Performing Keyword Research in 2018

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Know Your Audience

The constant developments and innovations in the field of digital technology have brought significant changes to the marketing strategies over the years. One of the prime examples of this is SEO. Google is constantly introducing new tools and rules to make the life of internet users a lot easier. However, the downside is that the arrival of some of these new tools and rules might make the life of digital marketers a bit difficult.

For instance, let us assume that you have nailed the SEO of your website, and then a sudden update or new set of rules introduced by Google makes it all go erratic. Of course, keeping with the regular Google updates and making necessary changes to your website would save you the pain, but that might seem like a challenge if you are handling everything on your own. That is why most businesses hire an expert SEO service provider to do the job for them.

The year 2018 has brought some expected changes to the digital marketing arena. A lot of stress is on content marketing and keyword planning these days. So to help ease things, below are a few keyword research tips SEO experts recommend to follow in 2018.

Know your Audience

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Check Your Competition

You should always remember the fact that the keywords that you choose should be entirely based on your target audience. Therefore, you will need to put in extra efforts and understand what your target audience really needs. If you are able to identify what your potential customers are interested in and what they like, then you will be able to easily identify the right type of keywords with utmost ease.

Use Google’s Tools

Until a decade ago, most businesses had to conduct intensive studies and research to identify the needs of their target audience. Thanks to the latest technology innovations and tools, we no longer have to carry out such difficult researches manually. Tools such as Google Trends and Google AdWords can make the research process extremely comprehensive and instantaneous. Moreover, these tools can give you valuable insight to any keyword and even help you with more suggestions.

Check your Competition

Let us assume that you have already figured out more than a few keywords for your website. Type one of these keywords into Google and check the websites that appear in the top of Google’s search results page. These are your competitor sites, so take a good look at these websites and try to learn what is giving them a competitive edge. You can get help from SEO experts to analyze your site and compare it with your competitors’, which will help you know the strengths and weakness of your competitors’ SEO strategy.

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How Linking SEO and UX will Generate Positive Results

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Combining SEO And UX

Over the last few years, the way a user searches and finds content on the web has considerably changed. Most users tend to focus more on the design and the interface of the page that helps them to effortlessly navigate the page and find relevant content. Websites that fail at this crucial aspect are often disregarded by users, which in turn lead to low conversion rates. User engagement has become the key and UX plays a dominant role in this very aspect.

As SEO has progressed with newer developments and search engine upgrades, it is now giving priority to UX and user engagement. SEO can help in the rankings and conversion while an intuitively designed UX will help the user get what they want and aid in easy navigation across the web pages. The two approaches, when combined together, can generate results that are more fruitful and make the web more dynamic and helpful for users.

Relation between SEO and UX

The primary focus of UX is to ensure that users can effortlessly navigate through a site and find the relevant content that they are looking for. In this area, SEO can be of crucial help, as it can give insights into how to redesign the site for an overall increase in the user experience. The data gathered from users regarding their behavior and patterns of search can help in designing a website with the best UX.

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Good UX Implementation

Besides, the data gathered from SEO analysis provides information regarding shortcomings in any sections of the webpage, which can be then rectified. What an effective UX does is it creates a seemingly smooth experience for users when accessing a site. A website that has less bounce rate is a sign of good UX implementation, which can help in its rankings by earning a place in the good lists of Google.

UX can ensure a smooth navigation of the site that can aid Google in quickly indexing the content. In addition, it can greatly improve the site speed, readability, and provides a more responsive design that allows the site to rank better in search results. Thus, it has become clear under the current context of search engine preferences that UX and SEO are actually the same sides of a coin.

Having a website with proper SEO and UX can elevate its rankings greatly and serve its purpose well. Implementing a strategy that involves a close linking of both SEO and UX can help redefine the website and make it more productive and successful. Moreover, the shared data gathered from both UX and SEO can aid in identifying any limitations and overcome them to keep the website updated with the trends of the time.

How To Write Captivating Content For SEO

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Write Captivating Content

Digital marketers and bloggers will certainly accept the fact that SEO writing is both an art and science. To gain the attention of a loyal audience, you will need to be a gifted wordsmith who is capable of putting all the thoughts in your mind to a computer day in and day out. However, that’s not it; creating attractive SEO content requires careful attention to detail, a set of guidelines, and a deeper understanding of what your audience is looking for.

SEO content that captivates the attention of web users has the unique power to instantly turn users into leads. That said, it is true that some content writers and SEO professionals still stick with the outdated way of blog writing. They write contents and then poorly insert keywords in hopes of yielding better results.

It is crucial to note that this kind of content writing strategies does not work anymore, which means that it is best to avoid them and invest your time and effort in a proven and modern SEO writing strategy. Below are a few efficient SEO content tactics that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile Friendly Content

Google integrated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project back in 2016. This initiative urges digital marketers to create mobile-optimized content for web users, as it will help the web pages to load more quickly on mobile devices. This, in turn, offers a better internet using experience to the audience. So, make sure to create quality mobile friendly contents with short and attractive headings.

Long Form Content

Studies conducted by expert SEO marketers revealed a shocking conclusion that web users are not just looking for mobile friendly contents. Instead, they also want long form contents (1000+ words) with relevant infographics and more than 10 citations to resources. Long form SEO content performs incredibly well and it easily captivates the attention of users, as it easily fulfills all their desire for answers.

Short Form Content

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Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Now, you may be planning to shift the length of all your blog posts to over 1000 words. However, before you do so, note that the love for short form content (below 800 words) among web users is not lost either. However, the length and type of your content should be solely based on your audience. Therefore, if short form contents seem to work for you and your clients, it is okay to stick with it. Note that short form contents are more suitable for tablets and smartphones and they are also easier to share on social media platforms.

Even though SEO writing has greatly evolved over the years, the fundamentals of writing SEO contents still remain pretty much intact. Good quality content will always be on top of SEO trends. So, follow the trends and publish quality content as always.

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Important Content Marketing Metrics To Consider

Content Marketing Metrics
Content Marketing Metrics

Content marketing is an indispensable feature of SEO and largely determines the rankings in search engine results. Having an effective marketing strategy will help in generating positive results for sure. In fact, several metrics influence the success of content marketing. It helps in tracking the effectiveness of the marketing strategy implemented. Using such metrics can help in determining the outcome of your marketing campaign and correct any of the prevailing issues. Below are some of the important metrics that you should consider.

Content Marketing Metrics

Social Growth Of A Website

Evaluating the social growth of your website is an important metric. This helps to really determine the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. By knowing the shares, likes, and other factors that your site’s contents receive help us to evaluate social growth.

You can use numerous tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc., to obtain the necessary information of the traffic driven by a site through social media. Verifying that on a monthly basis will provide detailed information about the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy implemented on your site. Besides that, the data obtained is much useful for understanding the status of your brand as well as in making the required changes to make yourself more popular.

Influence Of External Content

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Influence Of External Content

The significance of user response to the content posted on the site is very much vital. Equally important to that is how the users are interacting with the content that is published on your website. You can verify the external content on a site to know about the effectiveness of the content in reaching to the target audience. The process of evaluating the status of the external content is the same as that of tracking the social trends, and you can use tools such as Screaming Fox, BuzzStream, Right Intel, etc., for the purpose.

Evaluating Content Strategies Of Competitive URLs

Another important metric that you should use is evaluating the content marketing strategies implemented by competitive URLs. Look for the frequency by which your competitors publish their content as well as the time when it is posted. This data obtained from competitive blogs can be used to make a comparison of the content-marketing strategy. And is implemented on your site and to supplement any of the shortcomings in your approach.

Remember that even if you analyze all the above metrics carefully and reprogram your content marketing strategy accordingly, you will still need to keep an eye on the page loading speed of your website. In fact, site speed is one of the prime metrics that determine whether your site would perform well or not. This is why you should also evaluate the speed of your entire site starting from the home page to the blog pages and ascertain that every page has fast loading times.

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Essential Tools To Identify And Understand Target Audience

Target Audience
Understand Target Audience

Analyzing the target audience is an essential component of SEO to get the best results. The amount of traffic that happens in a site is crucial for determining the strategies that are implemented for the sake of ranking and in identifying any faults. This will aid in effectively deploying the keywords as well as in identifying the type of audience that visits a site.

There are various conventional methods to determine the target audience. However, this is difficult and may not always bring accurate results. Still, you can use several tools for ascertaining the target audience in your site.

Essential Tools to Identify Your Target Audience

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most useful tools available to identify and evaluate the audience that visits a site. It is useful for those requiring a basic search volume trend line and any of the ideas related to a specific region. Google Trends will display many of the keyword search volume trends that have been prevalent in the search engine since the year 2004. With that, users can specifically access the data of particular time or of different countries.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is another valuable tool that provides detailed information regarding the interest level of people in different regions. Moreover, it can also provide useful information concerning any of additional search terms related to the keywords used in a website. This tool will help in preventing the use of terms that remains unpopular in a targeted area. It also provides accurate information about the geographic location of the target audience.


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Google Insights For Search

Quantcast is another useful tool available out there. This tool provides you with details of relative traffic and visitor demographics of any site. This tool aid is more useful if the sites are quantified because it enables in accessing accurate traffic and demographic information concerning the site. Quantcast can also be used to obtain the necessary sample data. This can further use to know more about the visitor demographics.


Compete is a tool that offers an accurate analysis into the traffic of competing sites. Pro account has many unique features like visitor demographics and search trends. When you use it on websites which are related to your site, this tool becomes highly effective.

Bing xRank

Bing xRank is particularly useful for better understand and compare the search trends in two search engines such as Google and Bing. This tool is especially useful for understanding the search volume trends that are prevalent on Bing.

skDiscourses is a technology enthusiast overwhelmed by the possibilities of the web. Likes to share about the recent developments in internet technology and writes authoritatively on the topic

Significance Of Image Optimization In SEO

Image Optimization
Image Optimization Tips

Images usually account for most of the downloaded bytes in web pages and also takes much visual space of the page. So it is very important to ensure that the images you post on your website are well optimized.

Image optimization is very important to reduce the loading time of websites. It is an important part of a successful e-commerce website. Have you ever wondered why your product photos do not show up when you perform a Google image search; or why you need to insert “Alt Tags” in your images; or what is the difference between GIF, JPEG, PNG, and other image formats? These are some of the important things, which you need to know while doing image optimization for your website. The image optimization tips shared below will help you know the answers to the above questions.

Name Images Descriptively

It is easy to keep the default name for the image file that is given by the camera, but that is not good if you are going to use these images for your website. As per expert SEO services company India, you should use acceptable keywords to name images, as this will help your web page rank well in various search engines. You should understand that search engines not only crawl the words on your website but also look for keywords within the file name of images.

Optimize Alt Tags

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Image Optimization

Alt tags are text alternative to images that are used by web browsers when they are unable to render them properly. Even if the image is properly rendered, you will be able to see the alt tag for the image, when you inspect the file’s HTML code. Alt tags add values to the website’s SEO and visibility. This is why it is important to add appropriate alt tags to the images.

Reduce Image File Sizes

Having images with small sizes on your website is very important, as bigger sized images will make your webpage slow to load. Most visitors will not wait for a long time for the website to load. Studies show that an average user waits for only three seconds for a website to load. In addition, Google makes use of page load time as an important factor in their ranking algorithm.