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It is a widely known and accepted fact that Google has introduced a number of innovative and nifty tools that made the lives of digital marketers and SEO analysts a lot easier. Digital marketing experts often incorporate the use of some of the free tools of Google such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Trends to check the progress of their sites, to do keywords research, and to ensure that their SEO strategies are on the right track.

Unfortunately, most digital marketers, especially beginners, prefer not to use Google Trends because they have a misconception that this Google tool does not have much to offer. However, the reality is that Google Trends is one the best Google tools out there and it makes keyword research a lot easier and simpler. In addition to that, Google Trends also brings the trending searches of web users, which in turn, enables you to develop fresh contents on trending topics.

If you are new to the world of digital marketing or if you have never used any Google tools, then you might be probably wondering what Google Trends really is. In simple words, Google Trends can be defined as a service, which allows you to compare and view the popularity of different keywords or search terms based on the search data, which was collected by Google since the year 2004.

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In short, Google Trends enables you to identify what web users are searching for and when. One of the best things about this Google’s tool is that it allows users to break the search terms into different categories such as Sports, Shopping, Entertainment, Leisure, Travel, Science, Nature, Politics, Business, and more.

In addition to that, digital marketers and SEO analysts who use Google Trends will also be able to identify the type of search for each of these search terms. This means that you will be able to decide whether users are searching for the term in News Search, Image Search, Web Search, or even on YouTube.

Several digital marketers, even the most experienced ones, often complain that they find it difficult to identify what kind of topics will capture the attention of their prospective customers. If you are stuck in such a difficult scenario, all you need to do is to simply log into Google Trends. Just imagine what all you could do if you had a clear idea on the trending searches of internet users!

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