Google’s Featured Snippets Improves Traffic to your Site

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Google’s Featured Snippets

Generating a good amount of traffic in search engines like Google requires a combination of the right SEO strategies. This not only includes building up quality links for getting more referral traffic, but also implementing other methods that are proven to bring more visitors to a website.

A new change in Google that you might have noticed is the “featured snippets”. These snippets are actually selected search results displayed on top of the organic results of Google, which mostly appear when a user inputs any kind of question in the search box.

In general, there are three types of featured snippets displayed on search engines.

  • Paragraph – The answer is provided in response to the user query in the form of text. Besides text, these snippets can also include an image.
  • List – List is a type of snippet where the answer is provided in the box in the form of a list.
  • Table –The answer is provided in a table in table snippet.

Of course, getting your website featured in the snippets would be an effective way to get more exposure to your brand in the search results. Even studies in the genre have shown that the rate of clicks is increased when a page is placed in a snippet box in Google.

The chances of getting your website featured in the snippets will be very high if the web pages were properly optimized for the right search queries. Currently, there are several search queries that have high chances of obtaining featured results. This is mostly focused on the areas of Health, Do It Yourself, Financial, Mathematical, Transitional, Status, etc. Additionally, search queries that are not listed out in featured snippets include shopping, images, videos and local.

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Google Organic Results

If your site is already ranking good, it can be further improved by optimizing the site to become featured in snippets. For getting your site included in the featured snippets, your web pages should precisely answer the questions asked by your target audience, maintain factuality, and use attractive images. You should also have properly organized questions on the web page and include several answers and facts relating to the queries.

The best SEO packages offered by pro SEO companies include creating and posting quality content on the site that can ensure your web page gets listed on the featured snippets. Besides, hiring a reliable SEO service provider always promises you guaranteed and satisfactory results.

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Important Content Marketing Metrics To Consider

Content Marketing Metrics
Content Marketing Metrics

Content marketing is an indispensable feature of SEO and largely determines the rankings in search engine results. Having an effective marketing strategy will help in generating positive results for sure. In fact, several metrics influence the success of content marketing. It helps in tracking the effectiveness of the marketing strategy implemented. Using such metrics can help in determining the outcome of your marketing campaign and correct any of the prevailing issues. Below are some of the important metrics that you should consider.

Content Marketing Metrics

Social Growth Of A Website

Evaluating the social growth of your website is an important metric. This helps to really determine the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. By knowing the shares, likes, and other factors that your site’s contents receive help us to evaluate social growth.

You can use numerous tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc., to obtain the necessary information of the traffic driven by a site through social media. Verifying that on a monthly basis will provide detailed information about the effectiveness of the content marketing strategy implemented on your site. Besides that, the data obtained is much useful for understanding the status of your brand as well as in making the required changes to make yourself more popular.

Influence Of External Content

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Influence Of External Content

The significance of user response to the content posted on the site is very much vital. Equally important to that is how the users are interacting with the content that is published on your website. You can verify the external content on a site to know about the effectiveness of the content in reaching to the target audience. The process of evaluating the status of the external content is the same as that of tracking the social trends, and you can use tools such as Screaming Fox, BuzzStream, Right Intel, etc., for the purpose.

Evaluating Content Strategies Of Competitive URLs

Another important metric that you should use is evaluating the content marketing strategies implemented by competitive URLs. Look for the frequency by which your competitors publish their content as well as the time when it is posted. This data obtained from competitive blogs can be used to make a comparison of the content-marketing strategy. And is implemented on your site and to supplement any of the shortcomings in your approach.

Remember that even if you analyze all the above metrics carefully and reprogram your content marketing strategy accordingly, you will still need to keep an eye on the page loading speed of your website. In fact, site speed is one of the prime metrics that determine whether your site would perform well or not. This is why you should also evaluate the speed of your entire site starting from the home page to the blog pages and ascertain that every page has fast loading times.

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Essential Tools To Identify And Understand Target Audience

Target Audience
Understand Target Audience

Analyzing the target audience is an essential component of SEO to get the best results. The amount of traffic that happens in a site is crucial for determining the strategies that are implemented for the sake of ranking and in identifying any faults. This will aid in effectively deploying the keywords as well as in identifying the type of audience that visits a site.

There are various conventional methods to determine the target audience. However, this is difficult and may not always bring accurate results. Still, you can use several tools for ascertaining the target audience in your site.

Essential Tools to Identify Your Target Audience

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most useful tools available to identify and evaluate the audience that visits a site. It is useful for those requiring a basic search volume trend line and any of the ideas related to a specific region. Google Trends will display many of the keyword search volume trends that have been prevalent in the search engine since the year 2004. With that, users can specifically access the data of particular time or of different countries.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is another valuable tool that provides detailed information regarding the interest level of people in different regions. Moreover, it can also provide useful information concerning any of additional search terms related to the keywords used in a website. This tool will help in preventing the use of terms that remains unpopular in a targeted area. It also provides accurate information about the geographic location of the target audience.


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Google Insights For Search

Quantcast is another useful tool available out there. This tool provides you with details of relative traffic and visitor demographics of any site. This tool aid is more useful if the sites are quantified because it enables in accessing accurate traffic and demographic information concerning the site. Quantcast can also be used to obtain the necessary sample data. This can further use to know more about the visitor demographics.


Compete is a tool that offers an accurate analysis into the traffic of competing sites. Pro account has many unique features like visitor demographics and search trends. When you use it on websites which are related to your site, this tool becomes highly effective.

Bing xRank

Bing xRank is particularly useful for better understand and compare the search trends in two search engines such as Google and Bing. This tool is especially useful for understanding the search volume trends that are prevalent on Bing.

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Key Google Analytics Metrics Used In SEO

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Google Analytics Metrics

In this information age, having a clear-cut digital marketing strategy is essential while running any kind of trade and business through the internet. SEO has become the most useful tool for effectively promoting the brand or service on the internet. For businesses, it is highly important to know in detail about Google Analytics metrics. Because it will help them know how their website is performing in the virtual world.

Besides the Keyword Ranking progression, there are many other crucial metrics that need considering for effective implementation of SEO. Below are some of the key Google Analytics metrics to look out in SEO.

New Users

New Users is a key metric that keeps a record of the number of users that have visited a site within a particular timeframe. The amount of visitors in a site is entirely dependent on the SEO strategy utilized. The New Users feature displays the number of visitors to a site despite the number of times they visited a site.

The metric is helpful and assists in evaluating the growth of the audience for a website. Moreover, it also determines whether the marketing efforts deployed for the purpose is successful.

Top Landing Pages

Top Landing Pages is an essential metric that determines the performance of the pages on a site. Most users will usually have an inclination to navigate more to a certain page in a website. The Top Landing Pages metric will enable in determining which of the pages are performing well due to the user visits. It presents the site owner with an overall detail regarding the specific information on the site that the users who are interested in it.

This metric is particularly useful while creating fresh content for a website. Moreover, it also enables one to work out a different strategy for pages that are performing poorly.

Conversion Rate

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Web Traffic Information

The Conversion Rate metric gives detailed information about the percentage of visitors that have achieved anything on a website. Among all the metrics, the Conversion Rate is the most important and gives an overall picture regarding the success of the site. The metric offers details relating to the probability among users to purchase a product or service from a site due to the information and interface laid out on the site.

Traffic Referral

Traffic Referral is another important metric that provides details about where the visitors are coming from. Determining the whereabouts of the traffic in a site is crucial in evaluating the success of the site. Moreover, it will also enable a site to link with a blog that contributes to the traffic for increasing the amount of visitors.

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Three Component Predictions Of SEO

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User Optimized Web

Engine Optimization is constantly evolving with newer practices. SEO is not gimmicky as it used to be some years before. Nowadays, SEO is termed essential to startups and all businesses alike. In 2016, approximately $65 billion was invested by businesses on third party SEO services and the best SEO practices. Here are a few components that play an important role in the entire ecosystem of web-centric SEO.

The User Optimized Web

Today’s SEO is certainly the web optimized, all thanks to the frequent changes in Google algorithm. Knowing the best SEO practices wins you half the battle in cracking it. Google keeps changing the algorithm to encourage professionals to come up with updated practices, and optimizing a website for the end-user has been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

Accelerated Mobile Page Rankings

Google has two indexing methods, one for the mobile version of the site and the other for the desktop version. Google knows that mobile users want speedy search results. In fact, a Google research shows 53 percent users back out from slow loading pages. This is why Google is focused on its new Accelerated Mobile Page rankings project. Although the plan is yet to be a part of the core algorithm, SEO experts believe it will soon become a crucial website ranking factor.

Organized Web Content

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Accelerated Mobile Page Rankings

We now know about RankBrain, which is one of the top three AI algorithms of Google. The Artificial Intelligence is a good thing for search results. Some SEO practices pay too much focus on aggressive keyword strategies, and it would take time for RankBrain to be fully efficient though. Organized web content would be the way forward for all SEO services.

A team of SEO professionals would adopt educated practices to help improve your web page rankings. Even though the Google algorithm updates change the SEO ecosystem always, at least to some extent per year, most of the experienced SEO services providers know how to manage the change and how to adapt to the situation accordingly.

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Essential WordPress SEO Plugins

Best WordPress SEO Plugins
Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress has become the most preferred open source content management system for creating and hosting websites. The intuitively laid out features of WordPress enable anyone new to web designing in coming up with a decent looking website or blog quickly. However, having an exceptionally well-designed web page and layout does no good in making the site accessible on the web if it lacks proper Search Engine Optimization features.

Effective SEO is an important part in Internet marketing when you consider high visibility on search engines. Also, one can rely on an SEO specialist to do the job but WordPress comes with its own search engine optimized plugins, which will assist in effectively optimizing the website and running it smoothly. Below are some of the most popular and effective WordPress SEO plugins that are essential for any website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular and sought over SEO plugins in WordPress. It is the one that offers a complete range of SEO solutions. It does not require any coding expertise, yet offers the ability to optimize a WordPress website skillfully. Any non-professional who is unaware about the many concepts and elements of SEO like meta descriptions, keywords, and site titles can optimize their site effortlessly using this plugin.

Yoast SEO provides various features to the users like writing categories, archives, and title tags. It also features Open Graph meta data, sitemaps, ping search engines, and Twitter Cards while updating the website.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is another important SEO plugin in WordPress. It enables the indexing of the site by Google for proper ranking. Whenever new pages are added, this sitemap will update it automatically. This will keep the website constantly updated for easier accessibility by search engines. Also, as Yoast SEO plugin has an integrated sitemap in it, you won’t have to install or use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin separately.

Google Analytics

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Analytics Plugin

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is an amazing SEO plugin. Because this allows you to monitor the status and performance of a website. Using this plugin requires a Google Analytics account and some basic understanding. This plugin inserts a tracking code onto the website pages that sends relevant data for measuring the outbound and internal link tracking, user demographics, etc., to the Google Analytics account.


LinkPatrol is one of the useful WordPress SEO plugins available. This helps to manage the outbound as well as inbound links on a website. This is important since link building is another important strategy for ensuring a proper web optimization strategy. LinkPatrol plugin allows you to accurately check the links quality. Using this can clean up spammy links, as well as develop proper relevant anchor texts.

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The Importance Of Meta Description

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Meta Description Role

Meta descriptions are an HTML element that gives information regarding the contents of a web page. It comprises of approx. 155 words and appears under the URL of the page in search results. Also known as snippets, meta descriptions offer a sneak peek into the content of the web page. It prompts a user to click and enter the site.

Simply put, the basic function of meta descriptions is to persuade a user in entering a site. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, meta descriptions play a key aspect in better ranking the page in the search results. Here is a list of the importance of meta description in SEO.

Increase User Visits

In SE rankings, the probability a user clicks on a webpage lowers when the site is listed down in SERP’s. For sites that are not properly ranked in the top listings of a search engine results page, it is highly important to have a detailed and striking meta description. With a catchy meta description, the probability of users clicking and entering the site would be much higher. Because it was what a user sees initially.

Provides the Right Information

Search engines like Google utilize meta descriptions for returning results in the case when users rely on advanced search operators for matching the meta tag content. In addition, many also use it for getting the preview snippets on the search result pages. Google’s ranking algorithms never use them during the course of normal web searches; however effectively written meta descriptions can persuade users to visit the links. And this would directly influence the overall rankings of the site while providing the users with the right information they are searching.

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Best SEO Services

Social Networking

Popular social networking sites such as Facebook relies on the meta description of a page when shared on their platforms. The absence of a proper meta description can encourage the social sites to use the first line of text they will find for the very purpose. For users entering a site through social media sharing, having an improper meta description can negatively affect the user experience.

Well-written meta descriptions can cause more users to click on a site. Thereby increasing the credibility in the eyes of popular search engines. This will play a significant role in the algorithmic ranking of the website in the SERP results.

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Essential SEO Checklist For New Websites

Essential SEO Checklist
Essential SEO Checklist

SEO has remained the key criteria embedded in many of the popular and successful websites on the internet. The importance of best SEO packages in a website is highlighted by the fact that it simply helps in making the site rank better in the search results page of popular search engines.

In the process of developing and launching a new website, it is crucial that many factors need proper consideration. SEO remains the number one priority in launching a new website. Lack of a proper SEO strategy on a website can result in many issues that will severely affect the site. Here are some of the essential SEO checks to consider before launching a new website.

Essential SEO Checklist

  1. Google Analytics is to be strictly installed on the website for monitoring and measuring the amount of traffic to the site. Installing Google Analytics is easy, as it never requires any sort of settings configuration on your part. Simply obtain the UA code by viewing the page source or using a plug-in on the website. Then update the code on your Google Analytics account, and you are good to go.
  2. Check the robots.txt file thoroughly, as it will assist in proper indexing of the site in search engines. When in the process of developing the site, do check the robots.txt file properly and update the URLs that you don’t want Google to crawl. This is a vital thing in implementing the best SEO packages for your site.

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    Precise Targeting
  3. Google Search Console needs to be setup effectively on the site. In doing so, make sure that the WWW, non-WWW, and HTTPS versions on your site are in order. Also, set your target country under International Targeting option. Setup a chosen domain and link it with Google to enable Search Console in your Google Analytics account too. Submit sitemap.xml and click the “Fetch as Google” button to verify that everything is OK.

Apart from the above-said things, you also need to utilize tools like Screaming Frog and check if any broken links or 404 errors are there on your website. If the site used is for membership or e-commerce, you also need to evaluate the checkout process from both desktop and mobile platforms to ensure that everything works fine.

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