AMP, And How It Will Change SEO

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Google’s AMP project is a means of making content load faster on mobile devices. This improves on the traditional model of displaying mobile content by relying on a specific type of markup language called the AMP HTML. What it does basically is streamline the content so that it shows up well on, say, an iPhone 6.

This works to give the mobile user an article layout that is just text and images, but which also loads faster than traditionally formatted content, by up to 10 times.

Why AMP Is Important For SEO

Google is very vocal about making pages load faster and having them mobile-ready, both of these being major metrics in the way they are ranked. Faster sites are more mobile-friendly too, and are a lot more likely to clicks from search users. Meanwhile, Google has come a long way, in that it doesn’t just serve up sites as results anymore, but even answers questions. The “featured snippets” feature, for example, can give simple, quick answers to people who are on a schedule.

The problem is, snippets aren’t so handy for complex questions, and for those, you have more detailed articles. If it happens that the article page is slow to load on mobile devices, users aren’t satisfied. This led to the creation of AMP, and sites using it are now likelier to figure first in SERPs.

The Pros Of AMP On SEO And Online Marketing

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Changes In SEO

Articles that load faster can be good for publisher/reader relationship. Speed being the main benefit driving this improvement, the use of AMP can boost page views and returning clicks, as well as ad views and content sharing and engagement.

  • Ranking higher in SERPs: AMP content has the advantage of being shown at the top of a search results page, and it will stay that way until Google decides otherwise. The current style of display has these pages in the swipe-able carousel, without a paid placement option. There will also be an icon signifying that a page has been built on AMP.
  • AMP is open source: Google isn’t the only source of programming minds contributing to AMP development. Anyone with a viable improvement idea can pitch in and make changes in the specifications. This makes AMP more adaptable to the changes in publishing formats.
  • Content gets to more readers: Despite the benefit to Google mainly comprising being able to rival Facebook’s Instant Articles, it also means anyone doing a relevant search will be able to see these posts, and not just someone with a Facebook account.

How To Make Your PPC Campaign More Effective

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PPC Marketing

With content and social media on the rise, Pay-Per-Click campaigns are taking up a considerable share of ad revenue. Last year, Google made $51 billion in this alone, and this is in spite of 198 million people using ad blockers in their browsers.

However, the viability of PPC has undoubtedly taken a turn, what with the shift in consumer demographics, mobile technology, and the new SERP layout from Google. The techniques, which performed so well until now are simply not as effective today, which raises a need to revamp your PPC strategy. Here is what you need to do.

Invest More, And Compete

Competition is prime, and the success of your ads will always derive from how relevant they are. Google recently dropped their right-side ads, so now you have just seven spots on the results page worth aiming for. Although, this means higher CPCs, and bidding for keywords is going to get even more competitive. Raising your budget for the most effective keywords is currently a smart way to invest in PPC success.

Use Visuals

PPC usually brings to mind search ads, but those are far from the only options to consider. Video advertising is on the rise, and despite how annoying they are, you cannot deny that they are effective. On an average, videos give a lesser bounce rate, increase time on site, and are likelier to be remembered.

AdWords users can choose the video option for their display network, but this is not the only place you should be putting up videos. Try using YouTube, Pandora, and Facebook to get out at their customers too.

Go Social

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Paid social media ads will continue to grow in popularity and effectiveness, especially among the millennial crowd, because this is one demographic that doesn’t really trust conventional ads. Since they make up the bulk of the consumer crowd, it is best to build and adjust your strategies with them in mind.

Social media ads are passive enough to be discovered at leisure, while also being significantly more cost effective. There is also more room for personalization with the former, making it easier for you to target ads to the right demographic.

The bigger picture seems to indicate that PPC is not going anywhere for the time being. Experts project 2016 as a big year for content marketing, and we would like to see where paid ads stand by the time it is Christmas.

Pay Per Click Advertising – A Brief History

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Pay Per Click Ads

Today is the time of internet advertising. Internet based ads are cheaper and more reachable. Among the various internet based advertising methods, Pay-Per-Click ad is the cheapest form.

Initially, PPC was started as a means to generate revenue. In incentive-based websites, Pay-Per-Click is both useful and cost-effective means of advertising. Along with companies, many internet users also make use of this option to earn some extra income.

A Brief History Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC evolved as an advertisement method over the years. If you look back into the history, you would know that Pay-Per-Click was introduced by Yahoo in the early 1998. Later on, other companies followed up this marketing strategy. Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter are the ones who top the charts now.

Today, you will no longer find the initial type of Pay-Per-Click marketing options. Search based marketing leads all other methods in the PPC advertising market. There are also many other types of search engines that have been incorporated with PPC advertising. Some of them include Ask and Looksmart.

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PPC Advertising

Although Pay-Per-Click ad is considered as the cheapest form of advertising, it may not yield the desired result at times. You would find it mainly when the results are not always favorable. Through PPC ads, you can increase the traffic to your website. But there is no guarantee that all users who click the ads will be your prospective customers. In this scenario, it is important to hire a reputed PPC company who can convert the traffic into potential sales.

Search Engines In Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The role of search engines in PPC advertising is great. Usually, search engines make use of bidding as a form of Pay-Per-Click advertising. If you are an advertiser, you can submit your ads at a PPC company with a list of useful keywords. They will associate these links with a website and the website owner will receive revenue, usually in cents, for each click on the ads put. The ads that are clicked most often will then appear at the top of website or of the search results.

Pay-Per-Click ads are a good means of revenue for website owners. You can get ads on your website with the help of a PPC company.

Why Is SEO Still Necessary?

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SEO Benefits

Every company wants to be seen online and Search Engine Optimization seems to be the only way of doing this. Some companies do SEO on their own by recruiting experienced professionals while others go for the best SEO packages available out there. Either way, it benefits the company.

In recent times however, it seems that a number of companies are becoming quite unconvinced about SEO. They seem to be confused whether SEO can actually benefit them. Well, SEO hasn’t lost its significance, but in fact, has become more essential today than any time in the past.

There is no clue of whatsoever that Search Engine Optimization will be pushed away any time soon. So, if you haven’t really thought of doing SEO for your website, remember that it is the right time. However, before you move ahead, here are a few things you might want to know about the process.

How Can An SEO Team Benefit You

By hiring a provider who offers best SEO packages, you can make a lot of differences in your workflow and online campaigns. When an SEO company is hired, you do not have to worry about this particular aspect at all. You can focus your entire attention on the daily running of your business and move forward in quick pace.

How Soon Can You Get The Results

Whatever efforts you put on SEO will reflect in the workflow and online presence of your business. However, never expect instant results. SEO is like building the foundation. If you do it better from the beginning, the results from it are going to be around for a very long time in future.

How Much Should You Invest

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Affordable SEO Packages

One of the best sides of SEO is their affordability. If you consider any other means to popularize your product or service in the market, you would find it more expensive than doing it online. So ultimately, SEO is the most affordable yet most useful means of marketing and campaigning. Even if you go for the best SEO packages, it would take up only a minute portion of your annual budget set for marketing strategies.

How To Reach Local Market

Local SEO searches are more important and therefore they need to be given more attention. The increase in the number of mobile users has made optimization of local SEO searches more essential these days. By improving on local SEO searches, you can ensure that you are not losing any of your prospective local clients because they can grow as your main client base in long run.

3 Tips For Blogging For SEO

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Blogging For SEO

Blogging is essentially throwing free information to draw in customers, and it is an SEO tack that still works if done right. With a steady stream of relevant content blowing in their faces, they will not ignore your blog the way they do the ads. Plus, if it is something a visitor wants to read, you have halfway humanized the company and maybe even made it more relatable. Here are some quick tips on blogging for maximum exposure.

Use WordPress

WordPress is commonly cited as the best platform for optimized blogging, because it is easy to use, free, and built to be search engine optimized. The Permalink setting can be set to Post Name so you automatically get a URL with the title in it.

WordPress also has plugins including a sitemap generator to ease search engine discovery, a Webmaster toolkit to help improve ranking, as well as other tools that let you spot problem areas. The SEO tools can be used to optimize the site for best exposure. Lastly, WordPress lets you build an awesome blog without any web design skill, by choosing from a number of premium themes.

Maintain Quality

Google’s search engine bots are always in search of sites that can be trusted, and that means knowing what you are talking about, and having the online neighborhood agree. It comprises sites and businesses in your field of interest, which is what your content is based in.

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Blogging Tips

Another vital metric is the bounce rate, which tells you if visitors simply click and leave, or spend time to check out the content. If it is written in cracked up English visitors will know, and Google will find out. In addition, content should not be duplicate, repetitive, or mass-produced. Overall, you should be aiming for quality.

Keep Bringing In Fresh Content

Both main search engines – Google and Bing — rank pages for freshness, either based on the date their bots discovered it, or when it was last updated noticeably. You can repurpose old content or simply create something new on your blog, but new stuff has to be added.

A new blog (page on your site) every other day will keep you in good standing with the search engines. Don’t put up content that sticks to the same topic either. Find and use new idea, fresh perspectives, and trending topics. You can use anything that holds you in front of the faces of current and potential customers.

The Importance Of Investing In SEO

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Search Engine Optimization

New technologies emerge in the IT sector on a daily basis. In the case of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we have been seeing a number of changes in the past few years. However, the very concept SEO remains relevant and highly crucial in the branding process of a business. It seems that no business can ever be shot into fame without using the benefits of SEO.

Millions of brands across the world make use of Search Engine Optimization to materialize their business goals. They are very much convinced about the benefits of SEO and its power in helping them compete in today’s digital market. Hence, if you want to succeed in digital marketing, there is no shortcut. The only way is to invest in SEO. There are companies that maintain even a dedicated team of experts for Search Engine Optimization and it really works for them.

Despite its necessity, there are many companies that still think that SEO is a waste of time. They think so because they are not really convinced about how Search Engine Optimization works. SEO came to the fore quite recently when online-based advertising and social media started to become part of everyone’s life. Prior to that, no companies did SEO and they could survive without it. But today, the picture is different.

Benefits Of SEO
SEO For Business Growth

Though a company or brand can survive without SEO, their reach will be very limited. In normal advertising, it is quite difficult to target a group of audience who would be really interested in your product and services. SEO opens a wide door for them. It makes a brand or service popular across a seamless geographical area, helping you target a select group of people who are more likely to become your customers.

Nowadays, people consider online presence of a brand or company as an important factor to validate them. They are likely to discard the brands that don’t have online presence. SEO helps you make your online presence stronger. Moreover, online marketing is quite cheaper than conventional advertising tactics. There are dedicated services that can help you do SEO at affordable rate.

3 Ways To Stay Ahead In SEO

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Best SEO Practices

Search engines these days are very serious about refining and revamping their algorithms to bump irrelevant search results. But these also work to make sure you can’t really manipulate search results; at least not without significant effort. In a nutshell, they are not going to market lousy web pages.

Effective SEO entails that you know the important ranking factors to grasp and cling to success. But just as important is the ability to anticipate what a search engine is going to do next. Veterans in the field would no doubt know, that a single algorithm can change the game radically. Yet, where is it better to focus your efforts when navigating SEO changes this year? Some experts in the industry say you should be doing the following things.

Give People What They Want

Get the users the best experience – through an undeniably useful product or engagingly creative content, including the latest news – and it is a good bet these things will sooner or later boost your rank. It has a given that Google will make the algorithms more complex, and harder to mess with. But this shouldn’t bother sites which focus on user experience.

Offer Speed and Security

Google has long stood by speed as a slight ranking factor, as well as with HTTPS. The message they are sending is clear: Google wants the web to be faster and more secure, and will aid efforts in that direction.

HTTP/2 was formally greenlit in 2015, and Google has come up with its own version, called SPDY. This allows browsers to place multiple requests to the server in a single connection. The technology looks like it will become standard be the end of the year. Google may incentivize its use by raising the cap on allowable SEO referrer information in Google Analytics.

Build Brand Exposure

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Optimizing Your Site

Generally speaking in the SEO sense, there is going to be a lot of work done in the direction of branding. What we have seen of RankBrain shows us that Google is setting to send more signals that are user-driven. That means more factors, which SEO experts cannot manipulate easily. The algorithm can already make out the contextual meaning behind words, so it is decidedly hard to fool.

Over the past decade and even from earlier on, many businesses have taken little care in choosing an agency to manage SEO – a vital aspect of marketing. Many have had their websites take a big hit because of that. This stresses the need to understand key concepts in areas such as content marketing, SEO and conversion.

5 Tools To Help Social Media Marketing

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Have you been looking for ways to optimize your social media marketing methods more effective? There are several tools which can be used to save you time. With the right tools, it is easy to stay focused on the results you want to achieve, and drive up amount of work you can get done in a day.

Here are some productivity tools you should be looking at.


This must be the easiest way to save inspiring content for later reference. You get text, audio, and image options as well as the provision to type, dictate or take a picture of the thing you want to be looking at later. This app syncs with all your devices, so you get to access content wherever you are.

Cold Turkey

When you are hard at work, there can be a hundred different distracting sites to veer you from your projected goal. The internet works that way, and that is not going to change soon. You need something to block the websites that don’t pertain to the work you are doing.

Cold turkey lets you do that to a group of websites for a specified period, but it is not the best choice if you need to check many native websites in the course of your work. For others, a couple of hours using this tool can be the most productive part of their workday.

Set Up Canned Email Responses

This isn’t exactly a tool of itself, nor is it new by most measures. Gmail lets you saved template responses to emails to facilitate efficient mail handling. Enable the feature from the Labs tab in Settings, and then open the message editor to type out your canned response. Save it by clicking on the option in the lower-right corner.


Useful Tools
Tools To Boost Traffic

Keep a secure list of your passwords and pins. This saves you the time and effort of recalling them in a time of need. 1Password is a solution for protecting your passwords as well as making them instantly available to you. You can also use the auto fill feature for convenience.


A task automation solution, IFTTT saves you the bother of repeating actions throughout the day. Whether you want to build a Twitter list for a particular hash tag, or get an email notification when someone tags your business, IFTTT can take care of all that.

These are some tools which can make a great difference in the way you manage your time, and by extension, your work situation. Check back for more useful tools that can boost your social media marketing efforts.

How SEO Influences The Success Of Your Business

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SEO Benefits

You may be running a business that has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yet, you are expected to know the basics of SEO to grow as an entrepreneur. Doing SEO may not be your cup of tea but knowing at least what it is all about will definitely help you find the right SEO service provider and thereby boost your business reach.

How SEO Can Help Your Business Grow

Today, reaching out to the audience or customer base is easy, thanks to internet and social media. But there are millions of entrepreneurs who utilize the scope of these medium to reach out to their people. A beginner would face challenges because he has to outdo all his competitors to attract his customers. This is where SEO comes to play. SEO helps you improve your presence in the extremely crowded online environment.

To create a noticeable online presence, you need to spend a good amount of time. But the wait is worth. There are no shortcuts for getting a quick online presence. It is only possible through continuous and regular website optimization.

SEO helps you achieve your business goals through two methods: by providing your website with content-centric view of the product or service you provide, and through incorporating the scope and possibilities of social media.

Both these have immense potentiality in business and marketing. However, all these efforts would be useful and meaningful only through giving more focus on the quality of content; something that only a professional SEO service provider can assure you with.

Basics Of SEO
SEO Companies

Search Engine Optimization companies are up to date with online trends. They are quite familiar with search algorithms used by search engines giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They quickly identify the keywords that could bring more attention and audience to your website.

When you work with a SEO service provider, the professionals there would evaluate the nature of your business, goals, target audience, scope, etc. They would then draft effective SEO plans that would make the most of the online possibilities in favor of your business goals.

An SEO provider would not only help you in making your presence stronger in the online space but would also tell you what creative changes you need to bring about in your business goals for future survival and growth. And that’s obviously going to help your business grow.

Capturing More Leads With Your Website

Lead Capture Tips

A brand website is one of those things which can net you significant business these days. But the sweetest benefits are only tangible as long as you remember that the website has many purposes. One of the pertinent ones, where Business to Business (B2B) companies are concerned, is lead generation.

SEO and digital advertising are some of the best ways to complement the effects of lead generation in a bid to get the right people looking at your content. For one, this ensures you mainly get visitors who are interested in what you’re selling. Let’s see how lead capture can be carried out effectively and profitably on your website.

How Lead Capture Works

At its simplest, lead capture is the way by which you convert a website visitor into a sales target you can get in touch with, on the phone or through email. That is a simplified take; in practice it’s usually a lot more complex “converting” a visitor.

Following are some aspects you’ll need to consider about lead capture.

  • How can you get leads to your website?
  • What are the incentives you’ll need to draw out their contact info?
  • How can leads be captured at different stages of the buying cycle?

The Role Of Content

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Importance Of Content

The most important tool for attracting leads is content. It’s what the reader sees and judges your site by. Your content needs to be created, optimized, published and promoted inside a well-devised inbound marketing strategy. At its core, the program should be able to solve business problems for your audience. This will in turn boost traffic to your website, as well as get you the targeted audience – the type of people who are looking for your kind of solution. The content serves to add incentive to the leads at different stages of the buying cycle.

Why Is Educational Content Important?

Consider a visitor arriving at your website. What are they looking for? Content, of course. With the right content laid out on the page, you can offer them a solution to their problem. The underlying aim is to:

  • Get them to connect with you. You carry the burden of giving them a reason for this.
  • Convey a call to action, wherein you tell them what to do next.

A call to action can be something a simple as asking readers to download a schematic of the blog’s theme. If they wish to know it in greater detail, they can enter their name and email address to have more information mailed to them. This is one way to capture a lead.

Targeting The Final Stages Of Buying

For visitors who’ve hit upon a purchase option they think is right, white papers and mailing list subscriptions can be a bit redundant. Content, however, can be helpful here as well. Bear in mind that this is when they will be looking to understand how your product faces up to the competition. You could benefit from providing infrographics, videos and case studies. It’s a smart move to place calls to action like “Request a Free Consultation”, so you can establish contact and hopefully convert visitors into a customer.

Various calls to action can be employed at the different buying stages to boost your success as a business. Lead capture is essentially a way to draw in customers into connecting with you.