Content marketing is an indispensable feature of SEO and largely determines the rankings in search engine results. Having an effective content marketing strategy will help in generating positive results for sure. In fact, several metrics influence the success of content marketing and help in tracking the effectiveness of the marketing strategy implemented. Using such metrics […]

Google updates its search algorithm several times a year, and introduces new ranking factors every now and then, even though there are many already. It is always good to pay attention to the latest updates from Google, as they can provide new ranking opportunities or many introduce new criteria for the webmasters. However, in the […]

Hearing the word “social media” in a job title brings a smirk or slight giggle to the face of several people because they feel that social media is a fun and time-wasting thing to do during leisure hours. The thought of managing social media pages, writing social media content, and creating ads in these platforms […]

Analyzing the target audience is an essential component of SEO to get the best results. The amount of traffic that happens in a site is crucial for determining the strategies that are implemented for the sake of ranking and in identifying any faults. This will aid in effectively deploying the keywords as well as in […]

In simple terms, a featured snippet is a summarized reply to the query of a user in the organic search results of Google. Usually, the snippet will be extracted from a result page and will include the title and link of the page and the URL. It can also be lists, tables, or paragraphs with […]

White Hat Search Engine Optimization experts say that On Page SEO is vital for business longevity. A proper SEO plan would take surely businesses far and ahead into the future, and even to the point of which links become a pages’ trusted ally. Nevertheless, below are the top three link building tactics that are dominating […]