Google Analytics Releases New Functions Offering User Centric Insights

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User Centric Insights

Businesses are working hard to meet the increasing customer demands and to offer them an experience that is personal and relevant. Most of the online marketers say that understanding the way users engage across various devices and channels is very important to success.

Google Analytics is a tool used by the best SEO providers across the world. Recently, new features have been added to Google Analytics that can help measure customer engagement in a better way. These features are discussed below.

User-Focused Reporting

The latest version of standard reporting will now include Users in place of Sessions. This can reframe the data for focusing on ongoing engagement. This can be especially beneficial at instances where users visit more than one time, when compared to the total number of sessions. Before this update, online marketers and SEO services had to build custom reports to make a good picture about user data.

The latest update can be enabled by selecting Admin, and going to Property Settings in Google Analytics. Turn on the toggle switch to Enable Users in Reporting. This will make the data appear in your report.

Audience Reporting

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User-Focused Reporting

Previously, there was no way to create and publish audiences in Google Analytics. The latest version now offers options to publish Audiences to reports. This feature will allow online marketers to have a cross channel view of the audiences. There are also options to add them as a dimension in segments, custom funnels, and custom reports or as a secondary criteria in reports.

User Explorer

This is a new tool added to Google Analytics and allows marketers to see the lifetime dimensions and metrics at user level. This feature can open up new details to marketers, like the number of transactions and the total time spent on the site. These details can be very much useful to online marketers to devise new marketing strategies.

Conversion Probability

The conversion probability calculation applies information from older transactions to offer the probability of a user will convert into a buyer in the future. Marketers can specify a date range to calculate the Average Conversion Probability based on a dimension.

It is reported that conversion probability is rolling out in beta to all the Google Analytics accounts in the upcoming months. There is also a new Conversion Probability Report showing the probability for all users.

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Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Crucial for SEO

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Responsive Web Design

Newer trends adopted in the web are pointing at a radically new way that aims at enhancing the user experience. Some of these trends move away from the traditional concepts of web and follows a pattern that attracts users while also offering them more services in a quick and efficient manner. In fact, web pages are adopting new practices dictated by the upgrades of search engines to rank better in the results. Some of them like mobile optimization and faster page speed come only second to the most crucial factor such as a responsive web design.

Adhering to a responsive design is of utmost importance in order to improve the user experience as well as to rank better in the search engine results. In the point of view of SEO, adopting a responsive web design has immense possibilities. In fact, Google recently put forward the criteria that it will favor sites optimized for both mobile and web. This is important since a majority of the users have migrated to smartphones and tablets for accessing the internet. Below are a few reasons why responsive web design is crucial for SEO.

Enhanced Site Usability

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Enhanced Site Usability

Easy navigation in a website is crucial for the users to get along the pages and the information posted on it a short amount of time. The time on page is a key indicator used by Google to ascertain the value of a specific query. By adopting a responsive web design, users will find it much easier to navigate and find the specific information they are looking for quickly. This will enhance the user experience and the time on site thus leading to increased conversions.

Faster Page Loading

The loading time of a website is s critical ranking used by prominent search engines like Google. A web page having faster loading speed ranks better in search results and is preferred by users. With a responsive web design, a web page will attain faster loading speeds whether accessed from any platform, desktop or mobile. This can significantly enhance the user experience, thus leading to better rankings in the results.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Google keeps track of user behavior on a site particularly the time that they spent before leaving. A short time can indicate that the user is not satisfied with the information on the site. This can severely hamper the rankings of a site in the result pages. Adapting a responsive design will put emphasis on how the site elements are placed, which is an influential factor in attracting users and making it mobile friendly.

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Why Use the Best Social Media Optimization Company

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Social Media Optimization

In simple words, Social Media Optimization or SMO can be defined as the process of using various social media platforms to create awareness about your business among social media users. If your business is planning to use social media platforms to attract more potential customers to your website, then the most important thing you should do is to seek the help of a reliable SEO company. The expert SEO technicians will be able to implement an efficient SMO campaign that will help you to boost your products and service.

Several people have a misconception that posting contents and images on the social media pages and requesting users to subscribe or share the posts can bring more traffic to their website. The reality, however, is that social media campaigns do not work without proper targeting, strategy, and implementation, which means that the above-mentioned technique will not help you to earn more revenue. This is where seeking the help of an experienced Social Media Optimization company comes into play.

Professional SEO and SMO services will put into practice the right and most modern techniques to benefit your campaigns. Below are a few more reasons that will explain why it is best to seek the help of a professional social media services provider.

Indirect Search Improvement

If your social media posts are liked, interacted, shared, or if it is featured among the top stories, then it means that the visibility of the post has been increased. This in turn implies that more users will be able to see the products and services that you are selling on social media platforms. Expert SEO companies can easily create fresh and attractive content for social media posts that will capture the interest of your target audience.

Auto Marketing

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Efficient SMO Campaign

Fresh and attractive social media posts regarding the products and services of your business will gradually capture the interest of social media users. When this happens, they will start to check out your products and share them with their friends and other users. This virtual “word of mouth” endorsement by social media users can bring more revenue to your business at a fast pace.

User Community

Experienced SMO services will not only create attractive posts for you, but also engage users through polls, discussions, and through other proven techniques. This will help social media users to share their suggestions and complaints regarding your services, which in turn helps you to know what your target customers want.

Social media platforms are not just for watching cat videos and liking cute baby pictures anymore, because these platforms have evolved into a viable marketing platform for business. So, make use of these platforms to build your brand and lure in more customers to your offerings.

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Why you Should Hire SEO Experts Instead of Having an In-House Team

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Large-Scale Businesses

SEO is one of the most critical factors that can help a business to strengthen its online presence. Most of the small-scale and large-scale businesses all over the world incorporate the use of SEO techniques to lure in more customers to their products and services. This is because they are all aware of the fact that a well-implemented SEO strategy can bring immense value to their company and help them to earn more revenue.

However, several companies prefer to manage SEO on their own because they have a misconception that hiring a professional SEO company can be quite expensive. It is significant to note that if your employees lack the knowledge and skill to implement an effective strategy, then there is no point in wasting your resources, as you will not be able to secure a higher rank in the search results.

On the other hand, SEO experts with access to most modern SEO tools and have experience in dealing with different SEO techniques will be able to increase the rank of your website easily. If you are willing to do a little bit of research, you can find SEO experts who offer the best SEO packages to their customers for affordable prices. Below are a few more reasons that will explain why you should hire a professional SEO company instead of managing SEO on your own.

SEO can be Difficult

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Modern SEO Tools

When it comes to SEO, you will need to consider more than a few factors such as content optimization, effective backlinking, user experience, page load speed, and many more. In addition, you will also need to take care of your social media pages and create quality contents at regular intervals. Only an experienced and qualified SEO professional will be able to effusively implement and execute these tasks without fail, which means that it is best to seek the help of SEO experts.

SEO Is an Ever-Changing Landscape

It is crucial to note that the rules and techniques of SEO keep on changing on a regular basis, which implies that the world of SEO is truly dynamic. Therefore, if you are taking care of the SEO strategies of your business on your own, you will need to keep a close eye on the algorithm changes and latest rollouts. An amateur online marketer might not have the adequate expertise, time, and resources to optimize their site, as per the new updates of Google.

Mistakes can be Disastrous

Several amateur SEO analysts often fail to realize the fact that the implementation of wrong techniques or tactics can negatively affect the SEO rankings of their site. SEO experts are aware of these issues, which is why they restrain themselves from the use of these inaccurate SEO tactics. So, if you wish to boost the online presence of your business without any issues, it is best to hire a professional SEO company.

NNWriteslife is passionate about the ever evolving technological landscape. Creative writer, Movie buff, Mathematics prodigy, GOT lover, Avid blogger, Comic Nerd, Social media enthusiast wishing to connect with like-minded people and inspire the world. When NNtalkslife isn’t busy working, he’s at a desk running a marathon of his favorite TV shows

Progressive Web Apps and its Impact on SEO

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Progressive Web Apps

More users are increasingly resorting to mobile devices for accessing the web. This has facilitated dramatic changes all over the web for developing mobile-friendly sites. Such rapid changes have lead to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative aimed at a faster mobile web experience. It was successful and many sites have already adopted its framework for offering better web experiences to the users. Meanwhile, developers at Google went a step further and created the Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Progressive Web Apps is essentially a mix of both a website and a mobile app. It offers the user experience of an app on a mobile browser. The mobile web pages will feature the appearance and feel of an app along with its functionality. Besides, it will offer all the features of an app such as push notifications, offline usage, and adding as a shortcut to the devices’ home screen. PWA reflects a new change in the user experience of web pages and thus has immense value in SEO.

Speeds up Indexability

Progressive Web Apps, when integrated into an application, virtually increase the speeds in which they are indexed. From the SEO point of view, quick indexing means that the search engine would rank them better in the search results. This increased user experience meant that it will be indexed by Google much faster.

Enhanced User Engagement

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Enhanced User Engagement

Progressive Web Applications have several benefits over conventional web pages. It works much faster and offers an app like experience to the user thus enhancing their engagement. Faster loading speeds means better performance and conversion rates, which will surely reflect in the search engine rankings. PWA has other features as well that allow push notifications to alert the user quickly with a snapshot or summary of the message. This can considerably enhance the user engagement and promote better user experience.

Promotes Easy Navigation

With Progressive Web Applications enabled on an app, it can decrease the various steps that users need to take for interacting with the contents of the app. With PWA, the download times are reduced largely and does not reroute the user to the Play Store. This makes it much easier for the users to interact with a web page without signing in or involving in any other complicated procedures.

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5 Common Mobile SEO Mistakes that Affect Digital Marketing

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Common Mobile SEO Mistakes

As an overall majority of the users has switched to mobile devices for accessing the web, the demand for optimizing the sites to suit these devices has increased massively. Due to this, webmasters have resorted to a completely new range of techniques in SEO in order to optimize the sites for properly viewing in mobile devices.

Even though mobile SEO has acquired a new facet, it is surprising to see that people often give less attention to this feature. However, the popularity of mobile marketing means that failing to give adequate attention to mobile SEO can lead to disastrous results of low traffic and rankings. That is why you need to understand the importance of mobile content and implement every measure in order to optimize a web page for mobile devices.

It is seen that when focusing on mobile SEO, some people tend to make a few common mistakes that negate the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies. So to help you out, below are 5 things that you need to avoid to get maximum results from the SEO strategy.

Lack of Responsive Design

Lack of a responsive design is one of the common mistakes in mobile SEO. Responsive design refers to the way that a website is made so that its content appears the same while accessing through any kind of device. Most websites fail to keep this point in mind, and as a result, do not go for a responsive web page layout. However, having a responsive design ensures that a website will run perfectly on any device, enhance user traffic from mobile devices, as well as aid in tracking and reporting the analytics.

Blocking File Indexing

Indexing is one of the most crucial aspects that influence the search experience. So failing to focus on the technical side of mobile SEO can negatively affect the website. One important technical aspect to consider is robots.txt, which instructs the search engine crawlers to properly index the web pages. Although some users switch off this Googlebot from indexing the files in order to optimize the site, the tactic often backfires and leads to a decline in web page rankings.

Slow Loading of Mobile Pages

Users accessing the web from mobile devices give priority to the speed by which a website loads. Therefore, a slow loading page can frustrate the users and thus negatively affect their user experience while also increasing the chance of visitors leaving the page before it is displayed. Search engines like Google also rank such slow loading pages low in the search results.

Absence of Rich Snippets

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Lack Of Responsive Design

Another common mistake in mobile SEO is neglecting the importance of rich snippets. Rich snippets feature in the search results and display important information from a website along with its other elements like page title, URL, and Meta description. Including rich snippets will certainly reward the website and can help in better capturing the interests of the users. It is also preferred by Google and integrating them into a website will surely increase the web page rankings and user traffic.

Issues with the Multimedia Content

Another common issue that can interfere with your mobile SEO strategies is the multimedia contents of a web page. Multimedia can surely make a site more engaging; however, you need to ensure that they run without any issues on all the devices. Any glitches or problems can slow down the website and thus affect the user experience. In fact, the growing number of viewers using mobile devices to view multimedia content these days means that such issues should be given the most priority and corrected as soon as possible.

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Dominating SEO Trends you Need to Watch For

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Utilizing SERP Features

SEO has grown into a complex science today and its ever-changing nature makes it really challenging. As popular search engines try hard to improve the quality of the results, some of the ranking factors lose its value and some of them become more important. In fact, entirely new ranking factors can also appear from nowhere. Still, some of the web page ranking factors still rule the digital marketing arena. Below are a few such dominating trends that would help your SEO strategies gain momentum in the days to come.

Bring SERP Features into Play

Number one organic ranking is no longer the best way to get much traffic to your website. The SERP features like knowledge panels, local packs, featured snippets, etc., are stealing the show, and people click on such results on the organic search results. With the SERP features, it has become important to track the rankings of your website inside these features and monitor them that apply for your keywords.

Learn the Use of Structured Data

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Use Of Structured Data

Structured data is a HTML formatting way that makes use of specific vocabulary. It tells search engines how to interpret the content of your web page and how to display the same in the search engine result pages. Structured data can help you to improve the search listings via rich snippets and knowledge graph panels. In fact, studies show that rich snippets can help in boosting the CTR of your listings by about 30%.

Focus on Content, Always

It is really difficult to convince Google that your website has great content when it does not have. Your site can also be penalized for trying it. Google makes use of many ways to assess the quality of content shared on your web pages. In fact, Google looks at numerous pages and the terms that are used in them to decode the content and decide if the content shared in your web page would be relevant to the end user. Therefore, to ensure that your content is appropriate, comprehensive, and beneficial to the user, you need to research the pages that rank high in your niche and look for the features that they have in common.

Apart from these three things, keep an eye on the page speed of your website. Speed is not only a ranking signal but also a user interaction factor. As per Google, a web page should load in less than three seconds. To find the loading speed of your web page, you can take the page speed test of Google. If you see any problematic factors in the test, you can click on it to expand it and to have advices on fixing it.

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How RSS Feeds Helps in Formulating an Effective SEO Strategy

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Increasing the ranking of a website simply means making it more visible in the search engine results page, thereby generating more user traffic. This is one of the fundamental goals of SEO, and it strives to optimize the sites for ranking higher in the result pages of popular search engines like Google. A low ranking can negatively affect the user traffic on to a website that can further have an adverse influence on the business or service. For this very purpose, SEO uses a combination of both tried-and-tested strategies and modern digital marketing techniques.

Most of the new techniques for improving the rankings are developed in accordance with the ongoing trends and updates in search engine algorithms as well as user behavior. Using RSS Feeds is one such way to increase the rankings of a website.

RSS Feeds have become one of the most important tools used in SEO and increasingly used by webmasters to formulate the right strategies for ranking a site. In fact, most of the SEO packages rely on such techniques to clearly rank a website on top and generate more traffic.

What is RSS?

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RSS Feeds And SEO

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) refers to an XML based format intended for the distribution of content. It allows users to get access to all the latest updates on a website without the need to check the site each time. The updated contents are delivered via an RSS Feeds, which is easily accessible and gives all the latest updates. A majority of the websites has the provision for RSS Feeds and subscribing to it will help the users with access to the latest content in a quick amount of time.

RSS Feeds and SEO

The relation between RSS Feeds and SEO is inseparable, that most webmasters have resorted to maintaining them in order to help in the rankings. As search engines mostly prefer updated and original content, RSS Feeds are ideal for increasing the visibility of the site in the search results. Adding the feeds to the websites’ page code will enable the search engines crawlers to evaluate the updated contents and thus help in moving the rankings up.

A regular upkeep of site contents is sought over by search engines, and this helps improve their visibility to rank higher on the result pages. Using RSS Feeds will continually refresh the site with updated contents sourced from within or external sources without the need to manually update each time. Moreover, it is much easier to implement RSS Feeds into a website and therefore is a viable option to better rank a site.

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How to Develop a Successful Local SEO Strategy for 2018

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Successful Local SEO Strategy

2018 is just around the corner and most of us have already started to plan our steps into the next year. If you are on the run as well, one of the most important things that you should address in that regard is your local SEO strategy. This is because experts in the field of digital marketing claim that approximately half of all Google searches are going to be locally related next year. So to help you out, below are a few local SEO mistakes that you should certainly avoid in the upcoming year, so that you can maximize your digital marketing efforts and steer way ahead of your competitors in 2018.

#1 Paying Zero Attention to Normal SEO Ranking Factors

It is a widely known fact local SEO is quite different when compared to normal SEO, but assuming that they are entirely different is a bad move. This is because there are several factors that influence both local SEO and global SEO and some of them are as follows.

Domain Authority

Not all businesses are equal and the ones with a higher domain authority will always receive a greater ranking on popular search engines like Google. So, put in extra efforts and work to improve the initial domain authority of your business by gaining quality external and internal links.

Search Results in CTR

It is seen that Google keeps a close track on the CTR to your business website from the Google search result page. This is to identify how your business is resonating with your target audience and other web users. Therefore, you need to adjust and maintain the On-Page SEO of your website, be it for local audience or global users.


Another crucial factor that is vital for the success of local SEO is backlinks. Factors such as the quantity and quality of your backlinks will play a critical role in determining the strength of your local SEO. Therefore, if you have not yet created an efficient link building strategy for your local users, it is high time to implement one.

#2 Not Adding Accurate NAP Information

One of the core metrics used by Google to rank websites in the search results page is NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). This means that you will need to publically display your NAP information consistently across all platforms. Note that search engines refer to the NAP information provided on your site with multiple sites such as Google My Business Page, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and others.

#3 Not Earning Local Reviews

Try to get high quantity, high diversity, and high-quality local reviews, as it can boost your local SEO efforts. Reach out to your existing customers and request them to write a genuine review for your prospective customers. It is significant to note that review signals account for approximately 10 percent of the local ranking factors.

#4 Not Claiming your Google My Business Page

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Normal SEO Ranking Factors

The first and most important thing you should do is to claim your Google My Business page because it accounts for about 15 percent of local ranking signals. A major proportion of the information used by Google to rank your site comes from the Google My Business page and not from the main website.

#5 Ignoring the Negative Local Ranking Factors

The last thing you should note is that there are several negative factors, which may affect the ranking of your local business website. This means that you should try to follow these following tips too.

  • Do not list your business in an incorrect category.
  • Do not use an inaccurate phone number and business address.
  • Avoid the use of UPS mail, PO boxes, and other digital addresses.

Above all, if you wish to lure in more customers to your local business, you will need to hire an expert SEO services provider that can bring you the desired results within the preset deadline.

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3 Outdated SEO Tactics That you Should Not Follow Anymore

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Outdated SEO Tactics

SEO is an ever-changing world and it is imperative to update and change the tactics followed to get the best results. However, many SEO companies still make use of outdated SEO tactics in hopes that they might still work. Such SEO practices may offer you some results, but adopting obsolete strategies will do you much harm in the long run. Detailed below are some of the outdated SEO tactics that you need to avoid at all costs.

Exact Match Domains

Exact match domains (EMDs) were a much used hot topic once. It was very easy to make a microsite on an EMD to rank much faster than the traditional branded domains. With an exact match domain, your domain will be matching the exact keyword phrase that you are targeting. In the past, they even ranked in a few weeks or a couple of days. However, EMDs totally lost its power when Google adjusted their algorithm and released a few updates. Nowadays, they are much likely to be flagged as spam, either manually or algorithmically.

Link and Article Directories

Link directories have become useless these days. However, niche specific high quality directories, which follow very strict editorial guidelines, are still relevant. Link directories had served as an efficient and effective way to categorize sites long before the search engines were so powerful and effective as they are now.

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Using Reciprocal Linking

In those days, link directories exploded in popularity as they helped to satisfy the appetite of digital marketers to have easy and fast links, and the crave of site admins to have additional revenue. However, they do not offer any real value to the users, and so, search engines started to ignore these directories gradually. With the evolution of search engines, the link directories lost their effectiveness and became a wasteland of low quality, useless links that can get your website penalized.

Reciprocal Linking

In the eyes of a search engine, a link to another website is a vote for that particular site, and so, reciprocal linking is like saying, “If you vote for me, I’ll vote for you.” Google and the other search engines see this as a manipulative link practice. However, many SEO companies and digital marketers still follow this practice and trade links blindly. Many of the links are simply dumped on resources or links page, or broken to categorical pages, which do not provide any value to the visitors. You should never follow this tactic though, as Google can now penalize your site for using reciprocal linking.

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