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If you are new to the world of blogging, then you might have surely heard the word Google AdSense from fellow bloggers. Still, you might not have a good idea of what this service is and how you can benefit from it.

In simple words, Google AdSense is an advertising placement service by Google, which is exclusively designed for bloggers and website publishers who wish to display targeted image, video, or text ads on their web pages. If you link your website to Google AdSense, then you will be able to earn money when visitors click or view these advertisements.

Google manages and controls all the advertisements that pop up on your website. Due to its legitimacy, Google AdSense has more than tens of thousands of satisfied publishers and customers worldwide. In short, Google AdSense pays you well and on time.

More and more web users have started to create blogs in hopes of earning huge sums of money through Google AdSense. Since everybody is running behind it, Google decided to make the approval system of Google AdSense a bit strict. You might have heard several amateur bloggers and newbies claiming that Google rejected their AdSense application without any reasons. This is not the case though, as Google does not reject any legitimate applications, but only those that fall short on keeping up with its guidelines.

Below are some of the common reasons of Google AdSense rejection.

Insufficient Content

One of the most basic reasons why Google rejects an AdSense application from web users is unacceptable site content or insufficient content. If your website lacks enough content or text, Google will not be able to review it. Consequently, your dream of earning money through Google AdSense will not come to fruition. Moreover, the content in your website should not only be well written and grammatically correct, but it should also offer value to the readers of your blog.

Design of your Blog

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Design Of Blog

The design of your blog is another factor that plays a crucial role in getting Google AdSense approval. Websites that contain bright backgrounds with small text are hard to read and they fail to capture the attention of web users. Moreover, users also prefer not to visit such websites. Therefore, you need to put in extra efforts and design a neat and simple website that instantly captivates the attention of site visitors, before registering for Google AdSense.

No Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy

If you want your website to get Google AdSense approval, then you will need to have some certain web pages such as Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy on your website. The presence of these pages creates an impression that you are working as per the guidelines of Google and it may even make you seem like a professional to site visitors. In addition to that, you should also note that your website complies with the policies of Google AdSense regarding these pages.

If you own a good quality website with an impressive design and high-quality content, and have a good number of visitors, then getting Google AdSense approval will not be a challenging task for you. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about Google AdSense and how to benefit from it.

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3 SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic to Healthcare Websites

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Drive More Traffic

It is a widely known and accepted fact that an efficient digital marketing and SEO strategy is crucial to the success of every business and website. The same is applicable in the case of healthcare websites too. The way patients find a clinic or healthcare provider has entirely changed over the last decade or so. Today, patients prefer to search for healthcare providers and clinics online.

In fact, research and studies conducted by expert digital marketers and SEO experts revealed a shocking conclusion that approximately 86 percent of patients perform an online search before they book an appointment with a clinic or healthcare provider. These stats indicate that the online presence of healthcare clinics matters much to patients.

Apparently, if you have not yet adopted an SEO strategy for your healthcare website, it is high time you invest in one. A well-implemented SEO campaign will surely help to draw in more visitors to your website, which will in turn bring more patients to your clinic. Below are a few effective SEO techniques that help to drive more traffic to a healthcare website.

Combining JavaScript Tags

Several sites such as Twitter, Google+, and Google will ask you to install JavaScript code onto your site to boost certain processes. It is true that most of these functions are useful and it can even drive more traffic to your website. However, you will also need to consider that each one of the codes can pull down the speed of your site. This is why it is best to combine the JavaScript codes by using an accurate tool.

Harnessing the Power of Video Contents

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Combining JavaScript Tags

You might be a little bit surprised to hear the fact that YouTube is currently the second largest search engine. The number of searches YouTube receives in a month is more than 3 billion. Adding a YouTube channel for your healthcare service will help you to harness the power of video contents and help you to share valuable informative content to your audience in an engaging manner.

Optimizing High-Res Images

The high-resolution images that you have used in your website for promotional and marketing campaigns can sometimes hinder your SEO efforts. This is because large-size pictures significantly slow down the loading speed of a website. This can in turn affect the Google ranking of your site since users will not prefer to sit around and wait for your website to load; instead, they will look for other options. So, ensure that the images in your site have the right size, aspect ratio, and a decent resolution.

Several healthcare providers and clinics have a misconception that SEO is only for e-commerce sites or businesses, and hence they prefer not to implement any SEO strategy on their sites. The reality, however, is that if you wish to acquire more customers and stay ahead of your competitors, your healthcare website will surely need SEO.

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SEO is Beyond Keyword Ranking

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Google Search Console

Like most of the business owners, you might be checking the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and campaign by checking online the keywords that you believe are the most relevant ones to see if they show up on the top of search engine result pages. In addition, you might focus on the chart that shows the ranking of these keywords when you receive SEO reports about the traffic to your website from your SEO services provider.

It is quite normal to give much priority to keyword rankings when you invest in implementing various SEO strategies. Any business is competitive and winning online means claiming the top positions in search engine results. However, the problem here is that keyword ranking cannot be deemed as the sole metric to measure the online success of your SEO campaign. In fact, there is much more to SEO than just ranking the keywords for a website.

Relevancy is the Key

You need to understand that long tail keywords are the building blocks of any SEO strategy. These keywords can help to optimize Meta data, copywriting, and link building strategies. Moreover, these keywords serve to boost the relevancy of your website, which is important to ensure that the right web pages are shown in search results for the right users.

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Implementing Various SEO Strategies

It no longer matters how your site ranks for an exact search keyword, as the way users search on the web has changed a lot over time. Today, there is much variety in how a web user searches for something online, especially with the advancements in voice search and such technologies. Due to the changes introduced to search algorithms, the result shown by Google to individuals are different and it will be based on the location, search history, type of device used, and many other such things, meaning that there is no universal “first page” anymore.

Google make use of RankBrain, which is an artificial intelligence tool to analyze the search queries to offer improved results to the users. This makes the results less predictable and will not offer websites any control on where and when they appear on the result pages. The first page that you see on Google for a particular query might not be the one that your friend sees from a long distance.

Google Search Console can help to assess the details of the “key” words and phrases that users searched for while your website was displayed among the results. The data from the Search Console tool will let you know that you should never measure the success of your SEO strategy based on the ranking of particular phrases, as most of your website visitors might have used other similar terms to reach to you.

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Importance of Text in Fashion SEO

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High-Level Categories

Online fashion is a virtual industry and it depends a lot on images to sell things. In the traditional marketing industry, visual content (images) is the king. However, in SEO point of view, text is more important, as the search engines rank text much higher than images. SEO services company India explains the importance of text in fashion industry. Read on to understand why text is more important than images in fashion industry.

Most of the fashion websites would like to keep their web pages clean and share high quality images to display their products in the best possible way. This is important, but it does not mean much to the search engines. For the page to rank high on search engines results page (SERP), it should tell the search spiders what the webpage is all about.

You can think of the search spiders as literate but blind creatures looking for quality websites. These spiders will not look for the beauty of the editorial images shared on fashion websites; instead, they will try to find the text. Besides, it is also helpful to visitors to have text in the web pages, as it will let them understand what you are offering.

Note that putting text within images is not a useful thing, as the search engine spiders will not be able to read texts written inside images. For instance, many fashion businesses put product descriptions or high-level categories inside headline images. However, the search bots will not be able to read these texts within the images, and so the effort will not bring forth any positive result. In addition, it is vital to ensure that information like your address and about us details appear in text format in the webpage.

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Search Engines Results

Another thing is using ALT tags, which tell search engines what the images shared on the webpage are about. In fact, ALT tags are very important in an SEO point of view, and can help with ranking your website. However, search engines rank on text much higher than the ALT tags. Ideal ALT tags are descriptive and should not overuse keywords within the tag.

Search engines like Google are much cryptic about the amount of on-page text. In their guidelines, they state that the amount of text shared on the site plays a crucial role in the overall quality score of the site and “the amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page.”

It is true that the quality and amount of content shared on the page is not the only thing that search bots look for while crawling web pages. Many things such as page speed, backlinks, mobile optimization, etc., also play crucial roles. However, the old SEO saying ‘content is king’ still rules the industry.

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10 Things that Have Nothing to Do with your Google Rankings

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Google Apps And Services

Several businesses and amateur online markers often ask what the age of your website, the H1/H2 preference of your headline, shared hosting, and bounce rate have in common. The answer is much simpler – none one of these directly affects the Google rankings of your website!

Some digital marketers have a misconception that anything and everything that they do on their website will have an impact on Google rankings. Well, it is true that some things do have an indirect impact on the rankings, not all things affect the ranking of your website. Below are 10 such things that have nothing to do with the Google rankings of your site.

The Age of your Site

Google doesn’t care whether you have registered your website in 1999, 2003, or 2017. They only care about these following things:

  • Whether your content is helping web users or not
  • Does your website have authority signals or links

Google Apps and Services

Some online researchers claim that the use of Google services and apps such as Google AdSense and Google Analytics will help their site to get better ranking. The reality is that Google doesn’t care whether you are using their apps and services or not. Moreover, this will not help you to get better rankings either.

Likes, Shares, and Re-Tweets

If you have a Facebook and Twitter page for your business with thousands of active likes and post shares, then it is certainly a good thing for brand promotion. However, Google doesn’t care about it until Facebook or Twitter users visit your website and check out your products and services.

Raw Bounce Rate or Time on Site

Amateur online marketers panic when they identify that the bounce rate of their site is a higher or when the time spent by the audience on their site is less. This doesn’t necessarily affect the Google ranking of your page. This is because higher bounce rate may also mean that you are providing users relevant information a lot more quickly.

Adding Scripts

Some digital marketers are a little bit hesitant to use JavaScript libraries such as React or Node in their website contents. If Google can crawl each of these URLs and see the content, and if the posted content that viewers and Google see is the same, then feel free to use them; however, it will not affect your Google rankings.

Presence of Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel that you can see on the right side of a website generates results from the same website itself. So, the presence of such a knowledge panel has no direct impact on the ranking of your website, although it might benefit the user and result in better engagement, which will indirectly help to boost your web page ranking.

Shared and Inexpensive Hosting

If shared or inexpensive hosting doesn’t affect the uptime or load speed of your website, then you will not have to worry about it destroying the ranking of your website. This is because Google doesn’t care whether you are using solo hosting or shared hosting.

Use of Defaults

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Raw Bounce Rate

Some digital marketers follow the practice of using meta robots tags in their internal links and assume that Google will crawl it. It is true that Google can crawl it and there is nothing wrong with this approach. Yet unfortunately, Google doesn’t count these things as ranking factors, which means that you will not benefit from it.

Using Characters as Separators in Title Element

You will not be able to boost the ranking of your website by incorporating the use of characters as separators in the title element. This is just a matter of personal preference rather than an SEO strategy.

Headlines and H Tags

We often hear amateur SEO analysts claiming that using a headline inside H2 tags is highly effective than using it inside H1. This is certainly not true and Google doesn’t care how you arrange or design the headlines in your posts. Although having H tags do have an indirect effect on delivering important content to the users.

As mentioned, there is nothing wrong with using all these strategies. However, before you put a valuable amount of your time and efforts for these methods, consider whether these strategies are helping you or not.

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Google’s Featured Snippets Improves Traffic to your Site

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Google’s Featured Snippets

Generating a good amount of traffic in search engines like Google requires a combination of the right SEO strategies. This not only includes building up quality links for getting more referral traffic, but also implementing other methods that are proven to bring more visitors to a website.

A new change in Google that you might have noticed is the “featured snippets”. These snippets are actually selected search results displayed on top of the organic results of Google, which mostly appear when a user inputs any kind of question in the search box.

In general, there are three types of featured snippets displayed on search engines.

  • Paragraph – The answer is provided in response to the user query in the form of text. Besides text, these snippets can also include an image.
  • List – List is a type of snippet where the answer is provided in the box in the form of a list.
  • Table –The answer is provided in a table in table snippet.

Of course, getting your website featured in the snippets would be an effective way to get more exposure to your brand in the search results. Even studies in the genre have shown that the rate of clicks is increased when a page is placed in a snippet box in Google.

The chances of getting your website featured in the snippets will be very high if the web pages were properly optimized for the right search queries. Currently, there are several search queries that have high chances of obtaining featured results. This is mostly focused on the areas of Health, Do It Yourself, Financial, Mathematical, Transitional, Status, etc. Additionally, search queries that are not listed out in featured snippets include shopping, images, videos and local.

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Google Organic Results

If your site is already ranking good, it can be further improved by optimizing the site to become featured in snippets. For getting your site included in the featured snippets, your web pages should precisely answer the questions asked by your target audience, maintain factuality, and use attractive images. You should also have properly organized questions on the web page and include several answers and facts relating to the queries.

The best SEO packages offered by pro SEO companies include creating and posting quality content on the site that can ensure your web page gets listed on the featured snippets. Besides, hiring a reliable SEO service provider always promises you guaranteed and satisfactory results.

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Why Should Your Business Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a proper digital marketing strategy is very important for any business in today’s competitive environment. Because, it is actually one of the easiest methods without spending on external resources. Here in this article, you will read about the importance to have a working digital marketing strategy.

You Might Be Directionless

If your business does not have a digital strategy, you will not have clear strategic goals on what needs to be achieved online, in terms of making deep relations with the existing customers, or in terms of making more and more new customers. Consequently, If your business does not have clear goals, it is likely that you will not put necessary resources to reach the goals, and neither make use of the analytics to evaluate your performance.

You Might Not Know Your Online Market Share

Your business may underestimate the customer demands if you have not researched in this area. More importantly, you will not be able to understand the online marketplace of your business. In this case, the dynamics will be much different from the traditional channels. As there will be varying customer behavior and profile, propositions, competitors, and options for the marketing communications.

You Might Be In a Disintegrate Stage

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Online Value Proposition

It is very common for digital marketing activities to be completed timely, whether that is being done by an in-house digital marketer or a by a separate SEO company. In this way, it will be easy to design a convenient digital marketing proposal for your business. However, experts in SEO and digital marketing doesn’t rely much on this method. Because they see this as outdated and less effective. According to these people, the integration of traditional response channels and media works best for digital marketing.

You Might Not Have Online Value Proposition

Without a proper digital marketing strategy, your business will not have a powerful online value proposition. Hence with a clearly defined online customer value proposition, your business will not be able to differentiate the online services to encourage the many existing and new customers to stay loyal to your business.

In conclusion, these are just a few things, which urge for the need of a proper digital marketing strategy. Obviously, you need a good approach to stay ahead in the game or even survive in this present digitally thriving world.

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