3 Things to Do Right with Traffic Monetization

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Intrusive Pop-Ups

Monetizing website traffic has many risks. If done wrong, it can endanger the usability of your site, not to mention its organic search ranking and engagement. You need to keep knowing more about SEO and the changing digital trends, as well as many marketing pitfalls. Below, we have laid out the 3 things you can do right while marketing your website.

Keep Away from Intrusive Pop-Ups

If you are an advertiser that wants to monetize mobile traffic, then the first thing you need to do is check for any banners, interstitial advertisements, and pop-ups on your site. Pop-ups can be used in ways that do not hurt your SEO, although it is a bit hard to know if they are intrusive or not.

Google advises using legal-related verification, age verification, cookie verification, and sign up dialog boxes. What you can do is, put up pages that pique the user’s interest in the product being offered. Moreover, it is a good choice to display banners only after a certain number of pages on the site have been visited.

Limit the Space Given to Ads

There needs to be a balance between the ads and the SEO content, or you will have Google down rank the site. This will lead to less revenue from reduced traffic. Google is big on user experience and site engagement metrics, two of them being average session duration and dwell time. You may favor money over UX, but choosing that way can mean increased bounce rate, or decreased average session duration and pages per session.

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Site Engagement Metrics

In Google’s eyes, this means the site does not value users the way it should, meaning you will probably lose traffic, ranking, and revenue. What you can do here, is place no more than one or two ads per page, and place them next to the content on the right side, or at the top of the page. Moreover, you will need to make sure that the ads are positioned properly in different browsers and versions.

Limit Content Span

Readers do not like having to bounce around pages reading parts of the same post. If they have to, chances are they won’t visit your site again. So instead of focusing on page views and ads, set up good content and earn a devoted following that keep returning.

It would be better to look at engagement metrics and set up neat and clean pages with content that profits the reader and is easily accessible to boot. This way, your audience will be back for more.

Facebook Advertising and Engaging Content

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Calculating Post Engagement

When laying up ads, it is always desirable to get the best results for the least efforts. It is paramount to keep the engagement of the post highly positive so that you can reach the most number of people while widening the range of your audience. Following are some tips on how to make a reasonably good Facebook advertisement.

How Ad Cost is Determined

Advertisers and marketers have to pay for ad impressions, which are given over in units of 1,000. These get reported as CPM in the ads manager. The CPM can be different based on timing, budget, placement, demand, relevance score, etc. Another factor to consider is engagement custom audience, which is a list of the users who have had an interaction with the ad-based Facebook content. With custom audience, the first reason they interact is brand aspects.

Calculating Post Engagement

  • Sign in to the page admin.
  • Launch Facebook Page Insights
  • Go down a bit and locate Your 5 Most Recent Posts. Here, choose See All Posts.
  • At the top, you will normally see three colored boxes as well as two drop-down menus. Choose Reach out of the first menu.
  • Choose Engagement Rate out of the second menu.
  • Figure out the posts that received the highest engagement rates, and compare these. From that, isolate the ones that are similar. See what has been working this far, and keep assessing. Don’t bother with the low engagement posts.
  • Always refresh your content strategy, and make the same or better posts than the ones you have currently. When Facebook next changes its algorithm, you will be better placed to optimize the best performing content.
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Social Media Promotion

With better engagement rates, you can be sure that the posts will be relevant to the algorithm, and people can get to your content easily. When you have high post engagement reach, you will have a custom audience that is re-targetable, and for whom you can obtain the best Facebook ads.

Engaging Content

If you are looking to put up posts, which engage the targeted audience, make sure that these are conversational, and that your audience is able to share their views over and over. For creating conversational content, it is important to ask questions, and engage the reader in chat threads on the page. As more and more people interact on the page, it will lead the algorithm directly to the said page.

5 Things you Should Know about Anchor Texts

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Anchor Text Variation

Anchor text or link label is defined as “a clickable text in hyperlink” that are mainly used by SEO services providers to generate backlinks to a website. Search engines ideally use the keywords in the anchor texts to determine the ranking the web page will receive by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Having said that, it is better to use an anchor text that is relevant to the page it is linking to rather than having some generic text.

As per the web standard, a common anchor text will be shown in blue with an underline. However, you can change the color and underline of the text using HTML coding. Furthermore, if there are any links on the website without anchor text, they are known as URL anchor texts or naked URLs. Some of the terms associated with anchor text are described below

Anchor Text Variation

A large portion of links on the internet is usually naked URLs. This is because if all the web pages that link to your website have exactly the same anchor text, a Google spam filter will be triggered detecting it unnatural. That is why professional SEO services recommend anchor text variation with respect to long tail keywords.

Backlink Anchor Text

A backlink is defined as “the link from another website” and a backlink anchor text is defined as “the anchor texts used by other websites linking to your website”. These anchor texts or link labels will help the search engines to determine and verify the keyword relevancy that a web page must have, and then rank the page accordingly.

One-Way Anchor Text Backlinks

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User-Unfriendly Method

If one website links to another website using an anchor text backlink and the latter website does not link back to the former one, it is known as one-way anchor text backlinks. If a web page has a few one-way anchor text backlinks from a website with high rank on Google or Bing, that web page is believed to rank better on the search engine.

Excessive Anchor Text

A case of excessive anchor text occurs when there are many keywords in a page linking to various other web pages or the same page but with different anchor texts. This is considered as a “user-unfriendly” method and the search engines may even penalize you for this.

Spammy Anchor Text

If an anchor text on a page has no relation to the page on the website it is linking to, it is considered as a spammy anchor text. This is used mainly to make a temporary hike in web page ranking or to harm the website of competitors by doing negative SEO.

How Linking SEO and UX will Generate Positive Results

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Combining SEO And UX

Over the last few years, the way a user searches and finds content on the web has considerably changed. Most users tend to focus more on the design and the interface of the page that helps them to effortlessly navigate the page and find relevant content. Websites that fail at this crucial aspect are often disregarded by users, which in turn lead to low conversion rates. User engagement has become the key and UX plays a dominant role in this very aspect.

As SEO has progressed with newer developments and search engine upgrades, it is now giving priority to UX and user engagement. SEO can help in the rankings and conversion while an intuitively designed UX will help the user get what they want and aid in easy navigation across the web pages. The two approaches, when combined together, can generate results that are more fruitful and make the web more dynamic and helpful for users.

Relation between SEO and UX

The primary focus of UX is to ensure that users can effortlessly navigate through a site and find the relevant content that they are looking for. In this area, SEO can be of crucial help, as it can give insights into how to redesign the site for an overall increase in the user experience. The data gathered from users regarding their behavior and patterns of search can help in designing a website with the best UX.

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Good UX Implementation

Besides, the data gathered from SEO analysis provides information regarding shortcomings in any sections of the webpage, which can be then rectified. What an effective UX does is it creates a seemingly smooth experience for users when accessing a site. A website that has less bounce rate is a sign of good UX implementation, which can help in its rankings by earning a place in the good lists of Google.

UX can ensure a smooth navigation of the site that can aid Google in quickly indexing the content. In addition, it can greatly improve the site speed, readability, and provides a more responsive design that allows the site to rank better in search results. Thus, it has become clear under the current context of search engine preferences that UX and SEO are actually the same sides of a coin.

Having a website with proper SEO and UX can elevate its rankings greatly and serve its purpose well. Implementing a strategy that involves a close linking of both SEO and UX can help redefine the website and make it more productive and successful. Moreover, the shared data gathered from both UX and SEO can aid in identifying any limitations and overcome them to keep the website updated with the trends of the time.

The Google Algorithm Updates We Saw In 2016

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Google Algorithm Updates

SEO has been an important criterion since the beginning of search engine. This exceptional strategy has helped many business owners to save their business and it has also helped them in attracting more customers to their products and services.

Having a strategic and clean SEO strategy can certainly bring tons of benefits to your business. Although the internet and social media websites were filled with hundreds of “SEO is dead” posts a few years ago, the SEO industry is still alive and its reputation has significantly increased in the recent times.

Reports indicate that the worth of SEO industry is over $65 million and it will keep on rising in the upcoming years. Many small and large-scale industries are currently using SEO as a marketing strategy, as they have realized that search engine optimization and digital marketing has a great power to transform their venture into a booming business.

Google has always surprised us with its major algorithm updates; and these updates have a tremendous impact on the search results. Some experts even say that Google makes approximately 500 tweaks to their algorithms every year. Keeping the numbers aside, here are top 3 Google updates we saw in 2016.

Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Boost

Google launched a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm in April 2015, which was also known as “Mobilegeddon”. Just under a year after of its launch, Google announced that they are increasing the effects of this algorithm in order to benefit the mobile-friendly pages in the mobile search results of Google. This boost was rolled out in March 2016, but its impact was not as significant as it were during the initial launch of mobile-friendly ranking algorithm.

Penguin 4.0

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Clean SEO Strategy

The end of the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm made way to Penguin 4.0, which was introduced on September 23, 2016. Many SEO analysts considered Penguin 4.0 as the gentler Penguin algorithm, as this update devalued the bad links rather than penalizing the sites. Penguin 4.0’s second phase was the recovery period, where the websites affected by the preceded updates of Penguin finally saw some recovery.


SEO analysts noted a major shakeup in Google Maps and local pack in September 2016, even though Google confirmed the launch of the Possum update much later. Many analysts assumed that this might be the largest update in the local SEO world since the launch of Pigeon in the year 2014, although the algorithm has not yet affected the market that much.

A Few Trends Digital Marketing Saw In 2016

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Digital Marketing Trends

The role of digital marketing is expanding rapidly and it has become more difficult to keep track of the changes taking place in the field. In digital marketing, continued learning is very important. If you are unable to find time to keep up with the changes in marketing trends and industry happenings, your efforts will be in vain. Here are a few of the most successful digital marketing trends of 2016.

Improved Social Search

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing niches in the marketing field and the year 2016 has introduced improved search functionality. moreover, In late 2015, Facebook replaced website search with their own algorithm, which allows users to search all the public posts.

Twitter has also updated their advanced search capabilities and now they allow long tail keyword searches. Social search is much exciting for the marketers, as it allows brand contents to be discovered organically. Apparently, improved social search functionality has led to increased organic traffic.

Social search has also become an effective targeting and research tool. Marketers can look for any term on Facebook and search for public posts that use the particular term. The results of the search can be filtered by location, source, and date. This is to allow marketers find people who follow their brand or have posted comments and questions about their products and services, etc.

Live Video Streaming

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Changes In Marketing Trends

Another key player that emerged in 2016 is Live video streaming. Facebook launched Facebook Live in April. And in June, YouTube released a new feature for the various Live streams to be captured and served via the mobile app of the company.

The release of such services made Live streaming much easier than before. Digital marketers are making use of the simplified access to see positive outcomes like increased engagement and damage control. Live video streaming also helps businesses to promote a new product launch.

Real Time Marketing

Real time marketing is a new strategy that revolves around current and topical events. This marketing strategy is an effective method to earn a quick increase in website traffic and online visibility.

There are many ways to find trending topics these days. To name a few, Google Trends will offer you daily updates on popular searches, Twitter will help you know which hashtags are trending, and Facebook will let you know what are the popular topics currently.

How Google Possum Update Affects SEO

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Google Possum Update

Google recently updated its local search algorithm to improve how search results would benefit the end user. Experts named the massive update “Possum” because it filters the Google My Business listings, which webmasters used to promote a local business earlier.

The Possum Update And Its Impact

Experts say that the update only affected the Google Maps or local search results, however, some believe that it included organic results as well. According to Google, the update was meant to diversify local search results as well as to prevent spam ranking of business websites. Nevertheless, an elaborated study on the ranking reports showed that this update was the biggest since the local rankings update in Pigeon two years ago. Below is a brief look on how the Possum update affected SEO.

The Listings

A business that falls outside the city limits had to struggle a lot to be included in the search engine results page for a keyword that included that particular city’s name in it. Google Maps marked such businesses outside the vicinity of the searcher, and they were excluded from the list, no matter how reliable or genuine the business was. However, after the Possum update, a search query with a specific city name includes the nearby businesses alongside the local companies that are within the city limits.

The Filter

Earlier, Google applied the duplicate content filter on local searches also. It means that the search results page would not display profiles with the same phone number or website domain. After the update though, Google is filtering the results based on local address and affiliation. Some experts say that this might filter a lot of businesses unreasonably, because two companies can sometimes share the same address sometimes. However, Google allows users to zoom in on the Local Finder map and see the filtered listings, if required.

The Keywords

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Web Page Rankings

Local searches with the city name in it allow Google to deliver more advanced results. However, even if there were a slight variation in the keyword, say, using the abbreviation of a city name after the keyword instead of the full name, the listings in the results page would vary greatly. Also, placing the city name after the keyword would show different results on Google than what it would when you use the city name before the keyword.

Besides the above points, reports also indicate that the location of the end user is also a key in determining the listings on the Google search results page. It seems as if Google Possum filters run more independently than going hand in hand with the organic search results filter.

Techniques to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Site

Improve SEO Ranking
Improve SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very much important for digital marketing strategy. Good and modern SEO takes time, as it involves building a reputation with search engines and users, and this cannot be done overnight. This means that the spammy tricks that were used to offer fast results will not work anymore.

Users are in search of quality results and Google is committed to delivering it. Cleaning up some of the basic technical concerns and updating the general SEO strategy of your business can set your SEO free.

Technical SEO

Modern website optimization is mainly categorized into two, Technical and Engagement. Technical SEO involves the things that we think of while hearing the term SEO. This means that just focusing on technical SEO will not drive meaningful and long-term results to your site; even though there are technical considerations that can hold back your website if not set up right. Fixing these technical issues with your website can result in simple and quick SEO wins thereby increase in SEO ranking.

Use Of Appropriate Keywords

As long as people make use of words to convey messages to search engines, keywords will have an important role in SEO. If you are planning your web content around keywords, then there will not be doubts about the keywords that are appropriate for the content. The only thing that you should ensure is to use the keywords in a natural way, whether they appear in the content, search results or links.

  • In Search Results
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Digital Marketing Strategy

You should understand that the title and meta description of a landing page will sketch out the snippet in search results. This means that you should include keywords naturally in the page title, meta description, and URL.

  • In Content

You should use the keyword in the first paragraph of content and in the sub headings. When you are doing this, make sure everything looks natural. Also, don’t try to stuff keywords on to unrelated content. When it comes to keyword use, there is no perfect ratio. But you should be careful to use the keywords appropriately.

  • Behind The Scenes

Media and images in your web page give you another chance to optimize keywords. Ensure that you use keywords naturally in image file names, captions, alt texts, and title tags.

Without the presence of proper keywords, Google will not be able to improve SEO ranking of your page for search terms. This means that wrong people may reach your site (increasing the bounce rate of your site). Or else you might not get any traffic to your site at all.

Importance Of Page Title And Description In SEO

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Writing Page Title

As a beginner in SEO, you should understand that there is no magic to rank your website high in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search result pages. Search engines make use of complex algorithms to search for keywords and it takes much effort to convince these search engines that your webpage or site deserves one of the top spots in the first page.

However, there are some rules that you may follow to optimize your site and give signals about your site to the search engine bots. The SEO tips on page title and description shared below would help you work on websites for Google search result pages.

Page Title

Page titles are very important as per SEO point of view. Actually, it is very important than all the other aspects, especially for Google optimization. Providing exact page titles for the low search volume keywords will offer you a competitive advantage in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Some of the important characteristics of a page title are:

  • All the pages in the site should have unique page titles and these titles should accurately describe the content of the page.
  • The title should be brief, yet descriptive, and should help users understand what the page is about.


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Description Meta Tag

The description Meta tag of the page should offer a summary of what the page contains. Google may choose to display what you have given in the description as snippets for the pages or it may show a part of the content of the pages. This means that you should write a good description for Google to show it as snippet for your page. When writing a description for the web pages, make sure:

  • to give unique description for all the pages, products, and posts in your website.
  • the size of the description is between 150 to 160 characters.
  • not to stuff too many keywords in the description.

Think of the Meta description as a way to advertise your webpage to the readers. The description should make the reader click on the title to visit your webpage.

If you follow the above points to the word for optimizing your website’s Title and Description, you will surely see positive results within no time.

Simple Keyword Selection Tips to Boost Your SEO Strategy

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Target Longtail Phrases

It is hard to deny the fact that content marketing has become a top priority for many organizations and companies these days. A recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, Cleveland, revealed that the common criterion used to measure the success of content marketing is web traffic. Thus, businesses have to develop a strong SEO strategy in order to generate more inbound traffic to their website.

The world of SEO has significantly evolved over the years, but keyword research remains to be the cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy. Targeting the right keyword in the beginning can help marketers to put their brands or contents in a much better position. Marketers can improve their SEO strategy by focusing on keyword selection and by effectively implementing them. Here are a few tips, which will help you to select your keyword more effectively.

Know Your Audience

Marketers need to understand their audience and select a keyword, which matches with the needs of the customers. Marketing research helps you to know more about your customers and understand what they really want. Narrow down the keywords to the topics that the customers find interesting, as it easily draws them towards the website.

Target Longtail Phrases

It is significant to use keywords, which are specific to the particular markets if you are looking to improve your SEO strategy. These “longtail” keyword phrases give an insight of your product or business, which in turn, urges the customers to visit your site. Being specific allows you to optimize content for the right audience.

Use Different Variations

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Analyze Traffic Analytics

There are plenty of free tools available in the market, which help you to find and select effective keywords. Many tools provide a vast list of potential phrases as result, when you simply type a generic keyword. The vast number of options will help you save a lot of time and effort, and allow you to select an effective keyword.

Analyze Traffic Analytics

You might find it hard to believe that reporting tools such as Google Analytics can help you find an effective keyword. Marketers can easily identify the keywords or keyword types, which drive the visitors to the websites by analyzing the traffic trends. After identifying the types of keywords, make sure to build on these trend for your future works.