5 Tools To Help Social Media Marketing

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Have you been looking for ways to optimize your social media marketing methods more effective? There are several tools which can be used to save you time. With the right tools, it is easy to stay focused on the results you want to achieve, and drive up amount of work you can get done in a day.

Here are some productivity tools you should be looking at.


This must be the easiest way to save inspiring content for later reference. You get text, audio, and image options as well as the provision to type, dictate or take a picture of the thing you want to be looking at later. This app syncs with all your devices, so you get to access content wherever you are.

Cold Turkey

When you are hard at work, there can be a hundred different distracting sites to veer you from your projected goal. The internet works that way, and that is not going to change soon. You need something to block the websites that don’t pertain to the work you are doing.

Cold turkey lets you do that to a group of websites for a specified period, but it is not the best choice if you need to check many native websites in the course of your work. For others, a couple of hours using this tool can be the most productive part of their workday.

Set Up Canned Email Responses

This isn’t exactly a tool of itself, nor is it new by most measures. Gmail lets you saved template responses to emails to facilitate efficient mail handling. Enable the feature from the Labs tab in Settings, and then open the message editor to type out your canned response. Save it by clicking on the option in the lower-right corner.


Useful Tools
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Keep a secure list of your passwords and pins. This saves you the time and effort of recalling them in a time of need. 1Password is a solution for protecting your passwords as well as making them instantly available to you. You can also use the auto fill feature for convenience.


A task automation solution, IFTTT saves you the bother of repeating actions throughout the day. Whether you want to build a Twitter list for a particular hash tag, or get an email notification when someone tags your business, IFTTT can take care of all that.

These are some tools which can make a great difference in the way you manage your time, and by extension, your work situation. Check back for more useful tools that can boost your social media marketing efforts.

How SEO Influences The Success Of Your Business

Search Engine Optimization
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You may be running a business that has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yet, you are expected to know the basics of SEO to grow as an entrepreneur. Doing SEO may not be your cup of tea but knowing at least what it is all about will definitely help you find the right SEO service provider and thereby boost your business reach.

How SEO Can Help Your Business Grow

Today, reaching out to the audience or customer base is easy, thanks to internet and social media. But there are millions of entrepreneurs who utilize the scope of these medium to reach out to their people. A beginner would face challenges because he has to outdo all his competitors to attract his customers. This is where SEO comes to play. SEO helps you improve your presence in the extremely crowded online environment.

To create a noticeable online presence, you need to spend a good amount of time. But the wait is worth. There are no shortcuts for getting a quick online presence. It is only possible through continuous and regular website optimization.

SEO helps you achieve your business goals through two methods: by providing your website with content-centric view of the product or service you provide, and through incorporating the scope and possibilities of social media.

Both these have immense potentiality in business and marketing. However, all these efforts would be useful and meaningful only through giving more focus on the quality of content; something that only a professional SEO service provider can assure you with.

Basics Of SEO
SEO Companies

Search Engine Optimization companies are up to date with online trends. They are quite familiar with search algorithms used by search engines giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They quickly identify the keywords that could bring more attention and audience to your website.

When you work with a SEO service provider, the professionals there would evaluate the nature of your business, goals, target audience, scope, etc. They would then draft effective SEO plans that would make the most of the online possibilities in favor of your business goals.

An SEO provider would not only help you in making your presence stronger in the online space but would also tell you what creative changes you need to bring about in your business goals for future survival and growth. And that’s obviously going to help your business grow.

Capturing More Leads With Your Website

Lead Capture Tips

A brand website is one of those things which can net you significant business these days. But the sweetest benefits are only tangible as long as you remember that the website has many purposes. One of the pertinent ones, where Business to Business (B2B) companies are concerned, is lead generation.

SEO and digital advertising are some of the best ways to complement the effects of lead generation in a bid to get the right people looking at your content. For one, this ensures you mainly get visitors who are interested in what you’re selling. Let’s see how lead capture can be carried out effectively and profitably on your website.

How Lead Capture Works

At its simplest, lead capture is the way by which you convert a website visitor into a sales target you can get in touch with, on the phone or through email. That is a simplified take; in practice it’s usually a lot more complex “converting” a visitor.

Following are some aspects you’ll need to consider about lead capture.

  • How can you get leads to your website?
  • What are the incentives you’ll need to draw out their contact info?
  • How can leads be captured at different stages of the buying cycle?

The Role Of Content

Boost Traffic
Importance Of Content

The most important tool for attracting leads is content. It’s what the reader sees and judges your site by. Your content needs to be created, optimized, published and promoted inside a well-devised inbound marketing strategy. At its core, the program should be able to solve business problems for your audience. This will in turn boost traffic to your website, as well as get you the targeted audience – the type of people who are looking for your kind of solution. The content serves to add incentive to the leads at different stages of the buying cycle.

Why Is Educational Content Important?

Consider a visitor arriving at your website. What are they looking for? Content, of course. With the right content laid out on the page, you can offer them a solution to their problem. The underlying aim is to:

  • Get them to connect with you. You carry the burden of giving them a reason for this.
  • Convey a call to action, wherein you tell them what to do next.

A call to action can be something a simple as asking readers to download a schematic of the blog’s theme. If they wish to know it in greater detail, they can enter their name and email address to have more information mailed to them. This is one way to capture a lead.

Targeting The Final Stages Of Buying

For visitors who’ve hit upon a purchase option they think is right, white papers and mailing list subscriptions can be a bit redundant. Content, however, can be helpful here as well. Bear in mind that this is when they will be looking to understand how your product faces up to the competition. You could benefit from providing infrographics, videos and case studies. It’s a smart move to place calls to action like “Request a Free Consultation”, so you can establish contact and hopefully convert visitors into a customer.

Various calls to action can be employed at the different buying stages to boost your success as a business. Lead capture is essentially a way to draw in customers into connecting with you.

Having A Website Is Definitely Good For Businesses

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Managing A Website

The lack of a digital medium is one of the obstacles that small businesses often face to connecting with potential customers. In an age where a majority of the things we do is the online, only 51 percent of small businesses have websites to represent their brands. In the meantime, 97 percent of consumers go online to seek products and services. The figures here are from the Score Association, a NPO based in Herndon, Virginia.

For most small enterprises, their websites are emaciated in terms of intended functionality; lacking call to action, contact addresses, or social media redirects. The current backdrop has four out of five consumers checking smartphone apps to shop for what they want. Survey shows that 93 percent of the small business websites are not mobile compatible. While owners may not think it is viable to create and maintain a website, they often put these off on account of cost, lack of time, or complexity. With this they relinquish the chance to connect with a wide base of customers. To put this in context, 91 percent of consumers visit a store because they liked the online experience.

Getting A Website For Your Business

It’s almost enough to go with DIY, but hiring a professional designer instead can really pay off. Keep your website as simple or as sophisticated as you want, but the bottom line is that it should provide value to consumers, and align with their interests. It should also be in keeping with your business goals.

Let’s break down what you need on your site that can contribute to better business.

  • The website should be visually appealing.
  • It should have good content that’s viewable without scrolling.
  • You need to provide a call to action and contact information on each page, so it’s easy for a visitor to get in touch.
  • Make sure each page loads in under 4 seconds.
  • Add a blog and update it regularly.
  • Let it be mobile friendly so there’s no need for horizontal scrolling on smaller devices.

    Small Business Websites
    Better Business With A Website

How Search Engine Optimization Figures In This

Search Engine Optimization is pivotal when it comes to letting users find your website quickly. It’s the most common marketing tactic of choice, owing to the potential it holds in channeling inbound traffic your way. This brings business along with it, and mostly from the type of clients you’re eager to have.

For a business that’s serious about marketing products and services, it’s important to find title tags and meta descriptions on every page of their website. This should be done subsequent to proper research about what consumers are searching for on the web, and how this relates to what the company is offering. Site speed is very important in this regard, because without it, visitors can get frustrated easily and are more likely to take their search elsewhere.