bit tricky as there are many SEO companies out there that offers varied SEO packages. Here are a few things you need to consider when on the hunt for the same.

Finding The Best SEO Packages

Usually, the SEO firms offer two kinds of packages: Standard and Customized. As the name suggests, the Standard packages include SEO services and activities that are generally necessary for all types of businesses. The package will have a fixed set of offerings and will have lower rates when compared to the Customized packages. Standard packages can be appealing to those businesses that are very new to the subject.

Best SEO Packages
Customized SEO Services

The disadvantage here is that not all the SEO services that are offered in the package may be needed for the promotion of your business. It is not a sensible thing to pay money for something that is not needed by your business. For this reason, it is go for the Customized SEO packages. Even though these packages are bit costly than the former, you can make sure that you are spending money on something that will add value to your business.

Whether you are choosing a Standard package or a Customized package, you should ensure that the package offers all the necessary services like keyword analysis and research, blog posting, article writing, directory submission, tracking and recommendations, etc, which are crucial for the website growth. You may also look for additional services like social media promotions and social submissions, if necessary.

The Rise And Fall Of Google PageRank

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No More Google PageRank

It all started in the year 2000, when Google launched its first toolbar for IE. The toolbar made searching Google directly quite easy with a dedicated search box pinned on top of the browser. And so, it became widely popular in a matter of days.

This Google toolbar had a PageRank meter on the right to show users how well the search giant ranked a webpage on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest). Google later released a version of the toolbar for Firefox users as well, with an intention of helping users evaluate the quality of the webpage they are browsing. Although many users did not care to enable this added feature in the toolbar, many SEO companies made the most out of it.

People who wondered how in earth they would make their website appear on top of the search results page now had an option to assess their progress and see if their works paid off. Though there were many other factors that determined the overall ranking of a webpage, Google PageRank was the most important part of the search algorithm.

Despite the fact that a high PageRank alone was not enough to take a website to the top and quality content and number of backlinks also mattered a lot, many of the best SEO packages became obsessed with boosting Google PageRank. And as a result, the link-selling trend came to the fore.

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As Google always noted links as the “democratic nature of the web”, people could now buy links to improve their PageRank. Though Google started fighting back against such measures, the link-selling trend did not go away, it boomed instead. People started to seek out ways to score quickly on the PageRank factor, rather than earning it naturally.

When the brawling went too high, Google came up with the plan of including nofollow tag to the links. With this, spam links could not pass the PageRank credit and score high as earlier. However, it was not enough for stopping the way people had started exploiting Google PageRank factor. And so, after one and half decade, Google finally put an end to it.

Some SEO services company India claim that they saw it coming though. The Google toolbar was never released for Google’s own web browser, and no updates were released for the versions on Firefox and IE after 2011. Other PageRank displaying tools by Google (Google Search Console and Google Directory) were also dropped by that time. And now, around 5 years later, the search giant out an end to the misery of Google PageRank.

My name is RD. After 5 years in SEO, I came to a conclusion that I had more than only one goal: to share my insights to the deserving for one. But to be a hero and save others, I had to become someone else. I had to be something else. I am RDtalks…

Google PageRank Is Dead; What Next?

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Google PageRank has long been the lifeblood of SEO, and now when it is gone, many have started wondering how they would improve on the visibility of their websites. However, many SEO experts Cochin say that the Google PageRank feature was on its deathbed since around 2009, and the search giant had already started pulling of all its tools showing website ranking one by one. Yet again, dropping it entirely came as a shocker to many, as even third parties cannot display the webpage rank by any means now.

Google PageRank was initially released with the toolbar the company launched for IE in 2000. Before that, it was one of the key factors in the ranking algorithm that Google used to evaluate a website, but did not share with the public. Now, things have gone back to the way they were before one and a half decade ago, and only Google will know the PageRank scores from now on. SEO experts Cochin believe that Google will assess that along with many other factors to move a website to the search results top page.

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Without the Google PageRank visible now, many companies have started to seek alternatives to evaluate the website authority on the virtual world, but most of these ‘standards’ are mere assumptions. Nevertheless, if they stick on to the other known factors that play a key role in determining a website’s PageRank score, people might still stay in the game.

Keeping a check on the overall appearance of the website, fresh and updated content, and generating backlinks, to name a few, are still effective SEO tactics, and would surely help to boost the website’s ranking. For a new website owner or a startup SEO service company though, sticking on to the basics would be the right option now, until any further update on the matter is released by Google.

My name is RD. After 5 years in SEO, I came to a conclusion that I had more than only one goal: to share my insights to the deserving for one. But to be a hero and save others, I had to become someone else. I had to be something else. I am RDtalks…

Why Is SEO Still Necessary?

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SEO Benefits

Every company wants to be seen online and Search Engine Optimization seems to be the only way of doing this. Some companies do SEO on their own by recruiting experienced professionals while others go for the best SEO packages available out there. Either way, it benefits the company.

In recent times however, it seems that a number of companies are becoming quite unconvinced about SEO. They seem to be confused whether SEO can actually benefit them. Well, SEO hasn’t lost its significance, but in fact, has become more essential today than any time in the past.

There is no clue of whatsoever that Search Engine Optimization will be pushed away any time soon. So, if you haven’t really thought of doing SEO for your website, remember that it is the right time. However, before you move ahead, here are a few things you might want to know about the process.

How Can An SEO Team Benefit You

By hiring a provider who offers best SEO packages, you can make a lot of differences in your workflow and online campaigns. When an SEO company is hired, you do not have to worry about this particular aspect at all. You can focus your entire attention on the daily running of your business and move forward in quick pace.

How Soon Can You Get The Results

Whatever efforts you put on SEO will reflect in the workflow and online presence of your business. However, never expect instant results. SEO is like building the foundation. If you do it better from the beginning, the results from it are going to be around for a very long time in future.

How Much Should You Invest

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Affordable SEO Packages

One of the best sides of SEO is their affordability. If you consider any other means to popularize your product or service in the market, you would find it more expensive than doing it online. So ultimately, SEO is the most affordable yet most useful means of marketing and campaigning. Even if you go for the best SEO packages, it would take up only a minute portion of your annual budget set for marketing strategies.

How To Reach Local Market

Local SEO searches are more important and therefore they need to be given more attention. The increase in the number of mobile users has made optimization of local SEO searches more essential these days. By improving on local SEO searches, you can ensure that you are not losing any of your prospective local clients because they can grow as your main client base in long run.